What HBCU Is In Washington DC?

HBCU is a well-known acronym that stands to honor historically significant universities and colleges for black people in the USA. They were initially created to impart higher education to the black youth of America. The first HBCU was established in 1837 in Pennsylvania and now there are about 107 HBCU all across the USA. Let us know What HBCU Is In Washington DC?

What HBCU Is In Washington DC?

There are two HBCU in Washington DC. Howard University is a private research university that offers undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, and doctoral programs. It was founded in 1867 and some of its notable alumni include Kamala Harris, Chadwick Boseman, Nick Cannon, Taraji Henson, and Toni Morrison. This university offers more courses than any other HBCU across America. Unlike the prior years, the university now accepts all races to become a part of its community and it has an acceptance rate of 39 percent.

Howard University prides itself on its alumni often volunteering around the world at a higher level than the other HBCU across the United States of America. The university’s central campus can be found close to the Howard Theatre in the Northwest of Washington. It is also the university that produces the highest number of African-American undergraduates who go ahead to earn their doctoral degrees in engineering or science.

The second HBCU in the city is the University of the District of Columbia. It’s a public university that was established in 1851, and although not as popular as Howard University, it is one of the only universities across the country that provides ABET-accredited degrees in the undergraduate sector. This small institution has a high acceptance rate and usually takes almost all of the applications they get every semester. It’s also known as one of the most affordable universities in Washington DC. Some of the popular majors offered in this institution include Mechanical Engineering, Accounting, and Administration of Justice.

Schools and Colleges at Howard University

There are thirteen schools available at Howard University that offer various types of degrees to fit the student’s needs. They are:

• Howard University School of Business
• Cathy Hughes School of Communication
• Arts and Science College
• Howard University College of Dentistry
• School of Education
• School of Divinity
• School of Engineering and Architecture
• School of Law
• Nursing and Allied Health Sciences
• College of Medicine
• College of Pharmacy
• School of Social Work
• Graduate Studies School

Other than the wide array of courses offered here, the university has a summer study abroad program as well which is applicable for undergraduate and graduate students alike. Academic departments offer assistance for internships via the Office of Career Services with the help of ‘Handshake’, a placement tool. There are various domestic exchange programs available as well for sophomore and higher students.

Schools and Colleges at the University of the District of Columbia

There are seven schools available at this institution that offers more than 80 programs for undergraduates and graduates. There are also various professional training programs available by the Workforce Development Program. The various schools and colleges found here are:

• David A. Clarke School of Law
• University of the District of Columbia Community College
• Science and Arts
• Engineering and Applied Arts
• Graduate and Research Studies
• Business and Public Administration
• Agriculture, Urban Sustainability, and Environmental Sciences.

The university works together with Handshake to help its students achieve their desired job opportunities along with internship chances. There are multiple fairs held during spring and fall semesters to help newcomers and current students stay informed about the various opportunities in the job sector. The university also guides its students through networking, interviews, and resume building.

Financial Aid at Howard University and University of the District of Columbia

Howard University offers financial aid to its students in the form of scholarships, fellowships, and grants. The COAS Honours Program and Mellon Mays Program are two of the popular undergraduate financial aid programs offered here. Graduate students can opt to apply for the Frederick Douglass Doctoral Scholars Fellowship.

Howard also provides their students with opportunities to opt for working on campus to meet their financial needs if they don’t qualify for scholarships, fellowships, or grants. They also pay tuition remission for some students along with summer financial aid. The university provides a guide to its students who are looking forward to applying for federal aid as well. The university will also assist you through the process of obtaining student loans.

University of the District of Columbia has a wide range of scholarships eligible for high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students. There are general scholarships available to all fields while there are plenty of major-specific scholarships too. Other financial resources here include the Firebird Retention Grants and Project Success.


The two historically black colleges and universities found in Washington DC are Howard University and the University of the District of Columbia. Howard University is one of the most popular HBCU across the country and especially popular amongst students looking to enter the STEM field. It is often ranked as the top HBCU across the country. Although the University of the District of Columbia is much smaller in comparison to Howard, it also provides various career opportunities to students who are often struggling financially.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Howard University’s rank globally?
It can get tough to place Howard University in a global ranking of universities, but it often falls between the numbers 400 and 700. It also depends on the source that’s ranking the universities.

2) What is Howard University famous for?
Many students flock to this university after glancing at the notable alumni list and its high ranking among the HBCU across America. It’s also one of the top universities in the field of STEM with its students often going forward to earn doctoral degrees in science and engineering.

3) What is the GPA requirement to enroll in the University of the District of Columbia?
To get into the University of the District of Columbia, a student should earn a minimum GPA of no lower than 2.5 average along with SAT score ranging above 1050. ACT scores above 18 are accepted here as well.