Is Weber State University a Good School?

Weber State University (WSU) was established in 1889 and is located in Ogden, Utah in the United States. With 9 colleges and outstanding campuses in Utah, WSU is regarded as the best University in Utah. Interesting also is that the 2002 winter Olympics were held in the same city as the school, in Utah and world-class skiing is 15 minutes away from the school. Utah is known for its mountain biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Yes, Weber State University is a good school because it offers varieties of academic major for students, has excellent academic qualities and an incredible university reputation, and more.

Is Weber State University a Good School?

How Good school Is Weber State University

Generally, what makes a good school depends on what you are looking for both in terms of the choice of course you want to study and the credibility or environment of the Institution. While some search for universities in terms of their personal and academic needs, others do so with more specific details and consideration of the Institution’s credibility. Whichever is your criteria for selecting a good school, Weber State University meets them all.

Weber State University has a bearable tuition fee, affordable cost of living, available scholarships across all courses of study, good location, faculty members’ helpfulness, students support, strategic campus environment, excellent career success, and opportunities for students. If all of these are what you are looking for, then Weber State University is a good school for you.

Over 60 national and state parks are located just hours away from Ogden, making the Institution a perfect place where academics meet the leisure and a good choice for all prospective students.

Academic Major At WSU

One factor you want to consider when selecting a university to attend is the choice of courses they offer. You want an institution that provides a range of options for you across all disciplines.

Weber State University has more than 100 undergraduate and graduate majors in science, tech, business or arts and other areas of emphasis that lead to associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, which means there are plenty of academic options for you as a student with WSU. The school also offers assessment testing and counselling for students to help them find a major that’s right for them.

WSU Academic Qualities And Reputation

Academic qualities and an institution’s reputation are important in deciding if a university is good or not. Weber State University is known for and receives honors in recognition for sustainability, academic qualities, and service to students.

Some of the university’s recent honors and awards in 2021 included the Best Radiation Science Bachelors’ Programs, Best on-campus MBA program and ranked among the Best Regional Universities in the West by the U.S. News and World Report. You can read the full list of honors, awards and recognition of WSU here.

Cost Of Tuition And Cost Of Living At WSU

One aspect of student life that sets Weber State University apart from others is the university’s affordable cost of tuition in the school. At WSU, you can earn a degree with little to no debt.

The school prides itself on the affordability of its tuition fee and cost of living. In 2021, the university was named One of the 50 Most affordable colleges with the best return and nationally recognized by LendEDU for low student loan debt. Check the full list of tuition fees at WSU 

Scholarships And Financial Aid At WSU

Weber State University provides over $900 million in scholarships and financial aid to students each year. Unlike other schools that offer a year scholarship, WSU scholarship covers the entire program duration from the first year to graduation both for undergraduate and graduate students.

To find out how the school can help finance your academic dreams, check the school’s financial aid and scholarships to see their various offerings.

WSU Campus Location

The school offers various educational experiences in communities across Utah and 8 different campuses, giving you a plethora of options to experience the state. To find a convenient location or campus that suits you and the course been offered on that campus, you can assess WSU Online

Career Success And Opportunity For WSU Students

Career Success and opportunity for Weber State University graduates is one area that makes it an ideal school for both local and international students. The school is currently ranked 19th in the country among schools with the highest ROI in 2021 and an average graduate salary pegged at $51,600 with 85% of the school graduates employed within 3 months.

From creating a platform for career and support internships for students to on-campus employment, WSU creates an atmosphere for the constant development of student careers and creates opportunities for students within and outside the campus. So imagine attending a school where your finances and career are taken care of.


We understand that getting a good and right institution to attend can be a lot but having at the back of your mind the credibility of the Institution. The variety of courses available to you, the financial implication, the campus location, and the Institution’s student career support can help you make the best choice. With the offerings at Weber State University, the student environment, and the various activities and recognition the school has received, we can conclude that it is a good school and a strong option for both local and international students.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. How much is the tuition fee at Weber State University?

The tuition fee at WSU is around $12k for out-of-state and $5,956 but for more information and breakdown see the WSU cost for the 2022/2023 school year.

  1. What are the admission requirements into Weber State University?

A: There are different requirements for different degrees and it also varies from where you are applying (local or international student). To see the full list of admission requirements see WSU admission requirements 

  1. What is the difference between Undergraduate and Graduate degrees?

A: Undergraduate programs follow secondary or high school and lead to an associate (two-year) degree or a bachelor’s (four-year) degree. While graduate programs follow a bachelor’s degree and lead to a master’s or doctoral degree.

  1. Can you work while studying at Weber State University?

A: With the request of the student and permission of the school’s Student Office, local and international students may work up to 20 hours/week their first year and can apply to work off-campus in subsequent years.