Langston University Acceptance Rate

Langston University is also known as LU. Langston University started its journey in 1897, and its parent institution is Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. Langston University offers education to more than 1,900 students, and Langston University is a famous public land-grant university. You can pursue almost 29 undergraduate and six master’s degree programs at Langston University. It has six schools where its various departments are housed, and it has accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission. Langston University is historically famous as the only historically black college in Oklahoma. You can pursue two doctoral programs at LU. Let us see about the acceptance rate of Langston University.

Langston University Acceptance Rate

Langston University

Langston University is a small university with a small campus. Langston University is a small institute, with almost 1900 students pursuing various programs at LU. The enrollment for admission at Langston University is not as high as at other famous universities in the USA. However, the acceptance rate varies; sometimes, it goes down to 50% or is above it. The acceptance rate in one academic year was 61 percent, and in another academic session, it was 53.8%.

Langston University’s acceptance rate varies each academic year and is determined by several factors, including the number of applications for admission to the university each year, the number of available seats in the program, the number of eligible students, and a few other factors. Students apply to LU because they believe it does not have a large student body collation to other universities, but the acceptance rate is low, as it is at some other famous universities in the United States.

Langston University’s Acceptance Rate:

Langston University has a competitive acceptance rate like other universities with a larger number of students than Langston University. It offers 29-degree programs, and the number of seats available for programs is not that much. It has some famous major degree programs that attract job-oriented students, and the success rate of those programs is high. Because there are more applications for such programs, Langston University’s acceptance rate is more competitive. One more side of students thinks that because Langston University is a small university, it would be easy for students to get into Langston University. But the fact is that if they fulfill eligibility requirements and their academic records are strong, they would be accepted at Langston University.

Academic Year and Acceptance Rate of Langston University:

Here is a list of some academic sessions at Langston University and the acceptance rate for these sessions at LU.

2022 61%

2021 53.8%

2020 57%

The acceptance rate varies from year to year because it is determined by the number of applications received. How many are eligible, and what is the number of seats available in the program?

Reasons Behind Langston University’s Competitive Acceptance Rate:

Langston University is a public land-grant university. It provides quality facilities to students. Langston University’s acceptance rate is highly selective. Recently, the graduate students of Langston University received full-time job offers within six months after pursuing their graduation from LU. In 2021, the average salary for degree-holder students at Langston University was $60,000 per year. While the average wage for graduation students at Langston University is $40,000, It varies according to the academic year’s student selection.

It has some significant programs that are unique and highly ranked, and students want to get admission to these programs, but due to the unavailability of enough seats, every student may not get admitted to Langston University. The campus of Langston University is famous for its diversity, and it provides quality facilities to its students, which attracts students to get into Langston University.

Eligibility for Admission to Langston University:

If you are seeking to attend Langston University, you must meet the following eligibility requirements and submit a sinewy application for admission.

  • If your GPA score is higher than 2.79, you might have a good chance of getting into Langston University.
  • Students with an ACT score of 20 have a high chance of acceptance, while scores below this may reduce your chances.
  • If your SAT score is between 1220 and 1320, you can get into LU.
  • If your high school grade is A, you will get preference over B-grade students, and if you have AP credit scores, that may increase your acceptance chance.
  • You must have a letter of recommendation from your counselor or teacher.
  • Your good academic track record will improve your chances of getting into Langston University.

How Do You Fill Out the Langston University Application Form?

You can apply through the official website of Langston University. Open the Admissions tab and register your account by filling in details like your email, name, and phone number, then login to your account to complete your application. Enter all mandatory descriptions in the form and submit the form. Students at Langston University are not charged any application fees. Transcripts and other documents can be sent via email to, by mail, or by fax.

Langston University Fees and Other Expenses:

Langston University’s tuition is reasonable; the average total cost for in-state resident students is $20,602, which includes the $4,342 tuition fee and $780 for books and supplies. Other allowances at LU are $2,167, and room and board stipends are $10,513You can keep $2,800 for your expenditures at Langston University.

Students who are out-of-state residents must pay an average gross amount of $27,982 every academic session, including the tuition fee of $11,722. Books and supplies cost $780. For out-of-state resident students, the other stipends at Langston University are $2,167; room and board pricing is $10,513. You can keep $2,800 for your expenses at Langston University.

The fee structure of Langston University may change if the governing board of Langston University increases the allowance for any academic year.

Some Great Personalities at Langston University:

Here is a list of some alumni of Langston University who inspire students to get into Langston University and achieve their goals. These personalities represented Langston University before the world and worked brilliantly in their fields.

  • Bessie Coleman
  • Thomas Henderson
  • Nathan Hare
  • Mo Bassett
  • Jenifer Hudson
  • Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher
  • Michael C. Thompson

Besides, Langston University has produced some more great personalities like these who spread the name and fame of the university worldwide.

These are a few factors that make Langston University competitive among students. They want to pursue their education at LU because of its affordable fees, high success rate, flexible admission criteria, and other factors that attract students to Langston University.


Langston University’s acceptance rate is competitive and median, as it is above 50%. It may increase or decrease in any academic year because it depends on the number of enrollments for a session. The acceptance criteria are based on your academic excellence and test scores. Langston University is known as a small university because it does not have as many students as some other public and private universities in the USA. According to Niche, the acceptance rate at Langston University is 100 percent. You must fulfill all the eligibility criteria to get into Langston University.

  • What was the former and original name of Langston University?

The original and former name of Langston University was the Colored Agricultural and Normal University.

  • Can white students attend Langston University?

Langston University is known for its diversity. Anyone can attend because 6.72% of students come from white backgrounds.