Concordia University College Of Alberta Acceptance Rate

Loyola College and Sir George Williams University merged in 1974 into Concordia University. Few hands-on learning opportunities are available. Students may benefit from internships. Undergraduate and graduate students may participate in research. This values intellectual honesty. Let us know ‘Concordia University College Of Alberta Acceptance Rate’.

Concordia University College Of Alberta Acceptance Rate

Concordia University College Of Alberta Acceptance Rate

Alberta’s Concordia University College sits in a diverse neighborhood. Classes attract people from many backgrounds and worldviews.

  • More than 60 majors, minors, and specialized degrees are offered.
  • Located in Quebec, Canada, Montreal
  • Value of the Endowment: One Billion Canadian Dollars
  • There are three times a year (September, January, and May) when applications are accepted.
  • Courses 450+
  • Overall Receptivity: 78.2%
  • Minimum GMAT score of 550, minimum IELTS score of 6.5, minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0

Rate of Acceptance to Concordia University

When choosing a university, evaluating the admission rate is one of several crucial metrics. Using this criterion, we may estimate the hopeful student’s chances of getting in. This figure is affected by several variables, most notably the number of instructors to students. The College of Alberta at Concordia University has a 78.2% acceptance rate yet has a reputation for being very selective. To improve your admissions prospects, it is best to research the specifics of the school to which you are applying.

It fluctuates from year to year, making admission to college quite simple. Transfer students like you may be welcome at Concordia University. Discover how your classes could translate into credit hours here. However, there are currently no transferring students.


  • Cost of 3 Credits: $990
  • Six credits cost $1,980.00, while nine credits cost $2,970.00.
  • For 12 Units: $3960
  • Spend $4,455.00 for 15 Units.
  • Similar Required Payments

College Costs

  • For 3 Units, You’ll Need to Budget $2,010.00
  • Total cost for six credits: $4,020.00
  • Cost of 9 Units: $603.00
  • Twelve Credits = $8,040.00
  • The equivalent mandatory costs for 15 credits are $10,050.00.

Three C $532.00 is charged to international students for 15 credits.

Cost of an International Degree: $2225-$6400.00

Foreign Transaction Fee of $325 per Credit Totaling $3,900.00 Term-to-Term

There is an annual $50 repatriation fee.

The Concordia Student Union’s Annual Benefit Plan Contribution is $300.

Cost of international insurance: $250 per semester or $500 for both semesters

Please note that scholarship students must cover their living and education expenses.

Courses at Alberta’s Concordia University

This famous university offers a broad selection. Therefore, students can benefit from enrolling in whichever programs are a good fit for them. The following is a small sampling of the programs offered by this Canadian college or university:

  • Accounting
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology (Major)
  • Biology (Minor) 
  • Biology (Concentration) 
  • Research Into The Commercial Climate Of Canada
  • Chemistry (Major) 
  • Chemistry (Minor) 
  • Chemistry (Concentration)
  • Handling of Disputes
  • Management of Data
  • Drama (minor) 
  • Drama (concentration) 
  • Economics Education Early Childhood Education (minor)
  • Effective Educational Administration
  • Those fluent in English (primary)
  • Foreign Language: English (minor)
  • All in English (concentration)
  • Protecting Human and Environmental Health in a Polluted World
  • Health promotion in a polluted environment
  • Science Concerning the Environment
  • Ecology and Environment (concentration)
  • The Study of Nature’s Environment (major)
  • Finance
  • Medicolegal examinations
  • French (minor) 
  • French (concentration) 
  • History (concentration)
  • History (minor) 
  • Leadership in Human Resources
  • Safeguarding Information
  • Information Confidentiality
  • Leadership in Managing the Assurance of Information Systems
  • Computer Networks Control of Safety
  • Technologies of Information and Computer Science (major)
  • Leadership \sMarketing
  • Mathematics (Major) 
  • Mathematics (Minor) 
  • Mathematics (Concentration) 
  • Music (Major)
  • Music (Minor) 
  • Music (Concentration)
  • Minor in Philosophy 
  • Education in Physical Activity and Sport Science
  • Physics
  • Economics and Politics
  • Science of Politics
  • Evaluation of Psychological Health
  • Psychology (Major) 
  • Psychology (Minor) 
  • Psychology (concentration)
  • Protection of Vulnerable Populations in Public Health
  • Strategic Leadership and Communication in Public Health
  • Those Concerned With The Study Of Religion (Major)
  • Science of Religion (Minor)
  • The Study of Religion (concentration)
  • Combining scientific study with business education
  • Sociology (Major) 
  • Sociology (Minor) 
  • Sociology (concentration)


The requirements to enroll at Alberta’s Concordia University College are high. What follows is a summary of the criteria for entry.

  • Transcript for Undergraduate Coursework: This requires an application from your prior educational institution.
  • This letter of recommendation is a testament to the writer’s integrity and intellect. It’s how Concordia University’s Alberta campus decides your reliability and admittance.
  • Alberta’s Concordia University College requires a 3.0 GPA or O-level. A “B” on the advanced or standard level is enough without guidelines.
  • If you want to attend graduate school, receive your bachelor’s transcript.
  • This letter is a testament to the writer’s character and academic ability and is thus a recommendation.
  • The minimum cumulative grade point average required for the Alberta campus of Concordia University is 3.0. Everything from academic studies to paid or unpaid labor in the form of internships, projects, or other job experiences falls under this category. Your undergraduate academic performance has a direct bearing on your prospects of admission.

Admissions Deadline and Schedule at Concordia

Classes at Concordia University are accepting new students at these times:

  • The Primary Intake Season for the Fall is September–December.
  • March 1 (International students are encouraged to apply by February 1)
  • Intake During the Winter (Secondary Intake)
  • January–April
  • Today is November 1, so that means. (International students are encouraged to apply by September 1)
  • Summer Recruitment
  • Months of May and August and the Months of July and December
  • Last Word on Admissions and the Concordia University Deadline


The high level of education offered at this university has made it a household name across the country. This university is known for turning out well-rounded citizens. The school has a high teacher-to-student ratio, which facilitates individualized lessons. All qualified applicants from any country, culture, or ethnicity are welcome to apply. However, you’ll need to improve your academic profile if you want to get in. 


At Concordia University, what is the minimum number of credits required per semester? 

A course that is taken over one semester is often for three credits, whereas a system that is taken over two semesters is typically worth six credits. Students enrolled in autumn and winter semesters as full-time are limited. 

Is the Concordia University tuition reasonable for out-of-country students?

The fact that Concordia has relatively affordable tuition and other costs is a significant selling point for several of our students. There are scholarships and grants available to overseas students from our organization.

At Concordia, what is considered a satisfactory grade?

After May of each school year, each student is given an exam to see where they stand academically. To remain in their program, students must maintain an assessment grade point average of at least 2.0.

What are the consequences of failing a class at Concordia?

One attempt at making up a failing grade is all that is allowed for a student. On the other hand, a student who has failed a mandatory course twice can submit a request to the relevant Student Request Committee to get authorization to retake the course for the third time.