What Are The Colors Of Catholic University?

Washington, D.C.’s Catholic University is a private institution with a strong reputation for both academic rigor and adherence to Catholic tenets. The school’s official colors, red and black, have strong historical and cultural roots and are one of its defining characteristics. Let us know ‘What Are The Colors Of Catholic University?’.

What Are The Colors Of Catholic University?

What are the colors of the Catholic university?

Red and black are the school colors for Washington, D.C.’s Catholic University. The official emblem of the institution is a shield with a black background and a red cross inside a gold frame. 

Red and Black

Catholic University has used red and black as its school colors since the early 20th century. The university’s archival records state that the colors were chosen to commemorate Cardinal James Gibbons, a prominent member of the Catholic Church and a staunch supporter of Catholic education. The color red was chosen to signify the cardinal’s vestments, while black was picked to symbolize the robes worn by priests and academics.

These hues stand for a wide range of principles held important by Catholic University. The color red is typically linked with ardor, power, and valor, whereas the color black is frequently associated with solemnity, refinement, and complexity. Catholic University’s devotion to academic quality, intellectual rigor, and Catholic heritage are all represented by these colors.

The institution’s marketing and communications use these colors. The school crest, a black shield with a red cross and gold border, prominently displays the colors. Ads, brochures and the university’s website use these colors. The university’s interior design, including furnishings and décor, emphasizes the school’s red and black colors. The school’s athletic teams, nicknamed the Cardinals, also wear uniforms and sell products in these colors.

Institutional Symbol

Catholic University’s emblem is a shield with a red cross and a gold rim. The Catholic religion is represented by the cross, while the university’s dedication to excellence is represented by the gold border. A cardinal’s hat, a classic emblem of the Catholic Church, crowns the shield. The new logo, released in 2018, is a simplification and modernization of the previous identity.

Layout and Specifics

On a black backdrop, the logo has a red cross with a gold border. ‘The Catholic University of America’ is written in full capital letters, sans-serif font, above the shield, and a sash with the Latin motto ‘Deus Lux Mea Est’ (God is my light) is shown below the shield.

The logo’s layout and elements have significant connotations that speak to the ethos and goals of the school. The red cross stands for faith and the university’s Catholic roots, while the shield denotes power and protection. The reputation and dedication to excellence of the institution are symbolized by the gold outline.

The logo’s use of the university’s name emphasizes the institution’s commitment to providing students with an excellent education based on Catholic values.

The institution has recently modernized its logo by adopting a sans-serif typeface and streamlining the shield’s design. The institution has also unveiled specialized logos for places like the School of Architecture and Planning and the Provost’s Office.

Sports, Uniforms, and Team Spirit

Twenty-five varsity sports teams participate at the NCAA Division III level at Catholic University. The Cardinals compete in more than 20 different sports, including basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, swimming, and cross country. The university’s sports teams have earned a reputation for fierce competition and unwavering dedication to quality, with several perennially placing at the top of their conferences.

Catholic University’s athletics program relies heavily on the use of the team colors, red and black. Most teams use red jerseys or shirts with black shorts or pants, and the colors play a major role in the design of the outfits. Even the team’s emblems and symbols are mostly colored in those hues. There are several reasons why the team’s colors matter. 

  • They serve to strengthen bonds between players and fans. A strong feeling of community and pride is fostered through Catholic University’s sports program’s use of red and black uniforms and apparel.
  • The use of team colors in a sports program may instill a feeling of pride and continuity. This custom not only shows the university’s dedication to its athletics department but also serves to foster a winning culture among current and former student-athletes.
  • The school’s sports program has a long history related to its colors. Catholic University’s football team and men’s basketball team have won many conference championships and reached the NCAA playoffs. 

The team’s colors are also closely linked to various traditions within the athletic program, which adds to the significance of these accomplishments. The football club, for instance, has a yearly “Blackout” game in which supporters are urged to don all black in a show of their devotion. 

Further Uses of Color

The colors are also put to use in areas of the university not directly related to the arts, such as signs, administration, and student groups. The student newspaper, for instance, is titled “The Tower,” and its masthead is colored red and black.

Several of the architecture on Catholic University’s campus is constructed of red brick and has black roofs, further emphasizing the school’s color scheme. Red and black are also used throughout the university’s interior, accenting furniture, fabrics, and artwork. As a bonus, several student groups use the school’s colors in their own logos and marketing materials. Organizations affiliated with the student government, as well as other student groups, commonly advertise themselves using posters, brochures, and T-shirts in the school colors of red and black.


In conclusion, Catholic University signature red and black colors represent more than simply a logo; they are emblems of the institution’s illustrious past, storied Catholic legacy, and rigorous academic standards. The school’s colors may be seen throughout campus, from the official emblem to the sports outfits to the buildings and student groups. Catholic University’s principles, purpose, and culture, as well as its distinctive history, may be better understood if we know the meaning of the school’s signature red and black colors.