Good Sorority Big

This article is for every sorority member who just got informed that they’re about to have a Little or Twin. It’s okay to wonder how they’ll handle being a great big to their Little or Twins. Having watched how others before them have behaved, where some did well and some didn’t just care and therefore perform woefully. The perfect way to learn how to stand out as a wonderful Big is to read through this article. Additionally, this article is for people who’ve got no idea how the whole sorority stuff works, let’s get started! 

Good Sorority Big

Good Sorority Big

Performing well as an excellent and good sorority Big to one’s Little or twins is a great responsibility. It starts with the Big seeing herself as the mum of the Little. The Big is the school mum of the Little and this entails that she looks out for the Little. Ensuring that the Little leads a comfortable life. 

5 Ideals Of Being An Excellent Big

No Big should feel bad about having no clue how to treat their Little well. Most times, the Big in this shoe never experienced a good relationship with their Big during their time. So it’s expected that they’ll have no clue about how to behave and that they will be looking for help. 

This is why this article has put together four great ideals Big can shuffle with that’ll help them enjoy their relationship with their Little. They are as follows;

1. Protection

Taking a quick peek at the female fowls. one will realize that the number one role they play every day is to protect their chicks.

This gives the idea of what the responsibilities of a Big include. It involves having the capability to protect the Little from other sorority members with negative vibes. They don’t need to protect them in the group alone, they’ll need to protect them in the outside world as well. 

They can achieve this by relating their experiences on campus and in the sorority family at large to them. As well as letting them know the things and people to avoid lovingly as any awesome mum would.

2. Attention

After the Reveal, the Little finally meets the Big. The next line of attention for the Big is to find a way to fix their Little into their cool or busy life. 

If they’re leading a cool life where they have time to be there for the little. It’s a great way to build an excellent relationship within a few days of the meeting. 

On the other hand, the Big lead a busy life, and they’re always choked up with activities. Sure the Little will respect that. However, similar to every other relationship out there, it dies without conscious effort to make it work. 

Therefore they need to make intentional efforts to make time to meet up and check up on their Little. They need to see this as a scenario where they are the guy here. That’s trying to woo a lady they have an interest in. 

Good examples of what to do include calling, sending heartwarming texts, and having facetime at every possible time. Above all, they need to fix physical meetings at any chance they’ve got.

3. Check Up

The best way a big can make their Little or twins feel comfortable. As well as trusting them enough is when the Big always shows up for them. Showing up for them entails calling now and then to show that they care about their well-being. 

They can set their calendar to call them twice a week. It could be at the beginning and the end of the week. They can throw a surprise at their dorm just to say hello. 

Doing all of these consistently will make the Little believe they’re for them. Before long, they’ll feel relaxed and comfortable around them, having the mentality that they could trust them. Therefore they could relate to them when they need someone to talk to. 

The Big needs to ensure they’re on their best behavior with their Little, especially when they relate their issues to them. They shouldn’t be a Big who’d gossip about their Little to every other person within their circle. 

4. Showers Of Gifts

Days before the reveal and Little spoil week isn’t the only time a good Big will focus on showering their Little with gifts. Every Big must understand that one of the great responsibilities of being Big is that they’ll spend money on their Little. 

At this junction, every Big that knows they don’t have enough to be spending on their Little should quietly opt out. It’s not about spending money and resources on getting expensive gifts. No, they should instead give their Little meaningful and unique gifts at intervals.

5. Advice

Having a big entails the Little having someone they can look up to and want to emulate. Therefore it’s essential the Big present themselves before the Little as someone they can learn great things from.

One of the responsibilities of the Big is to show the Little the right way to do things. Both in the sorority family and on the campus at large. So every great Big is someone who advises the Little on how to be active participants in the sorority. 

They teach the Little to take their studies seriously. They offer pieces of advice on how to deal with campus stress and workload. 

They’re there for the best relationship advice. They teach their Little how to balance enjoying the most out of campus as well as being serious with their studies. 

While the Big is there to lead the Little to the right way to live. The Bigs should be aware of the fact that they’re not Little’s biological parents. 

This means that after giving the best advice. They should leave room for the little to make their decision and respect every decision they make. 

What Does Sorority Entails?

The sorority is the term used to describe the association of a certain group of women in the university. The main purpose of this organization is to increase friendships among female students. Here are the terms used in the sorority family;


This is an initiated new sister in the family assigned to a big. This Big will help her find her way around the family and campus at large.


This is an initiated old member of the family who has the responsibility of taking care of her little. She’s given the position to mentor and leads the little alright. 

Big Little Week

This is a special week where the Big is saddled with the responsibility of sending loving gifts to her Little. The Big uses it to provide clues about who they’re to their Little. 

Family Name

A school can have more than one sorority group aside from being a “sorority”, which is the general name. Every sorority has a special name they identify themselves with. They make use of Greek letters while choosing their name. 


This is the act of joining together compatible Big and Little. This matching includes joining together a Big and a small with similar personalities and character traits. 


After the Big Little reveal, the new Big and Little took out time to design a customized shirt. This shirt singles them out of the crowd and it is what people will use to identify them. The Big and the Little involved usually inscribe their nickname on the shirt.

Stack Picture 

A stack Picture is a triangular image of a sorority family. It demonstrates how the sorority family is structured, with the oldest at the top and the youngest at the bottom.


This is when a big has two different Little, instead of calling it “Two little” or “Littles”, they’re called “Twins”. A big can have two different twins at the same time or at different times.


This refers to the particular time people join the sorority family. Let’s say some people join in 2018, one will say it’s a pledge class fall of 2018.

Stitch Letters

This is a shirt with the Greek letters of the sorority embroidered rather than printed on the front. The Greek alphabet inscribed can have a solid color or pattern. Some sorority families use distinctive stitch patterns for their letters.


That’s it with everything that accompanies being a good sorority Big. No Big can go wrong with the points explained above on how to be a great Big. Also, Little to no knowledge of what sorority entails will learn a lot from this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Who’s in charge of inviting people to join sorority?

The leaders in the sororities themselves pick whoever they feel should belong to the group. 

#2. Is it possible for a Big to have several Little?

Yes, a Big can have several Littles. The Big should make sure they have the number of Little they can handle.

#3. Is it every little that gets to have a big?

Yes, in every sorority, there’s a Big assignment for a Little. If having one little doesn’t cover the whole group, they can add another Little to a Big.