Excuses To Get Out Of Plans

The season of festivals and holidays is back and some of us will go into hibernation or just want to stay home and lock ourselves in. But since it is the season we are invited for plans and hangouts. In amidst the plans sometimes we want to bail out but don’t find the perfect excuse or are tensed about the what if. Let’s talk about some Excuses To Get Out Of Plans.

Excuses To Get Out Of Plans

Some of the questions which come to our mind are:-

  • What if they found out?
  • What is the perfect reason to bail out?
  • What if we got caught in the act of lying?
  • What if they feel bad or betrayed?

This article is brought to give you excuses that are perfect and do not require upsetting anyone. The plans which you don’t want to attend can be of various genres and the excuses also have to be the kind that is trustable at the place. For eg you can’t give an excuse of a family member in town or ill to not go to a family get-together. The read-through will give excuses to most genres and some topics can be excused with a mix of these reasons.

Friend’s Party:-

  • Illness:- None of your friends want you to get more sick than you are for a plan. You might have to sound sick but not that too much, otherwise, they might cancel their plans to be with you. The answer should sound good for the people to trust that you’re sick but the sickness is handleable and easy to get through.
  • Crying:- You can tell the people that you are a bit emotional at the moment to attend any parties and want to be alone. This can be a great excuse especially when you have gone through something recently otherwise this can come back at you. You can even drop a tear or two to make it seem believable but don’t use it every time because maybe after some time they might stop sending invites to you.
  • Hobbies:- You can say that you are working on your passion or a hobby and won’t be able to make it by saying that you have a class or a practice. It may only sound legit if they don’t know you well and will trust that you are really interested in the skill that you use as an excuse.
  • Be true:- If they are really good friends of yours they might understand that people need time off from social groups and want to spend time alone. In this situation, you can be true to them and tell them you are on Netflix binge, movie marathon, or novel relay.
  • Family in town:- Since you might be working in another town or the same town family can visit anytime. This is a good option and you can tell them about a family member in the city and might hang out with them if it is true otherwise you can just be cozy and cuddle in bed.
  • Zoom fatigue:- As the world is going through pandemic people have grown closer to their desktops and the internet. This is the reason they might have started to be zoom fatigue and want to take time off from their screen and relax. But when a party is planned on zoom you might have to sit in front of the webcam again and you can’t relax.
  • Broke:- You can tell them that you are broke this month or haven’t received your payment and can’t come since you wouldn’t be able to pay. They might insist that they can pay for you and you can repay later but be persistent on the fact that you don’t like people paying for you as it makes you feel dependent on them. This is a great excuse for a party because most people will believe it and leave you alone.
  • Something came up:- This never goes wrong since last-minute emergencies are very common and can’t be planned for. It can be anything that might require your undivided attention. The urgency should be valid or you just simply say that it can’t be discussed because it is a bit personal.

Office plans or a meeting:-

Sometimes we haven’t checked the deadline and are confused about what would work as a good reason to cancel the office party or the client meeting. The client meetings can be a bit of a problem to be canceled since they might even cancel on your project but then you can try some of these excuses:-

  • Sick leave:- You can tell your boss or client that you are on sick leave today but keep in mind that you don’t go out or make plans that might expose your perfect lie. As stated above this is one of the reasons that almost works every time without ifs and buts as you can get sick at any point in time.
  • Social break:- For ditching a party this might work and sound exactly right but for a meeting, this may sound a bit wrong and give an impression that you might not be interested in the collaboration or are prude to talk to them.
  • Traffic jam:- This is one of the most used excuses for being late, canceling meetings, etc. This can easily be used in cities like New York which are always busy and moving. But if you live in a small city with no or fewer traffic jams you might get caught easily as they can easily access the status of traffic in that area. 
  • Pet Emergency:- Most of the clients as well as bosses are pretty affectionate towards their pets or animals. You can tell that your pet is sick and you have to bail out from the party, meeting. In case of meetings be sure you are not the presenter to an important client or you might land in a situation where you get fired and it also might come as unprofessional and informal. You also have to be sure about them being pet lovers otherwise they might not take your excuse.
  • Deadline not met:- This is one of the last excuses you should use especially if you are regular with this problem. In this case, tell them about your schedule and how hectic it was and therefore you couldn’t complete it on time. For one or two times they might go easy on you specifically when you complete your other tasks on time.
  • The idea came up:- For the client you can tell them that you read about something at the last moment and want to add that as well as make them believe that it will only help them by creating hype around it.

Family get-together:-

  • My friend needs me:- This is a great idea as you can tell that your best friend or a person your family adores is broken and they are in dire need of you with them. Since they love them as their children they would allow you to go and be with them and help them since they want you more at that point. Remember they might call them so inform them beforehand.
  • Office/homework deadlines:- You can come up with the fact that you are working a bit late because the deadline has been preponed and that project or homework is very important for your promotion or grades. Since they want the best for you they will get it and allow you.
  • Breakdown:- It is a common concept in the modern era and most teenagers and adults go through it after having a breakup or when they are going through something that affected them mentally. This can be a good excuse for you to ditch a party and stay at home with your blanket and hobbies.
  • Sickness:- This might not sound like a great idea when dealing with family since they might get worried and cancel their own party to come and see you. You can only use this excuse when you are sure the get-together is far more important than your health or use something that might not worry them and is not a bad excuse for not coming.
  • Double plans:- Sometimes you might say yes to two plans at the same time and now have to bail out from one. This can be used at all parties and not specifically in this genre. In case of this type of situation, you can talk about your problem openly and go to the one which is more important and replan the other one. You can also give the excuse of having two parties at the same time to both of them if you feel staying in is more important and not attend both.
  • Transportation issue:- This might come as a believable reason if you don’t live in a city with great connectivity otherwise there can be a bit of an issue. You can give basic excuses like the breakdown of a car or car is with the mechanic.

Practice plans:-

Practices should not be missed out but sometimes you don’t feel like doing anything especially physical exercise so the excuse of an illness or being busy with studies would help but make sure not to use them too often to get caught that you are missing practices for chilling. You can also say that you are too tired from working out or practicing for a long time and need a break.

The above excuses can be used anywhere else and would work. The excuses are a way to get out of plans but make sure you don’t bail out too often. Meet your friends and family and enjoy your life as well. The period you live in doesn’t come back very often and leaves us with regrets. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • What is the best excuse to bail out from anywhere?

The best excuse is to call in sick since it is one thing that can’t be controlled by humans and is very common.

  • Can we use these excuses to bail out from anywhere?

Yes, more likely we have covered a large genre in a few topics and these are mostly those which are more likely to be used.