XPO Logistics Pet Policy

Founded in 1989, XPO Logistics is a US-based freight transportation company. The company is operating in more than 700 locations and has over 40000 workers employed. It is one of the leading companies when it comes to getting goods transported with the smartest transportation technology at a reasonable cost and minimal time. Let us know XPO Logistics Pet Policy.

XPO Logistics Pet Policy

The XPO Logistics pet policy is simple: Only one domestic cat or dog is allowed in the truck. A deposit of $500 will be charged for this, which can be paid in installments by deducting from the payroll over 10 pay periods. 

The XPO Logistics Pet Policy

The company does not have any problem with pets being in their trucks as pets are a source of a stress-free and comfortable driving mindset. The company is aware of the warmth a driver feels with their pet around them and this is the reason behind allowing a pet in their trucks by simply charging a one time deposit fee of 500 dollars. 

What All Services Do XPO Logistics Provide? 

The company provided services related to both transportation and logistics. This means that the company ranges from having people working as driving or supervisors or doing technical work behind a desk. These are listed below: 

  • Truck Brokerage 
  • LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) 
  • Intermodal Solutions 
  • Last Mile 
  • Managed Transportation 
  • Global Forwarding 
  • Expedite 

Working With XPO Logistics As Drivers 

XPO Logistics is more than willing to hire trained drivers as well as train their own under their paid CDL training program. There are many perks that drivers employed under the company will get to take care of their families and themselves including pay, bonuses, and benefits. Following are the qualifications required for the training program: 

  • The age of the applicant should be 21 or more. 
  • The applicant should possess a class-A license(commercial).
  • The applicant should live in the company’s hiring area. 
  • They should be living in the USA and should be willing to move from one state to the other and Canada for 2-3 weeks at a stretch. 
  • They should not have had license suspensions, DUIs, DWIs, or BACs in the past 5years. 
  • They should have or be willing to obtain a HAZMAT endorsement.
  • They should have the ability to meet work attendance. 
  • They should have the ability to pass the required tests and training. 
  • They should have 3 months of required tractor-trailer driving experience. 

What Are The Company’s Values? 

The company believes in having some of the most important values any corporate should possess. The company believes that it is its values that ultimately define them and keep them growing. The employees of the company are extremely happy with the non-toxic work environment and the numerous opportunities they are provided with. The values of XPO Logistics are as below: 

  • Safety

For the company, the safety of its employees, the community, and the company environment comes first. They ensure that every task is done the right way. From their warehouses to their docks, they ensure performing their operations safely and securely. 

  • Entrepreneurial

The company always answers the question of ‘What if?’ This helps them grow and adhere to customer needs in unique and efficient ways. 

  • Respectful

The company believes in not only performing a task but also listening to what its employees, customers, and partners have to say. They respect each other’s strengths which helps them stay together and grow. 

  • Innovative

The company is always looking for creative solutions which are efficient and less time-consuming. Their curiousness helps them find ways that help keep customers on top. 

  • Inclusive

The company has employees from different communities and believes in creating an environment free of bias based on ethnicity, religion, or gender. They believe in celebrating individuality. 


XPO Logistics in general is a great place to work. They also allow your pets to give you company throughout your service, that makes you as well as your pet’s life so much easier and comfortable. A depository fee of $500 is all you need to submit to the company for having your pet come with you.  The company also provides a safe and comfortable working environment for its employees and customers and that proves to be the reason behind its success. 

  1. Does XPO Logistics hire drivers with Felonies? 

A person who has committed a felony is not directly disqualified from the company. The company believes in taking in employees who are HAZMAT eligible and the history of the applicant is reviewed on a case-to-case basis. 

  1. Does the company allow a passenger with the driver? 

The company’s rider policy specifies the allowance of one passenger once the driver starts driving solo. This passenger however must be over 12 years old and should be documented with the corporation. 

  1. How many trucks does the company own? 

The company owns around 12,100 trucks. 

  1. What is the average amount earned during the training? 

An average of approximately $600 per week can be earned during training. The pay for trading is around 26 CPM which averages to the above-mentioned amount