Fun facts about SUNY Delhi


SUNY Delhi is a well-respected educational institution in the State University of New York system, located in Delhi, New York. The school is renowned for its excellent academic programs and dedication to hands-on learning experiences. But did you know that there are many fun and fascinating facts about SUNY Delhi? In this blog post, we will explore some of the most interesting and lesser-known aspects of this great institution.

Fun facts about SUNY Delhi

The History of SUNY Delhi

SUNY Delhi has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1913 as the Delhi School of Applied Agriculture and Domestic Science. The school initially offered courses in agriculture, home economics, and teacher training. Over time, the institution expanded its curriculum to include programs in hospitality, technology, and nursing. In 1964, SUNY Delhi became a member of the State University of New York system, which allowed for further expansion and growth. Today, SUNY Delhi is a thriving institution that offers over 60 academic programs and serves over 3,000 students each year.

Unique Campus Features

One of the most unique features of the SUNY Delhi campus is its culinary arts program. The school operates four on-campus restaurants that are open to the public and staffed by students. These restaurants offer a range of cuisine styles, from classic American to international flavors. Additionally, SUNY Delhi has its own greenhouse, where students can learn about sustainable agriculture and plant cultivation. The campus also boasts an equestrian center, which provides students with the opportunity to learn about horse care, riding, and training.

Impressive Athletics Program

SUNY Delhi has a robust athletics program that includes 18 intercollegiate sports teams. The school is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and competes at the Division III level. SUNY Delhi has had great success in recent years, with several teams winning conference championships and individual athletes receiving national recognition. The school’s mascot is the Bronco, and its colors are green and gold.

Commitment to Sustainability

SUNY Delhi is dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The school has implemented a number of green initiatives, including a recycling program, a composting system, and the use of renewable energy sources. SUNY Delhi also has a sustainability coordinator who works to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness about environmental issues. In 2017, SUNY Delhi was named a Tree Campus USA by the Arbor Day Foundation, in recognition of its commitment to tree care and conservation.

Notable Alumni

SUNY Delhi has produced many notable alumni who have gone on to achieve great success in a variety of fields. Some of the most well-known graduates include:

  • Richard Parsons, former CEO of Time Warner and chairman of Citigroup
  • Jim Coyne, former U.S. Congressman
  • Amy Walter, national editor of The Cook Political Report
  • James G. Connolly, retired brigadier general in the United States Army
  • John E. Mack, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist


In conclusion, SUNY Delhi is a remarkable institution that offers an excellent education and a wide range of opportunities for its students. From its rich history to its commitment to sustainability, SUNY Delhi has many unique features that set it apart from other colleges and universities. Whether you are a prospective student or simply interested in learning more about SUNY Delhi, there is no shortage of fascinating facts and interesting tidbits to discover.