Does University Of Hawaii Require SAT?

There is no gainsaying in the fact that a good number of institutions of higher learning adopt the use of Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) as a prerequisite for prospective students to be admitted. However, some colleges or universities do not need SAT for admission processes. Are you wondering if the University of Hawaii requires SAT?  We have searched for the information and this is the answer for you. Let’s see Does University Of Hawaii Require SAT?

Does University Of Hawaii Require SAT?

Does University Of Hawaii Require SAT?

The University of Hawaii, Manoa typically accepts SAT scores of a prospective candidate to be admitted into their school. The average SAT score now pegs at 1170. It is noted that some students who might score 1070 or less could be granted admission into the school. More importantly, the candidates must take into consideration that these test scores are compulsory for them to be admitted.

The University of Hawaii is reputed to be the world-class institution that offers high quality and affordable education to the students, but the student seeking admission to the school should know that before they are admitted; they should have a cut-off mark ranging from 1070 to 1270. For you to get more information that bothers on SAT requirements at the school, keep reading the post. 

What Are The Requirements For Admission To The University Of Hawaii?

A prospecting candidate seeking admission into the University of Hawaii, you still have to know other requirements that will make you scale through the admission processes. From the research, it was discovered that there are a lot of more critical things required for the school application. The question is, what are the requirements?

For you to stand a chance to be taken for admission, firstly you must have completed your secondary school with an impressive grade point average (GPA) which is equivalent to the United State grade of  3.00 on a scale of 4.00 or even more. The committee charged with responsibility of admission will have to holistically review your grades or marks you have especially Mathematics and science related courses.

What Is The Acceptance Rate At The University Of Hawaii?

Just like many other schools that place high premium on academic excellence for accepting students into its school, the University of Hawaii has a reputation of being selective in their admission process. The school rate for accepting candidates is 58.4 percent. Out of every 100 applicants, there is strong indication that only 58 are admitted. Record showed that in last year admission, out of 13,240 applications that were received only 11,081 candidates were offered admission.

Admittedly, many students have challenges with the academic requirement for their test scores. The school generally considers students who score up to 45 percent and also targets an average B+ High school student. It is noted that those students who indicate interest at this university are only 20 percent.

Is The University Of Hawaii A Private School?

The University of Hawaii which was established in 1907 not a private school, rather is a public university. The school has a total population of 13,203 undergraduates enrolled as of the fall of 2020, and they run a semester-based academic calendar. Interestingly, in this year’s edition ranking, the school was rated as one of the best colleges.

Among the school’s greatest academic programs are the School of Hawaiian Knowledge, the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, and the School of Pacific and Asian Studies. The student partake in extra-curricular activities, and University of Hawaii Manoa’s recreation center take charge of sailing and surfing classes ,kayaking trips, hiking excursions and other activities.

What Majors Does The University Of Hawaii Offer?

The most popular major courses that the students understudy at University of Hawaii at Manoa are: Business, Management, Social Sciences, Marketing, Biological and Biomedical Sciences.

In terms of student-faculty ratio in the school, the University of Hawaii has structured it at 10:1, and the school tailored its classes which is over 46.9 percent with the attendance of less than 20 students in the classes. This exemplifies that the average new students’ retention rate is 80 percent, which points to the fact that students are satisfied.

Also, the University of Hawaii is known for its giant stride for starting in a field of study such as astronomy, oceanography, genetics science, a pacific Island and cancer research. Others include linguistics, Asian area studies, etc.

The institution is rated as top tier in the state, and one which its antecedent in land, sea research is well-known. Globally, the institution has shown exemplary leadership in the environment, and earth science and is repeatedly ranked in the top 215 top universities. The school has played an advisory role in giving top-notch expertise to local leaders concerning issues of climate, sustainability, food system and health concerns.

How Can I Apply To The University Of Hawaii For A Transfer?

Students who may indicate interest in getting transferred into the University of Hawaii should gather enough information on how to go about it. However, It will be in the best interest of the eligible student to have completed some requirements in their previous school.

Mostly, the requirements each student is expected to have and make it handy are Transferable Credits (more than 24) Semester Credits, Grade Point Average (GPA) -2.50, and cumulative transfer GPA on a scale of 4.00. You must ensure that you meet both the freshman and transfer entrance requirements. For your information, if you are not a citizen of  the United States, you are mandated to show a high level of proficiency in the English language. The English Language Institute (ELI) accepts the following test scores or experiences as markers of English language proficiency:


The institution of higher learning requires academic examinations and test scores to determine the eligibility of such a student before granting them admission. Among other things which colleges or universities require is Scholastic Aptitude Test.  

University of Hawaii like other institutions  do consider applicants who have demonstrated  excellence in high school grades and SAT will be considered for admission and the SAT score is expected to be nothing less than 1,070, or above.