Does Google Care About Your GPA

If you’ve ever been interested in working with Google the thought would have crossed your mind whether google cares about your GPA? Whether you’re applying for a full-time position or an internship. Here are some reasons why google recently released information on why your GPA wouldn’t affect your hiring process. Let’s begin with Does Google Care About Your GPA.

Does Google Care About Your GPA

Although GPA had been a strong selling point at one time when applying for a position at Google, it has been deemed worthless. In an interview by the New York Times Newspaper, Google’s Senior Vice President Laszlo Bock said and I quote ” GPA’s are worthless in the hiring process” another thing he said that you may interesting in is that he said the percentage of googlies ( a term they use to refer to google employees) who didn’t go to college at all has increased. Who would have thought? Therefore, they have changed the interview process by using one called ” behavioral interviewing” instead of the brain teasers they were famous for asking. 

How to get into Google without a GPA

 Here are a few ways by which you can land that dream job or internship at Google. These are ways most people should know. Enjoy!

Have Impressive Skillsets

You may ask how people who don’t have good SATs or a good GPA were able to get into Google. Often you will hear that they have remarkable skills in either coding or whatever department they work in. The world is changing and with it, the corporate world. In recent years, there has been a skill shift in the technology industry. Having a skill or getting a job in tech is not just confined to those who studied or have degrees in tech courses like computer science or computer engineering. Anyone can do an online course in coding, UI and UX design, or even web design and become a professional in it without going to school. In a few years, having a degree in technology might be redundant because there are so many courses and certifications out there now that can get one a job in the tech field or any field not just in tech. Therefore, get skilled up!

Gain Experience

Google wouldn’t hire just anyone, you would have had to work at other places to show that you know what you are doing it is always advisable to volunteer at NGOs as an intern and work at a couple of startups in other to help you have leverage in the job search pool. If you’re a student or a recent grad looking for an internship or a job, get involved in various interests and extra-curricula activities do not forget that Google receives thousands of applications per day, so make sure you stick out. There are a couple of events and programs Google hosts on various campuses all year round, try as much as you can to get involved in them. There are also competitions google hosts for those who know how to code, these have helped a lot of individuals get spaces to intern at Google. Check out google’s website for such events and competitions. 

 Be Creative  

Being a creative person would land you your dream job at Google rather than a high GPA, the new mode of interviewing google does is called Behavioral Interviewing, this is where they ask you what you would do in real-life situations, your reactions, and subsequent solutions. This would give them an in-depth look into the kind of person they would be hiring. At the end of the day they know what you are passionate about and how creative you are because let’s face it, everyone likes to have tgat person who always has the best ideas and creative tendencies in their team. Google would love anyone who shows initiative and is a problem solver. If you are creative, initiative, and always passionate about work and taking the company forward. Google always looks out for these kinds of people. 

Get a Referral

I know you are wondering, wait what? Yes, a Google employee can refer you for a position at Google, did you know they get a referral bonus if the individual they referred applies and is hired as an FTE? Well yes, they do! Although this improves the odds of you being hired, you still have to have the required skills and experience to land the job. So, look up any Google employee that you know and ask for a referral today! 

Do not write your GPA! 

I know you may be wondering why I would suggest this? But yes, do not write it except it is requested, which might not happen. With the new developments, they wouldn’t ask for it, so why write it? This is a good suggestion, especially if you have a low GPA, why endanger your chance of being picked when other candidates would have pretty impressive GPAs? Instead, focus on selling your strong points like your experience and skills. 


If you would like to work at Google, whether as a full-time employee or an intern, and had these questions? Do not worry. Try as much as possible to learn skills and gain experience to have a chance in the employment pool. You can implement any of the above suggestions I have given. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need a college degree to work with Google? 

No, you do not. As I have mentioned, there are employees of google who never went to college but rather have skills that made them top candidates in their job search. So, if this affects you, do not be afraid to apply.

  1. How can I apply for a job at Google?

There are several ways to apply for a job at Google. You could contact a Google recruiter, apply through the websites or a  scout could contact you if you have been in competitions organized by Google. In all these, have an impressive resume to enable you to get noticed.