Does Liberty University have a full Scholarship?

One of how universities and education encourage education and learning is by allowing students to explore learning through scholarship. Questions bothering your mind border on whether or not Liberty University has full scholarships to grant students? Well, if yes, you are waiting for an answer. Let’s see Does Liberty University have a full Scholarship?

Does Liberty University have a full Scholarship?

Does Liberty University have a full Scholarship?

In the academic world, there are two categories of schools- the public and the private school. Liberty University has always been known for being a private university. But little is known that this University opens the floodgates of learning to thirsty students who are ready and want to dig deeper in their academic pursuit. With over 15 colleges and schools, more than 300 degrees on campus, and many more others, Liberty is one of the standing giants of private universities.

Note that this University dwells much on and cares about their students’ welfarism and well-being; students are treated equally without segregation and discrimination. This is a kind of relief for all and sundry that are interested in this great institution. Known for its academic excellence for years, this institution remains relevant in the world today. 

Based on academic merit and profile, this University offers scholarships on a full-time basis, averaging $3,300 per year. This scholarship offers you the opportunity to earn about $40,000 for over four years to students. These benefits can be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, so do not miss out on this golden chance.

Categories of Liberty University Scholarship:

The University offers different categories of scholarships- Merit-based, demographic, and enrollment scholarships.

Merit-based Scholarship

Meritocracy is part of the yardsticks for putting round pegs inside round holes. Every institution in every facet of life will consider those who have met the entry criteria. Let us look into how this scholarship is granted and what benefits are for you as a prospective candidate.

Liberty Academic Scholarship

For this, scholars receive a scholarship worth $1,750 to a full-fledged scholarship. Every year, scholars receive $3,300 a year.

Transfer student academic scholarship

Here, any student who has moved from a school after earning credit and wants to go to Liberty University for continuation will receive a scholarship of $1,750 to a full scholarship.

Valedictorian Scholarship.

Here, the core value of meritocracy will be tested and proved. In addition, a valedictorian will receive full tuition from the University. For this award, the application is different from others.

Honors program scholarship

The offer for this scholarship is a sum of $4,000 in a year. Also, for this, there is a separate application for it.

Demographic scholarship

Mainly in the world of education and academics, location is one of the determining factors for the selection of their students. Institutions of learning such as Liberty University consider candidates who are one of their own in terms of nationality and ties relating to the University. This aspect of their scholarship is divided into Middle America and Legacy Scholarships.

Middle America scholarship

Here, scholars receive up to $5,345 per year, but this has a limitation. This limitation is that one’s family should be able to have $35,000 – $90,000 as their annual income.

Legacy Scholarship

This scholarship offers up to $1,000 for scholars who have been given the offer. Also, this has a clause in it that the scholar’s parents or guardians must have graduated from Liberty University.

Enrollment scholarship

Students’ readiness and eagerness show how much they wanted the scholarship. Liberty University is willing to appreciate students for their actions in securing their admission with them. This is a fair benefit for prospective students to enjoy, and this scholarship is divided into an early deposit and the Liberty champion award.

Early deposit award

The early bird catches the worm, and that also is the case for the procurement of the Liberty University scholarship form. For an early deposit, you will gain $2,000 for your first year at the University.

Liberty Champion Award

Under this grant, scholars will receive $1,000 in the first year of admission. However, one exciting thing is that there is an increment based on year, from $1,000 in the first year to $8,000 in the next four years.

The requirements for the award of a scholarship by Liberty University.

There are criteria to meet to be admitted on scholarship before being admitted. With 15 colleges and schools, including medical, law, and divinity schools, Liberty offers you a spectrum of choices in their University. These programs are designed to help and prepare you and your career.

Choose the best course for yourself

You should first consider choosing and picking the most suitable course for yourself. Then, from variety, choose the one that fits you. The best reason for this is that it will complement your academic history, achievements, and the scholarship you seek.

Required numbers of credit hours.

A prospective student must have completed a credit hour of not more than 12 hours for their scholarship. This is an eligibility criterion for new students to be considered.

FAFSA for federal grants

Students must be able to attach their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) file. This is so because it will be used to test your eligibility for a Federal grant.

General Scholarship Rule

The combined grants from state and federal, together with Liberty aid, will not exceed $9,580 per year.

Minimum GPA

GPA is the acronym for Grade point average. Students must meet a specified grade point which is a minimum of 3.0, and an unweighted cumulative high school GPA of3.4 and above.

What do I stand to gain from this scholarship?

Well, fully funded scholarships will help students who are less privileged financially enjoy a fair share of education for their benefit. So, as a student, do not look down on yourself and put in for this offer from one of the best private universities in the United States.

Can I still apply?

Of course, their offer is still open to prospective candidates.


Over the years, scholarships have been awarded to deserving students who have met the standard of the offers. There are two primary forms of scholarships- fully funded and partially funded. It is a blessing that we have universities like Liberty offering this for everyone, so get going and benefit from the enrollment add-on.