Where is Presidency College?

The dream of uncountable students and a plain chamber of Excellency, The Presidency University is that the light and life of students who would like to serve the excellency as their purpose. The myriad opportunities the university provides is much on the far side words may ever describe.  Here we will see about Where is Presidency College?

 The served purpose for two hundred years of building excellence within the students who are a part of the Presidency University has left an outstanding imprint by building brightly qualified personalities. The Presidency University was supported in 1817 in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. This university is one of every the oldest institute in an Asian country that has no non-secular affiliation. It had been given the standing of a university in 2010 once 193 years of serving as a school province. 

 Apart from knowing wherever this famous university is placed, allow us to determine its history, transformation, and memorable influence on those who studied here. Keep reading to seek out:

Where is Presidency College?

 The history

 Knowing the name and fame of something additionally involves knowing how it became what it is today, what its journey was, and the way it amplified to become great in its way. The Presidency College, which later came to be called The Presidency University, came into existence once a wave of interest in learning land language hit the folk, wavering the formation of the university once the Supreme Court of Kolkata was created. 

 Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the chairman of the college’s commencement committee, which oversaw its institution. The middle was headed by a board of 2 Managers and 4 administrators. The primary governors of the school were prince Tejchandra Bahadur of Burdwan and Gopee Mohan Thakoor. Joykisan  Sinha, Radha Madhab Banerjee, and Gunganarain doss down were the primary administrators. Buddinath Mukherjee was elite, the college’s 1st Secretary. On Monday, January 20, 1817, the establishment was solemnly opened with twenty “scholars.”

 Initially, the studies were commanded at the house of Gorachand Bysack of Garanhatta (later renamed 304, Chitpore Road), a rented facility. In the Gregorian calendar month 1818, the school stirred to ‘Feringhi Kamal Bose’ home in Chitpore. the school stirred from Chitpore to Bowbazar, and eventually to the building that currently homes the Indo-Aryan school on College Street.

 The university calling

 Presidency College got the standing of a university in 2010. The college’s organization irresistibly approved the proposal to grant the college full university standing in 2009. On Dec 16, 2009, the provincial government introduced a bill within the Bidhan Sabha known as the Presidency University Act, 2009, during which the province legislature gave the college full university standing. Consistent with the bill, once the establishment becomes a full-fledged state-aided university, it’ll be renamed Presidency University.

Sabyasachi Dutta designed the new Presidency University brand, as printed in a very letter to the Editor of AnandabazarPatrika on April one, 2013.

 The province Government enacted the Presidency University Bill, 2009 within the State legislature on19 March 2010. On July 7, 2010, province Governor M K Narayanan signed the Presidency University Bill.  On July 23, 2010, the provincial government issued a gazette notification finishing all of the legal needs for the presidency to become an entire university. Amiya Bagchi was tasked with chairing a committee fashioned to settle on and designate the university’s 1st vice-chancellor. In May 2010, Amita Chatterjee, a retired philosophy academician from Jadavpur University, was named the 1st Vice-Chancellor of Presidency University.

 The outstanding alumni’s

 Many outstanding folks have graduated from Presidency University. a minimum of four heads of state are among them, as around five province Chief Ministers, four Chief Justices of India, one Governor of the bank of India, one honor winner, multiple Padma awardees, a minimum of six Sahitya Akademi Awardees, many national victory Film administrators, a minimum of fifteen Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar laureates, one Breakthrough lottery winner, 2 Nobel laureates, one urban center lottery winner, and various lecturers serving as an academician

 As said, the Presidency University so left a mark of its own by manufacturing wonderful talent from itself. 

 The organization

 Presidency University, like all state universities in the province, is a junction rectifier by the Chancellor. Each state university is presided over by the Governor of the province. This position is presently commanded by Jagdeep Dhankhar. 

 The Vice-Chancellor is the institution’s tutorial and body leader. once the Presidency school was granted University standing, the position of Vice-Chancellor outdated that of Principal. academician-Anuradha Lohia is the institution’s 1st permanent vice-chancellor. The institution’s 1st permanent vice-chancellor is academician Anuradha Lohia. The university’s current Registrar is Dr. Debajyoti Konar.


 Currently, entrance to the present university for undergrad and postgraduate courses is predicated on performance within the admission tests, PUBDET and PUMDET. PUBDET and PUMDETar are each unionized by the province Joint Entrance Examinations Board.


 The Presidency University is found in the Kolkata, India. It has been standing tall within College Street, city for the last 205 years. This university provides a good style of courses and may be a living dream for millions.

 Frequently asked questions

 1) How several courses are offered by Presidency University?

 The Presidency University offers quite sixteen courses. 

 2) Who is the chancellor of Presidency University?

 The governor of the province is the chancellor of the university.