Santa Clara University Transfer Acceptance Rate

One of the most prestigious private institutions, Santa Clara University was established in 1851. It encompasses a total of 5,608 students. The university stands on a perfect location, spanning a total area of 106 acres. The academic system of this university is program-specific with tuition and fees standing over $55,860. As per the data published by National Universities in the edition 2022, Santa Clara University is ranked 55 on the list of best colleges. This is the reason that the transfer acceptance rate of Santa Clara University is very high.

Santa Clara University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University is nestled in the Silicon Valley town of Santa Clara, California, just a stone throw’s away from the main town of San Francisco. The purpose of the university is to provide entertainment and organize art events which are done by the main organizations. As far as the acceptance rate is concerned, in the past few years, the institutions have received transfer applicants of not less than 820. Meanwhile, it has accepted 374 students. Therefore, the transfer rate of this university stands at 45.61%. This clearly shows that getting admission to this college is a difficult task.

Organizations and Programs

The university has around 100 student organizations on campus. The major one include The Santa Clara Review, a semiannual legendary journal and the Santa Clara Community Action Program which is a non-profit service organization. Also, students can become part of the Residential Learning Community since the university provides housing facilities to its students.

The graduate programs of Santa Clara include

  • School of Law
  • Jesuit School of Theology
  • School of Engineering
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Education
  • Leavey School of Business

Students can opt for various undergraduate programs in the field of science and arts other than choosing engineering and business.

Santa Clara University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Nowadays, the transfer acceptance rate of Santa Clara University stands at 50.7% which is quite low when compared to the past years which stands at 71.4 percent. Those who get admission to this university have managed to gain SAT and ACT scores ranging between 1270-1450 and 28-32 respectively. Almost a quarter of the students who got admission to this university has a higher score than the aforementioned range while a few of them has a lower score. Also, as far as application cost is concerned, it is only $70.

The selection & Transfer Process at Santa Clara University

Step 1: Suggested Courses and Qualifying for Admission

The admission of the students depends upon the availability of the space in the program chosen by the student and their overall grades in the subject.

All applicants need to decide their course and major field in the admission application.

Below are the options available for transfer students and the minimum GPA they need to score in the respective subject.

1. College of Arts and Sciences
  • Two English composition courses
  • The minimum GPA requirement is 3.3.
2. Leavey School of Business—Bachelor of Science in Commerce
  • One managerial accounting course
  • Two English composition courses
  • One financial accounting course
  • Two calculus courses
  • One microeconomics course
  • One macroeconomics course
  • The minimum GPA requirement is 3.5
3. School of Engineering—Bachelor of Science
  • Two calculus-based physics courses
  • One general chemistry course
  • Two English composition courses
  • Two calculus courses
  • The minimum GPA requirement is GPA 3.5

Step 2: Important Deadlines you need to know

  • Fall Transfer Students – the classes of which starts at September
  • Winter Transfer Students – the classes of which starts on January

Step 3: Apply & requirements for transfer students

1. Minimum GPA: 

The minimum GPA that you need to have to get admission should be 3.3. On the contrary, those who want to take admitted to the Business School need to score 3.5 and it should be 3.3 if you want to get into the School of Engineering.

2. Official transcripts: 

You need to provide all the official educational transcripts along with the admission application.

3. SAT Scores: 

It should be only given if you have scored the minimum number of credits.

4. Recommendation Letters: 

Submit a recommendation letter from one of your teachers who taught you a subject in the school

5. Personal Essay: 

You need to write an essay that gives management an idea about you and your character. Also, explain why you want to transfer to this university and the goals you like to achieve in the future.

6. Application Fee: 

A fee of $55 needs to pay along with the submission of the application.

7. Interview: 

The interview is not part of the application process.

Step 4: Check your Applicant Portal

Now you need to check your inbox after you submit the common application. This way you will get your SCU applicant portal login along with the account information. After that, logged in to the portal to see if you have submitted all the documents or not because it is all your responsibility to submit the required documents before the deadline. You will also get to know about the status of your application at your applicant portal.

Step 5: Submit the FAFSA

If you need financial aid, then fill out the Free Application available at Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) during the time of submission of the application if they want financial help. The university has no merit scholarship for transfer applicants.

Famous alumni

Santa Clara has a very famous alumni community that nestles in itself with very high-profile influential men and women. The most notable ones include: 

  • Dee Dee Myers, author, news analyst
  • Shemar Moore, model, and actor
  • Benjamin Cruz, lawyer, and politician
  • Reza Aslan, professor
  • Steve Nash, a basketball player
  • Jerry Brown, politician, and lawyer
  • Janet Napolitano, lawyer, and politician

If you wish to see your name on the list, then achieve your aim by becoming part of this upscale university.


Now that you know everything about Santa Clara University Transfer Acceptance rate, you won’t find any problem while applying to this college. Also, go through the website of the institution in case you have questions. And read the criteria before you apply. Submit all the official documents that are asked by the college so that you can avoid landing in hot waters. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I supposed to speak with a specific counselor if wish to get transferred to SCU?

The university has a “Dean of the Day” available who gives every piece of information for admission. If the person is absent, then you can have a conversation with any available counselor available at that time.

2. Is it mandatory to give an interview? 

No. Interviews are not included while reviewing the application.

3. How to know about the transferable and in-transferable units?

Visit the Undergraduate Transfer Credit page to know everything about the type of academic coursework than can be transferred to SCU.

4. Do the students need to have the GPAs mentioned in the list?

No, it is not required. However, it would be best if your GPA is higher than the suggested one.

5. Is there any Financial aid given to transfer students?

There is only need-based scholarship. It is pertinent to mention that the students submit their application to the FAFSA before the deadline if they want this funding.