University of Michigan Acceptance Rate

The University of Michigan began in 1817, with students from more than 130 countries pursuing various programs at Michigan University. Michigan University has almost 19 affiliated colleges, and nine of them are known as professional colleges. Michigan University is also well-known as a public research university because it provides quality facilities for research students; for this reason, it was ranked second for research expenditures among American universities. The University of Michigan cares for every student, as more than 48,000 students are pursuing various programs at the university, and to help them, it has nearly 25,000 academic and administrative staff members available. Let us know about ‘University of Michigan Acceptance Rate’.

University of Michigan Acceptance Rate

University of Michigan Acceptance Rate:

The acceptance rate at Michigan University is almost 26%, and it varies every academic year. The acceptance rate depends on the number of applications received for any specific academic session and the number of eligible students among those applications. Michigan University has a large student body, but still, the acceptance rate is low according to the student body. It follows a highly selective admission process and considers high grades in your previous academic sessions, a high GPA, the reputation of Michigan University, SAT and ACT scores, and some other facts that make it a prestigious and top university. 

In the previous academic year, more than 29,000 students applied for admission to the undergraduate program at Michigan University, and the acceptance rate was only 26%. Sometimes the acceptance rate is lower than this and sometimes higher. If the applicant fulfills all the eligibility criteria and is pursuing a brilliant academic track record, then the possibility of acceptance at Michigan University is higher than for students with average grade points and test scores.

University of Michigan Acceptance Rate:

The University of Michigan is one of the most prestigious and top universities in the USA, and it is the dream of every student to study at such a popular and great institution, but the acceptance rate at Michigan University is low. Its admission process is highly selective, and it prefers students’ good GPA scores in high school, high scores on the ACT and SAT, good grades in previous academics, and a few more eligibility requirements for admission to Michigan University. The acceptance rate changes every academic year because it depends on the number of applications and whether they fulfill the eligibility of Michigan.

The Acceptance rate of the University of Michigan According to Academic Sessions:

Here is a list of some previous academic years of Michigan University and the acceptance rate of Michigan University in these years.

2019 26.1%

2020 20%

2021 18.2%

2022 26%

Expected 2023: 19%

Besides, during these academic years, the acceptance rate changes every year, and if you are brilliant in your academics and handy in non-academic activities, then the chances of your acceptance at Michigan University are high.

Why is the University of Michigan’s Acceptance rate so low?

When students search for reasons why they could not get into the University of Michigan, they can consider the following reasons for the low acceptance rate of the university:

The University of Michigan is a public research university. Its ranking is among the top universities.

The programs of Michigan University are job-oriented, and the personalities of Michigan are getting handy salaries. Various programs at Michigan University consistently give good results and have high rankings among distinct programs. When students evaluate these programs, they also want to get into the University of Michigan.

The number of applications received for the programs is higher than the number of available seats for admission in any specific program at Michigan University.

Students are not fulfilling the eligibility criteria required for admission at Michigan University.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission to the University of Michigan:

To gain admission to Michigan University and increase their chances of acceptance, students must meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • The minimum average GPA required for admission to Michigan University is 2.7 to 3.7, or their GED score should be 170.
  • If your SAT score is between 1340 and 1520 and your ACT score is between 31 and 34, then your chances are good.
  • You must have a good essay and personal statement writing skills.
  • Your letter of recommendation from your teacher or counselor
  • If you have participated in extracurricular activities such as sports events, music events, tech fests, achievements, performances, talent, ability, skills, and a few more non-academic factors, these are also considered for admission to the University of Michigan.

The eligibility could change for some programs at Michigan University, and you should read the guidelines for admission to know the course requirements.

How do you fill out the University Application form?

The students should follow these steps to fill out the admission application form for the University of Michigan.

You can apply using the Common App or through the official website of Michigan University.

You must pay the application fee of $75 to begin your application, and once you pay the application fee, you will get a login ID and password.

Upload any previous academic transcripts required for the course you’re applying for at Michigan University.

Then upload your school reports, letter of recommendation, test scores, and other required documents for your application.

Check and validate the details before final submission, and then submit the form.

Some Crucial Facts About the University of Michigan and its Low Acceptance Rate:

The ranking of Michigan University is one of the reasons for the high number of applications for acknowledgment because in accord with to the ARW survey report, it is the 18th-best national university, and according to the Washington Monthly report, it is the 16th-best national university in the United States. US News and World Report have given Michigan University the 19th rank in global university rankings.

The University of Michigan has four separate campuses: the central campus, the north campus, and the south campus. These campuses, where the different departments of Michigan University are located, have quality facilities, such as shuttle buses, hospitals, stadiums, on-campus living, good dining options, libraries, museums, and more.

Michigan University has produced some great personalities from its campuses, such as the late US president Gerald Ford, Mike Duggan, William Rufus Day, and many more who got their education from the University of Michigan. They are serving brilliantly in their fields and inspiring millions of students to get into Michigan University and pursue their dreams.

These facts increase the number of applications to Michigan University.


We all have dreams to pursue or obtain higher education from a top and prestigious university, but sometimes we do not get this chance because of the low acceptance rate or due to poor academic and test scores. The University of Michigan also has a low acceptance rate; in the previous academic session, it was only 26%, and it varies every academic year. You must fulfill all the eligibility requirements for admission to increasing your chances of acceptance at Michigan University, such as GPA scores, test scores, grade points, letters of recommendation, good essay writing skills, and a few more factors that are crucial to determining your admission to the University of Michigan.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What makes Michigan University special?

The University of Michigan offers an education-friendly and socially supportive environment where students can become kind and responsible citizens.

  • Is Michigan University known as a party school?

According to Niche University, Michigan is the second-best party school in Michigan, and you can get a quality education at Michigan University while having fun.