What Is The Average SAT Score For FAMU?

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is a 34 percent admission rate among state universities. Online applications are invited all year and can be submitted directly through the FAMU website. To know about SAT cutoff and other requirements to secure your admission at FAMU, continue reading through till the end. Let’s learn about ‘What Is The Average SAT Score For FAMU?’.

What Is The Average SAT Score For FAMU?

What Is The Average SAT Score For FAMU?

Many schools claim to have no SAT cutoff. They do, however, exist. This is described as the school’s aggregate rating. Florida A&M University’s (FAMU) average SAT average score is 1105 on a 1600-point scale.

SAT Requirements And Marks

All aspirants must submit SAT or ACT scores to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. SAT scores were submitted by 72 percent of accepted students during the 2017-18 admittance cycle. The average SAT score is 1105.

The Fresh SAT score in the 25th percentile is 1040, and the 75th decile is 1170. In other words, a score of 1040 indicates that you are below average, whereas a score of 1170 indicates that you are above average. FAMU does not have an utter and total SAT requirement, but they want to see at least 1040 to be considered.

According to FAMU’s admissions data, the majority of admitted students score in the top 35 percent nationally on the SAT. In the science-based spellchecking and composing section, 50% of students admitted to Florida A&M scored between 530 and 590, with 25% scoring below 530 and 25% scoring above 590.

Fifty percent of accepted students scored between 510 and 580 in the math section, while 25% rated below 510 and 25% rated above 580. Candidates who have an SAT score of 1070 or greater have a better chance of getting into FAMU than those who have a lower rating.

Policy On SAT Score Choice

Your school’s Score Preference plan is an essential part of one’s admission process. FAMU has an “All Scores” score preference policy.

  • FAMU requires you to send them all of your SAT scores from any test you’ve ever taken. This may seem intimidating, but most colleges do not place equal value on all of your grades. If you scored 1200 on one and 1400 on the other, they won’t exactly estimate the two tests.
  • Your maximum score from a single test date will most likely be used by the school. Some school systems combine your maximum segment score from all of your test dates to create a “Superscore.”

Some students are still hesitant to submit an inordinate set of test results. They are concerned that if you try as hard to change one score, FAMU will penalize you.


The SAT writing segment is required by FAMU. Mention that Florida A&M University partakes in the score choice curriculum, which implies that your highest values from each part across all conducted three experiments will be considered by the admissions department. SAT Admission to Florida A&M University is not contingent on passing a subject test.

But How Much Is Too Much When It Comes To Tests?

  • It is been noticed by conversations with admissions officers, that 4-6 tests are a good number to submit. The college understands that you want to boost your chances of acquiescence, and retaking the test is one way to do so. 
  • If you’ve taken a test a reasonable number of times, they honestly don’t remember how many times you’ve taken it. They’re only interested in your grade.
  • Colleges will start to wonder why you aren’t improving with each test if you take it more than six times. They’ll doubt your opportunity to study and help your chances of acceptance.
  • One of the top historically black universities in the nation, Florida Agricultural, and Mechanical University have a competitive admissions pool.
  • Strong application essays and shining letters of recommendation, as well as participation in constructive extracurricular activities, can help you stand out. Suppose you took a year off between high school and college. In that case, the application includes a section for you to list your work opportunities, service in the military, or other actions since graduation. 
  • All candidates are given the chance to record their involvement in clubs, organizations, community service, unique talents, prizes, and employment experience.


Unless you’re very active in high school or after graduating from college, you should include an additional sheet with your application to fully describe your activities. Freshman applicants must also respond to two of three essay prompts about a meaningful training, interest, experience, or achievement; your family history, culture, or surroundings; or your distinctive characteristics or character traits that will term you as a valued member of the FAMU community.

  1. Is it possible to get into FAMU despite a low SAT score?

You’ll have a great opportunity of getting in if your SAT score is 1170 or your ACT score is 23 or higher. Completing the rest of your implementation for a college as selective as FAMU is also beneficial. However, if one SAT or ACT mark is less than 1170, you will have a slim chance of being accepted.

  1. What are FAMU’s admissions requirements?

A first-time-in-college (FTIC) claimant must have a diploma from a credentialed high school and accumulated high-grade point average in those academic institutions and ACT or SAT-I (critical math and reading elements only) test scores.

  1. Is it difficult to get into Florida A&M University?

Admission to Florida A&M is competitive, with only 36% of applicants accepted. The average SAT score for Florida A&M students is 1030-1160, and the average ACT score is 19-23.

  1. What does it cost to attend FAMU for four years?

Four years’ approximate tuition for students admitted in Fall 2021 is $23,140 for Florida inhabitants and $70,900 for out-of-state pupils.