How Is GPA Calculated At UGA?

With an admittance rate of 48.4 percent, the University of Georgia (UGA) is one of the oldest and most regarded colleges in the United States, ranked 15th in U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 ranking of best public universities. So How Is GPA Calculated At UGA?

How Is GPA Calculated At UGA?

The UGA computation is based on individual grades from all academic classes, and it recalculates all high school GPAs using that class’s grading system. For each individual IB or AP grade, a weight of 1.0 is added to the 4.0 scale. Every A is worth four points, every B three points, and so on.

Here’s An Example Of How It Is Actually Calculated:

Let’s say Arnie’s school does not add any weight to the grades,

He applies to UGA with the following grades:

  • 13 A = 4 (points for A grade) x 13 (Number of A grades)

 = 52 quality points

  • 6 B = 3  x 6 (Number of B grades)

= 18 points

  • 4 C = 2 x 4 (Number of C grades) 

= 8 points

  • 3 AP grades = 1.0 ( AP/IB grade weighting) x 3 (Number of AP grades)

= 3 quality points

  • Total Number of Grades = 13+6+4 

= 23 Grades

  •  Total Quality Points = 52+18+8+3

= 81 Quality points 

  • GPA = (Total Quality Points / Number Of Grades)

= 81/23

= 3.52 GPA out of 4.0.

What Is GPA?

A typical statistic for evaluating academic success is the Grade Point Average (GPA). GPA is calculated using letter grades such as A, B, C, and D for each subject chosen by the students.

Each grade is given a number of points (A- 4, B- 3, C- 2, etc.) and each course is given a specific amount of lecture hours based on the relevance of the subject.

Most schools calculate GPA using a weighted system that takes into account your grades in math, science, language arts, and social studies courses. A 3.0 GPA typically indicates that you have achieved excellent academic results. 

While measuring GPA, the total number of courses, quality points, and the number of lecture hours are all taken into consideration. The GPA, a common measure of academic excellence in the United States, found its origin at Yale University in the late 70s.

The first grades ever were given out in 1785 at Yale University according to Yale historian George W. Pierson, the adjectives that were used to give the grades were eventually converted into numbers scaled on a 4-point scale.

Every Admissions Cycle Ever 

Every college discussion site is swamped with questions concerning the University of Georgia’s GPA calculating standards, and many individuals respond with their various opinions and speculations about how it is done.

This could be owing to the fact that different high schools utilize different grading schemes and methods. Also because of the various grading procedures, each student’s high school transcript varies substantially.

In an attempt to provide a high-level playing field to all the applying students, the University of Georgia recommends striking away all the previous GPAs in their high school transcripts as the first step toward calculating the GPA. All the GPAs are re-calculated and the candidates are then accepted accordingly.

University Of Georgia makes no distinction between the two applications. All applications will be examined in the order in which they are filed, regardless of which application is utilised. You are required to submit ONE application and use that application to the end. Multiple applications will almost probably cause your admission decision to be delayed.

Some Of The Grading Systems Used By School Systems In The United States Of America

  • 10 point grading scales
  • Narrative grade reports
  • E/S/U grades
  • 6 point GPA scales
  • 7 point GPA scales
  • plus/minus scales
  • 4 point GPA scales
  • Numericals only grade scale
  • 16 point GPA scales

And so on…..


Although the acceptance rate of the University of Georgia is less than 50%, its GPA calculating method is a fair procedure where all the GPAs are re-calculated using similar parameters that make sure all candidates start on a leveled playing field from the same spot. A persistent great score and an average GPA of 4.0 is required to get into UGA. 


  1. What is the acceptance rate at UGA?

According to UGA’s website, the average  rate for UG programs is 68% and the overall students who receive offers of admission from UGA is around 96%.

  1. What GPA is required to get into UGA?

A high school GPA of at least 4.00 or higher is required to get accepted into the  University of Georgia. The candidate usually has to have graduated first or second in their class. 

  1. What is Georgia’s official mascot called?

The official mascot of the University of Georgia is UGA, an English bulldog. Every UGA, since its first introduction in 1956, has been owned by the Sonny Seiler family of Savannah, Georgia.

  1. Is UGA a hard-level school?

The University of Georgia is definitely a hard-level school with extremely challenging core subjects and majors.