Does The University Of Tennessee Have A Fashion Program?

The fashion industry is a big business that involves more than “just designing clothes”. It involves the ability to attract customers or buyers, to think critically and be current with all fashion trends. The University of Tennessee has carved out a niche for itself. It is one of the most outstanding schools in the United States. Before talking about the fashion program at the University of Tennessee, it is important to know what the University of Tennessee stands for. Lets’ start with Does The University Of Tennessee Have A Fashion Program?

Does The University Of Tennessee Have A Fashion Program?

Background information on the University of Tennessee

  The University of Tennessee, Knoxville is a 4-year public land grant research university that hosts students from over 80 foreign countries. It is a university with very high research activities.

What is the University of Tennessee known for

  The University of Tennessee has various majors which they are known for. These majors are identified based on the number of graduates that are produced. They are Business Management, Marketing, Engineering, and Nursing.

NOTE: The majors identified are not exhaustive.

Tuition at the University of Tennessee 

  The University of Tennessee tuition, according to the record, is a bit expensive. The undergraduate tuition for Tennessee residents is about $31,244 for In-State residents and $31,664 for Out-of-state residents.

University of Tennessee Ranking

  The University of Tennessee has received various rankings in the United States for its outstanding qualities. Some of these rankings will be considered.

  1. The University of Tennessee ranked Number 19 among the 25 private fashion merchandising schools in the United States.
  2. The University of Tennessee ranked Number 13 among the World’s best drama schools.
  3. The University of Tennessee ranked Number 3 among the Best undergraduate supply chain.
  4. The University of Tennessee ranked Number 2 among the top nursing schools in Tennessee.
  5. The University of Tennessee ranked Number 15 among the best pharmacy schools.
  6. The University of Tennessee ranked Number 7 among the Medical schools with a high acceptance rate.
  7. The University of Tennessee ranked Number 103 in the National Universities.

Application Requirements for University of Tennessee Undergraduate

To be considered for admission into a university, schools set up a requirement to be met and the University of Tennessee is no exception.

For regular admission, it requires a minimum SAT score of 1200 and above and an ACT score of 24 and above. The minimum cumulative Grade Point Average accepted is 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

University of Tennessee acceptance rate and Campus Size

  The University of Tennessee is open to admitting both In-States and Out-of-states applicants. The University of Tennessee has an acceptance rate of 78% meaning it accepts the majority of the students who meet up with its requirement. The University of Tennessee is slightly selective and competitive.

The Campus size of the University of Tennessee is about 910 acres, making it a very big school. It has an undergraduate enrollment of 22,000 students.

Having gotten a background idea of the University of Tennessee, we will be looking at the fashion program offered at the University of Tennessee.

The University of Tennessee fashion program

The University of Tennessee has a fashion program in the Department of Family and consumer sciences with a concentration in fashion merchandising. It makes students ready and fit for the exciting and fast-paced world of the fashion industry. 

Fashion Merchandising at the University of Tennessee

  The fashion merchandising program offers students the opportunities to explore all facets of the apparel industry. It provides courses in fashion design, fashion buying, visual merchandising, fashion trends, textiles, fashion promotion, clothing and world culture.

What Students considering fashion merchandising should note

  1. Fashion merchandising requires in-depth understanding. It develops a student’s practical skills and technical knowledge
  2. Fashion merchandising teaches students about the “Customer world”. It trains one on the rudiments of attracting and convincing consumers to purchase a design.
  3. Fashion merchandising delves into the business aspect of the fashion world. This is why it differs from fashion design.

How To Be A Good Fashion Merchandiser

  There are various ways through which a student can blossom in the fashion industry outside the school walls. It is important to first understand the technical “know-how” of fashion. Students should make sure it is what they love, and not that they are being forced into it.

  Here are some ways to be a good fashion merchandiser:

  1. The individual must have an excellent ability to manage time, coupled with good organizational skills.
  2. Individuals must stay up to date with fashion trends. Such individuals must have information about the latest fashion trends.
  3. Individuals must have exceptional communication skills that can win the heart of their customers.
  4. Individuals must have the ability to create eye-catching designs.
  5. Individuals must know how to promote fashion works.

Aim of Fashion merchandising at University of Tennessee

  The fashion merchandising, University of Tennessee aims at exposing students to the rudiments of fashion and all it entails. It covers all aspects that deal with design processing and manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and retailing amongst others.


  Students aspiring to grow beyond the wall of fashion design to fashion merchandising must be ready to put in the work and the skills. Students who want a degree in the fashion industry can study with a concentration on fashion merchandising.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is the University of Tennessee accredited?

Yes, the University of Tennessee is an accredited public university. 

  1. Can a student double major at the University of Tennessee?

Yes a student can double major at the University of Tennessee. All you need to do is to declare your additional major in your department and declare your intention to satisfy all the requirements for multiple majors.

  1. Does the University of Tennessee offer international scholarships to Students?

Yes. The international undergraduate merit scholarship is available to freshman undergraduates who do not have sponsorship.

  1. Is going to a fashion school worth it?

Yes it is. Attending a fashion school restructures your mind. It makes you an outside-the-box thinker who can elevate your interest to achieve something richer. Fashion school teaches you what you won’t learn as a fashion designer.