Make Friends After College

Making friends after college can be difficult due to the change in environment and the fact that you don’t have a proper place to interact anymore. You are all on your own and you have to find your way out of the chaos that is adulthood. Friends are important whether one may accept it or not. It is not only the fact that good friends eventually become family but they help in a lot of different ways in life. When you are all on your own, you are not really independent because in one way or the other, you need other people to survive. 

Make Friends After College

Make Friends After College

Making friends is tough, even in schools and colleges, when there is a classroom and people you meet regularly. But in this case, it is a little easier because there are people you meet almost regularly and interact often. So it is easy to form bonds and gain trust. But after your education is completed, you have left the monotone routine of life and are stepping into a much more exciting phase of your life. 

While life after college may have some exciting new turns and joys, it also has problems and difficulties in store for you. There are chances of you falling down and feeling low, but there is always a way out of this. One of the major difficulties that you will face in your life after college is the process of making new friends. Your friends from school and college might be there with you for life but it is required of you to form new bonds and friendships as well, no matter where you go. 

This can be easy for some people who are good at socializing but for those who are not, you’d have to put in extra effort to make it possible. Once you leave the bubble of your educational institution, you might feel isolated and alone. This thought frightens many into believing that it is quite impossible to make friends in adulthood, but it is not so. It can be quite a difficult task, but definitely not impossible. 

Why should I make friends after college?

As mentioned before, while you are independent in your life, there are instances where you still need other human beings with you. Be it for help or just to talk and have a nice time, friends go a long way in making their importance in your life clear now and then. Human beings have always lived in colonies and groups just because they are not capable of living isolated. 

Friends are important in life as they help you celebrate your joys and victories. They also share your sorrows with you and lend their shoulders for you to cry on. They offer you companionship and give you a sense of belonging. They also teach you lessons of life and make you a better person. Since all of them have different individualities, they can be good at broadening your mind and offering different perspectives. They get you out of the small circle you might have and open up your social life more than ever. Networking is a very important trait to have in the 21st century and having more friends can introduce you to more people and connections. Also, you can have fun with friends like no other! The entertainment factor in a friendship bond is like no other and fortunately, friends are the family you choose. 

Why is it tough to make friends after college?

Your old friends are gonna stick with you for sure, but new friends are hard to find. One of the major reasons for this is the lack of regular contact with people that you meet. While you were in college, you met people almost everyday and had talks with them often. But eventually, after college, you find that people don’t live close by or that you can’t strike up casual conversation to bond over shared interests easily. 

Also, people are busier as they have their professional lives to manage. Jobs tend to take up 8-10 hours of your day due to which finding time for friends can be tough and sometimes impossible. Also after spending 8 hours with your brain loaded, people may not have the time for socializing or going out to hang out with friends. 

How to make friends though?

As much as a difficulty this can prove to be if you are in a new environment, there are a few easy ways to make new friends whom you might like. But a little disclaimer: this might be a little tough and will take time. Do not expect instant results and it’s not going to be a very smooth process either. 

Join groups and clubs

Joining a group or a club is hands down the best way to meet new people and make friends. Find something you are interested in and find a group that shares the same interest. This can be an art club, reading club, or any other organization. 

This would work because there is a shared goal or interest that your conversation can begin with. But eventually, you’d have to have more topics to talk about, lest it gets awkward and redundant. Also, since there is a proper structure and activities going on, it won’t be that difficult to socialize. You can instead do the activities and find people to meet and hang out with.

Not only this, you can volunteer for social work that would not only benefit you but the society as well. 

Haunt the same spot

As creepy as this may sound, when you become a regular to some places like restaurants and coffee shops, people start to recognize you and this is a great way to strike up a casual conversation. But going to a place regularly and being unapproachable won’t be of any help. When you do hit a spot like this, do not be immersed in your phone, music or your book. That may not really help as people wouldn’t want to disturb you in your activity. Do that only when you want to be left alone.

Colleagues and co-workers can be great friends

Although you met at a workplace, they are human beings as well and can be great friends. You will not only have a middle ground to talk about, but also relate to each other on many levels. But one problem here is that you would have to keep your friendship aside from your professional relationship with that person. You can get lunch together, help each other in your work and party together. While some companies host parties for their workers, or vacations, some don’t. In this case, you can initiate such a thing and enjoy it with your co-workers without the fear of your boss breathing down your neck. 

Pool rides or getting roommates

Pooling rides and getting roommates are great ideas to make friends as you get to spend time with someone regularly and real often. Having a roommate doesn’t necessarily lead to friendship but it does open you to new people and helps you socialize with a new circle. You eventually will have to talk with your roommate and although you may not be best buddies, you can be assured of having a friend.

Help people out

Helping people will make them strike a conversation with you and have a good impression of you. This will also help you because in case of any help that you may need in the future, they will be there to help you if they can. 

Host parties

Hosting parties will not only make you meet new people that your already existing friends might know, but also signal to everyone that you are open to welcoming new people in your life. Socializing through parties is a great way to go about your life as you will also get to have fun with new people. 


Making friends after college might look like a tedious process, but you will be fine and rocking. Don’t overthink it and give it time. People may not be responsive right in the beginning, but eventually you will find the knack of making friends! Just hang in there and keep trying, there is a real friend out there somewhere and you will have the best time of your life with them. 


Is it hard to maintain friendships after college?

It can be quite hard since your job would take up most of your time, but as long as you can find a good friend who understands this, you should be fine. 

How do I make new friends and yet manage old friendships?

The beauty of friendships is that the older they get, the better they are. Old friends and old wine are always priceless. As you go about making new friends, keep in mind that your old friends are equally important and try to catch up with them once in a while.