Is 660 A Good Math SAT Score?

Every college student has that nerve wracking experience of preparing for the SATs. It’s a phase you need to pass to move forward. If you’re reading this, it means you’re probably preparing for the exams and want to set goals for yourself which is awesome or it could mean having written the exam and gotten results and you’re wondering if 660 in math should make you worried or not. Let’s start with Is 660 A Good Math SAT Score?

Is 660 A Good Math SAT Score?

The SAT is a three hour, fifty minutes exam that is divided into five sections:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math with a calculator
  • Math with no calculator and,
  • An optional essay

The math section is for 80 minutes with two categories. These categories are the 25-minute section (without a calculator) which consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 grid ins and a 55-minute section (with a calculator) which contains 30 multiple choice questions and 8 grid ins. It does seem like the math section is a little bit scary because well, it’s math. This section will be testing your knowledge on majorly four content areas which are:

  • The heart of algebra
  • Problem solving and data analysis
  • Passport to advanced math and finally,
  • Additional topics in mathematics.

Now let’s break this down. The heart of algebra consists of 19 questions, the problem solving and data analysis contains 17 questions, passport to advanced math has 16 questions and additional topics in math has 6 questions. All these parts make the math section a total of 58 questions and is totaled into 800.

Due to the element of school and course of study choice, the question of a high or low math score can be subjective but an above-average score will be considered a good one right? meaning that out of the 58 questions in the math section, to get a good score will mean you will have to get anything from 29.

660 is in fact a good math score. It’s above average as the average math score for math is 528 out of the total 800 but there’s a clause. If you’re aiming to apply to the ivy leagues or very sought after colleges, then that score might not be enough. You will need to aim higher. like from about 750-800. Getting a math score of 660 places you in the 85th percentile which is honestly quite impressive.

How can I get a math score of 660 or higher?

I know it can be easy to say you need to study more or advise people to study more but let’s be honest for a second. It can be challenging to be a student especially when preparing for a very important exam like the SATs.

1)Hypocritical, but yes you need to study smarter. Emphasis on the word smarter. Earlier we dissected the math section and saw its components. They do look daunting but they could also serve as a guide. So now your goal should be getting an average score especially if math is not really your strong area. Get the scheme of work of these components and write them out then note your strong and weak areas. Perfect example questions on the topics you’re good at so you become so good at them. For your weakness, take tutorials, watch online videos, talk to your teachers. You might not become perfect at them but aim to answer a huge chunk of them correctly. Keep an open mind and don’t give up.

2) Answer the questions you know first. During the nerve wrecking moment of having that exam question paper placed in front you, pace yourself and remember you are being timed. Relax and go through the questions first. You’ve studied and studied on the ones you have strength in so it should be a breeze. For the ones you’re weak in, leave them for later so you could take your time as much as possible.

3) Always read the instructions before attempting the questions. Imagine the hours and hours you’ve spent preparing yourself for the SATs only to get a bad score because you flunked the math section for going against the instructions. Could be really frustrating and gut wrenching right?

Reading the instructions won’t take up to a minute. So, endeavor to carefully go through them.

What if I get a low math score?

Depending on how you do on the other SAT areas, this could negatively affect your composite score. One good advice is, if you know that you’re really weak in math, ensure you do well on the reading and writing section without neglecting the math section. Put in the effort also. 

Also depending on your preferred school and major, this could leave you in a pickle. As much as your composite score is the first thing schools will look out for, they also take a look at what you scored in each section to know if you can really handle that major.


In conclusion, 660 is indeed a good math SAT score so don’t fret but that definitely does not mean you cannot aim higher. Also remember that as much as you’re seriously studying your math, do not neglect other areas of the SAT. Also, there are websites where you could input your SAT score and your preferred college and gauge the probability of your acceptance. I wish you all the best.