How Much Bank Balance Is Required For Korea Student Visa?

Everyone dreams of going abroad for studies, to pursue their dreams and careers. Traveling internationally for such purposes requires a visa. To obtain the visa, there is a certain procedure to get a visa of a country and that procedure may vary from one country to another. To make your dreams come true and study in the world’s best educational institution, money is a necessary and vital need which must be sufficient. To apply for any visa and get your hopes up, the first step is to make sure you have the required amount of money. Let us know How Much Bank Balance Is Required For Korea Student Visa?

How Much Bank Balance Is Required For Korea Student Visa?

Korean student visa:

There is not one but certain types of visas depending on each country such as, travel visa, student visa, work visa or immigration visa. For every country there is a separate visa. To  be able to study in Korea, we must apply for a student visa, only then we will be permitted in the country and the educational institute. 

How to apply for a student visa to study in Korea?

There are many conditions and terms which are to be fulfilled if we want to get a Korean student visa. Mentioned below is the procedure to follow when applying for it:

1. Apply for a university:

The first thing to do when we plan on studying  abroad is to apply for the desired educational institute. If we get accepted only then we can proceed further. We have to provide some documents to apply for the educational institution which are; a passport copy, official form of the educational institute, Highschool diploma, motivation letter and  bank statement. 

2. Pay the fees:

If we get accepted into the institute, the second step is to pay the tuition fee in advance, once the payment is done, the official acceptance letter would be received.

3. Apply for visa at the Korean embassy:

After receiving the official acceptance letter, the next step is to apply for your visa at the Korean embassy of your city\country. At the embassy, we have to provide some documents as required according to the kind of visa we are applying for. Such as if we are applying for a student visa then we have to submit the copy of the official university acceptance letter, passport, diploma of high school etc. 

4. After getting the visa:

After we have gotten our visa in a certain time period depending on conditions, we have to book our flight and we’re good to study in Korea.

The bank statement:

The bank statement is necessary to provide along with other documents because it is given as a proof that the student who is going to Korea has sufficient wealth, and whoever the guardian or parent of the student is can fund the student fully to make sure there wouldn’t be any inconvenience in the coming future. 

The bank statement is a letter in which the signature, contact details of the guardian and details of the required amount of money are clearly mentioned. It also includes the details of the credit card.


In the end, it is clear how much money\bank balance is required for an international student to study in Korea and the procedure as well. There are also a few cases where the education is provided free of cost, as it is fully funded by the government of the student’s country such as scholarship programs. Student exchange programs also happen through which we can study in other countries as an exchange student and they require considerably low funds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is the answer to some most repeatedly asked questions related to the topic:

1. Can we be permitted for student visa, if we tend to use credit card as well as the bank balance?

Ans. Yes. In such cases where some people do not own the entire funds then they can use a credit card as well.

2. What is the Korean student visa fee?

Ans. The fee for a Korean student visa is approximately 50 dollars.

3. Is the bank statement issued from the bank itself?

Ans. Yes. The bank itself per our request creates a bank statement. Unofficial bank statements don’t work when applying for a student visa.