What Is Special About Marquette?

“Change is the result of all true learning”- Leo Buscaglia. The first step to changing society or the world at large is understanding it. So What Is Special About Marquette.

What Is Special About Marquette

What Is Special About Marquette University

Marquette’s scientific approach and arts embolden you to pursue your curiosity, ask tough questions, and delve into daring life risks.

Students from all sections of Marquette have access to classes, research institutions, and staff advisors. With world prominent tutors, pioneering resources, and specialized preparation, it’s the textbook put to explore your one’s choice and imminent academic advantage.

Marquette, it is believed that education should be a life-changing experience. Through requirements in nine core areas of study, undergraduate majors and minors, master’s, doctoral, and professional certificate programs, students are encouraged to think critically about issues that affect our society and the world. Marquette’s education encompasses more than merely the classroom. Studying abroad, community service, and student communities are just a few of the engagements that the students participate in. 

What makes the university different than others?

Studying at Marquette Provides an Extensive Network of Contacts

Most Marquette graduates have thrived in various areas, for example, athletics, sciences, and entertainment. A feat that is due to the degree of a huge network of high-profile contacts built up during times as a student at this university. This is often why Marquette has created a reputation as a remarkable university. Several academics believe that Marquette’s teaching isn’t always of the highest quality.


Marquette University is routinely regarded among the top in the world due to its exceptional academic possibilities. Marquette is ranked 84th in the 2020 edition of America’s Best Colleges, concurring with U.S. News & World Report, but it isn’t exclusively since of its academic accomplishments. Marquette’s commitment to its students is illustrated by high student fulfillment, world-class research brilliance, and great educating standards. The University offers a variety of assets to assist students with their academic pursuits and beyond.

The People

Despite well-known perceptions, a typical Marquette student does not exist. Marquette draws in a diverse group of individuals and personalities, and students come from all walks of life to study here. The abundance of groups and activities accessible speak to the student body’s enthusiastic and vibrant soul; whatever your interests are, you’ll find like-minded people. 

Student Life

A community built to empower and propel you

Marquette University provides opportunities to extend your interests past your program, ranging from travel grants to fine pick of extra-classroom enrichment programs. Whether you wish to push for the University, type in for a student daily paper, engage in sports, or perform at campus open mic nights, Marquette’s stellar not only speaks to work but moreover to live – and this extends to the lovely city itself. You can witness accounts from students about just a few of the various options offered at Marquette.

“In 1987, I graduated from Marquette University with a degree in journalism. I thank Marquette for not only helping me improve my writing skills but also for ensuring that I get a well-rounded education. Philosophy and religion classes were just as important as journalism classes, and I still use those concepts to guide my relationships with others daily.”

– Jim, Cosgrove, Journalism, graduate from 1987

“During my time at Marquette, I discovered my calling: to use strategic and creative problem-solving to make the world a healthier place. In particular, I want to work in the healthcare industry to develop and improve communication methods and technologies. Many things spring to me when I think of my favorite memories from Marquette, but my time on the Marquette Sailing Team stands out. The Sailing Team introduced me to some of my closest friends, challenged me to work hard and improve my skills, and allowed me to fully appreciate Lake Michigan. As a native of northern Minnesota, I cherish my lake time!”

– Andrew, Horvat, Corporate Communication

“Acceptance into Alpha Sigma Nu is my top pick Marquette memory. It is considered challenging to be part of this noble organization. To be considered, a candidate must rank in the best 15% of their class. As it were, 5% of those who apply to get accepted into the applicant’s college. I consider myself greatly fortunate to be a part of it and to have a more prominent impact on my community once I graduate.”

– Alyssa, Tobisch, Communication Studies

What are the eligibility criteria?

With an acceptance rate of 82%, Marquette University admissions are less selective. An SAT score of 1160 to 1360 or an ACT score of 25 to 30 is required for admission to Marquette University. This statistic, in comparison to other top universities, makes Marquette one of the most lightly selective top universities in the country, placing the university as one of the most reachable and reliable for outstanding educational qualities.

Is Marquette expensive?

The annual cost to attend Marquette University on a full-time basis for 2022/2023 is $61,306 for all students. This fee is comprised of $45,860 for tuition, $14,636 for typical housing and meals, and $810 for other fees.

Although the tuition is considered steep, it is worth every penny. It is a private school, the education overall is of the highest quality, hence, you get what you pay for.

Notable Alumni

– Jimmy Butler – is an American professional basketball player for the NBA’s Miami Heat. 

– Dwyane Wade – is a former NBA basketballer from the United States.

– Joseph McCarthy – Republican U.S. Senator.

– Danny Pudi

– Jae Crowder

– Doc Rivers

– Tom Snyder

– Ralph Metcalfe

– Joseph McCarthy

– Nicholas D’Agosto

You Belong Here


Marquette University’s teaching, research, and societal involvements have earned it around-the-world notoriety. A strong mix of a long and distinguished past with a cutting-edge university’s inventive and forward-thinking attitude. The university is reliably front lined midst the leading universities in the country, with a reputation for academic thoroughness, creativity, and the accomplishments of its workforce. This university leaves nothing in what she offers. To cite a few benefits, training excellence, highly functional installations, and the prospect of a successful career. As a result, seeing so many applications are not unusual.

All students are welcome. You are welcome.