Should You Get A Mattress Topper For College?

Going into college can mean different things for different people. To some, it is the beginning of a whole new life, while to others it is an adventure. Many colleges take special interest in ensuring that the environment is conducive for their students, although you can never tell what a person would term “good enough”. Several people are coming from all over the world with various backgrounds and expectations, so to be on the safer side, do not expect the best, neither should you expect the worst. Remember, you can carve your expectations. Let’s start with Should You Get A Mattress Topper For College?

Should You Get A Mattress Topper For College?

Yes. As long as you can afford it, you should get a mattress topper for college. A mattress topper is a combination of various materials used in providing extra comfort for a bed. This is essential for you as a student because your bed is your personal space, therefore, it should be according to your taste and preference. Also, a mattress topper provides a high level of comfort and ease of rest for an individual. This can be highly essential after a long day of class. 

What are the basic things I need for college? 

Well, here are some must-haves for college. 


This is an essential part of your daily activities as you must eat to garner strength for classes. So, getting your utensils should be a priority. As a college student, you probably do not need too many utensils, you can get just enough to suit your kind of meals per day. 

Meal Provisions 

You may not always have the time to make a comprehensive meal before class, but you can always scoop a spoon of cornflakes or oats to start your morning. No, your breakfast does not have to be heavy, but you should at least ensure that your stomach is not rumbling during class. 

Notebooks and pens 

This is a necessity for every college student. There are going to be several classes, courses, tests, and assessments. You need a notebook in handy to help in collating your words. Asides from that, you should also get a pen because this is what you will be writing in the long run. Make sure you get more than one, as a whole lot of writing will be done. 

Water bottle 

A reuseable one is needed in this case. This will help in curbing your thirst during lectures and even after. Water is an essential part of life and should be treated as such. According to science, the human part consists of 70 percent water. In other words, we cannot do without this as it would greatly deter our physical balance and health eventually. So, always keep a bottle of water handy. 

Laundry basket 

A laundry basket helps to store away your clothes. It is primarily used as temporary storage for dirty clothes before they are taken to the laundry room. As a college student, you need to have this in your room. 

Flash drive 

It will take superpowers to enable you remember every word and take note of everything that is said in a lecture, without the help of a flash drive. A flash drive helps to keep your files in check, whether digital or non-digital. Anything can be saved on a flash drive and referred to in the future. As an incoming college student, this is another essential thing you must take with you. 


In this case, you only need things that will be useful and can fit into your room. There is no need to bring in a huge box of speakers especially when you share a room. This will always cause trouble in the long run and you can might be reported for being a nuisance. There are school rules against public disturbance. However, here are a few things you can bring to school 

Phone charger

  • HDMI cord 
  • Noise cancellation headphones
  • Extension box
  • Laptop charger 
  • Batteries 
  • Power strips 


In college, you will likely share rooms with people you have not met before, so it is paramount to have your things. Your toiletries should be personal and kept properly. Here are some toilet supplies you need as a student;

  • Towels 
  • Bath sponges 
  • Toothpaste 
  • Toothbrush 
  • Dryer sheets
  • Laundry detergents 
  • Bathing soap 
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Shaving gel/shaving stick 
  • Deodorant 
  • Mouth wash 
  • Antiseptic wash 

& every other thing you are used to at home. This will be your new home for a while so make sure you treat it as such. 


Lastly, remember to have your student id, necessary documents all your identification as a student in check. When it comes to college, you may not have it all figured out at once and this can be a hassle. Notwithstanding, the trick is to start small. If you can not get everything at once, you can always get them in batches. Think of this as the start of something new and beautiful.