What is the Average GPA at USF?

The University of South Florida, U.S.A. is one school every student would love to attend due to its high reputation and rank in the country. The school ranks as the fourth-best public university in Florida making it an authority. Because of this and more, USF is indeed a competitive college especially when it comes to accepting students into the school. With an acceptance rate of 42.7%, applicants who wish to be enrolled at USF would have to be at the top of their classes which means that they must have pretty high GPAs. Lets find out what is the average GPA at USF?

But what is the average GPA accepted at USF? You will get answers to this question and more in this article. The average GPA for USF is 3.97 on a scale of 4.0. This means that applicants who wish to get into USF will need to make nearly straight A’s in all their post-secondary classes to be on the same or above par with other applicants. USF is very selective and demands only the best in their school. And so, a high GPA, coupled with high SAT scores, and your chances of getting in are higher.

Every year, over 22,000 intending scholars apply to USF for admission. Out of these applicants, only 42.7% (9,400 students approximately) are accepted. To drive through these applications and maintain their reputation, they must admit only the best. And one way to know the best is through their GPAs. And so, they set pretty high standard requirements. To stand out from the crowd of applications, a student must get at least a 4.97 GPA on a scale of 5.0 which is an A+ letter grade and in the top 97-100 percent.

What Other Requirements Do I Need To Get Into USF?

Besides having a GPA of 3.97 and above, your SAT score should also be high to stand a chance at USF. An SAT score of 1250 and above is a headstart. USF has pretty high requirements for admission test scores as they are renowned for admitting students whose scores are in the top 26 percent.

That is to say that the students accepted into USF are ‘A-grade’ high school students and to stand a chance of getting in, you must be A-grade too.

Also, juniors or seniors whose GPAs are below the required GPA of 3.97, will need higher SAT scores to make up for it and show how prepared they are to take on the college academics. If their SAT sires are good enough, their chance of getting into USF increases.

What SAT Scores Are Accepted In USF?

Because USF is selective, they accept students who are in the top 31 percent on their SAT. The college is ranked as the No. 6 college in Florida that accepts high SAT composite and 70% of intending students submit their SAT scores During their application.

Research has it that the average SAT composite of the admitted students in USF is a high 1240 on a scale of 1600. A competitive SAT score of 1350 and more will put applicants above par and increase their probabilities of acceptance.

How do I know my GPA?

To find out what your Grade Point Average is, you’ll need to calculate the grades you made in all your courses during the program. Here’s how to calculate your GPA.

  • First, convert all the letter grades you got to numbers. That is A-grade = 4, B grade = 3, C grade = 2, D = 1, and F = 0.
  • After converting the letter grades to number grades, add up these numbers for all your courses throughout your pre-college years.
  • Finally, divide the value obtained by the total number of courses you offered. This will give you your GPA without considering the workload of these courses (unweighted GPA).

Is a 3.97 GPA good?

On a scale of 4.0, a 3.97 GPA is pretty high and will get you into most (if not all) competitive colleges. A GPA of 3.97 means that the student is in the top 90-92 percent and has made an average of As throughout their course of study.

In letter grade, a 3.97 GPA is equivalent to A- on the 4.0 scale which is a great grade to be in.

What is required of international students who wish to go to school at USF? 

  • Applicants must provide their foreign transcripts of any degree type accompanied by a certified English translation (if it’s not in English).
  • They would also provide a course-by-course credential evaluation from either NACES or AICES or any other approved agency certifying equivalency to the U.S. degree.
  • USF would not accept documents that were signed by a notary or other non-education affiliated public official.
  • Applicants must provide proof of English language proficiency if they are non-native speakers of the language.
  • International applicants who are residing in the U.S. at the time of application must submit proof of health insurance and must provide a copy of their U.S. visa or permanent resident card.
  • Applicants who were not born in the country but currently have U.S. citizenship are required to submit any proof of citizenship as they apply.

Frequently Asked Questions About USF

  • Does USF require Personal Essays during Application? No, USF does not ask students to write personal essays to get admitted.
  • Does USF accept international students? Yes, USF accepts international students from all countries of the world into their programs.

Currently, over 5,000 international students from about 145 countries around the world are schooling at USF and adding to the long-standing reputation of the school.

 In conclusion, be sure to add USF to your list of intending schools if you meet these criteria. All the best. USF is good at all its programs but is renowned for its engineering programs, online MBA program, and Computer Information Technology amongst others. USF welcomes students living with disabilities and provides a wide expanse of exceptional services for them. The school goes on to provide accommodation for these students based on how their disabilities have affected their schooling. Overall USF is a great option with reasonable GPA requirements.