Central Michigan University or Florida International University

Both universities are very prestigious. In this article w shall see which is better Central Michigan University or Florida International University?

Mount Pleasant, Michigan’s Central Michigan College is a higher education institution and a non-private school. The university came to life with more than 200 students in 1892. Now there are more than 7000 students who are online, and these students are from different geographical locations in the world. 

On the other hand, Florida International University is a public university known for great research in Miami-Dade, Florida, with its main campus at University Park. The school was founded in 1965 and first welcomed the first set of students in 1972.

Central Michigan University or Florida International University

Florida International University or Central Michigan University

Many potential students most times have to compare two schools and they ask if they should pursue the Central University of Michigan or Florida International University. In this article, we will like to compare and contrast both of them as a guide for you to choose the one you deemed fit for you.

Let’s go straight into the full list.

Starting from the ranking, the University of Michigan is ranked 23rd in the global national universities while The University of Florida International University is ranked 148th using different sets of pointers and indicators. Both are non-private universities but their acceptance rate differs. 46% and 80% for Florida International and Michigan University respectively.

Tuition fees for Florida International University for in-state and out-state are $ 22,467 and $ 6,368 respectively while 53232 and 16178 for out-of-state and in-state for Michigan University.

GPA and test score requirements for both universities.

Florida International School has the lowest score and GPA standards required for automatic admission. A 3.3 GPA and an SAT score of not less than  1530 or an ACT of 22  and above are all you need for  admission during fall. (If you’re graduating from high school a year before, you’ll need at least a 4.0 GPA and an SAT score of 1950 or an ACT score of 29.)

Because this school is relatively choosy, a high academic record almost assures acceptance. A 1270 SAT or ACT score of 28 or higher almost guarantees admission. Because the university usually admits 57.5 percent of all applications, being minimum increases your chances of admittance to nearly 100percent.The remaining part of your application is essentially irrelevant if you can earn a high SAT/ACT score. You must still finish the other application criteria, and your GPA must be close to the school’s average of 4. To get into college, you won’t need to provide a history of participation in extracurriculars or jaw-dropping reference letters. You may get admission based on your academic performance only.

 Central Michigan University expects its candidate to have a 3.41 GPA and be in the median of your high school class. You’ll need  As and Bs positions, with very few Cs. If your GPA is not up to what is required, you can also make up for it by taking more difficult courses like  AP. This will help you increase your weighted GPA and prove your college access.

If your gpa is not up to what is required of you. You’ll need a good  SAT or ACT score to cater for or if your GPA is well below the given rules of 3.41. This will let you compete adequately with candidates with higher GPAs than you.

What both schools are known for?

At Florida International University, the  number of students to the available faculties  is ratio 23:1, and  more than 34.6 percent of classrooms have fewer than 20 pupils. This will allow you to compete effectively against candidates with higher GPAs than you. Support Services; Education; and Liberal Arts and Sciences are some of the most popular disciplines at Florida state university. The average applicant seems to have a good understanding of the teachings which was rated at 90%. 

Central Michigan University is renowned as one of Michigan’s largest public universities, having a strong liberal arts background. It is also notable for having the lowest tuition increase in the state during the last ten years among all public universities. CMU also has several online programs.


Conclusion  It will be very difficult to say which of the two universities is better than the other..Rating of each university by individuals is dependent on how much they know about such a university. Both universities are indeed good and they are also regarded as one of the best universities globally.

Although both of them are non-private universities, if a candidate wants to look at the acceptance rate and the tuition fee, we may conclude that Michigan central university is preferable. When we look at their tuition fee as well Michigan is better as it is cheaper.

On the other hand, if we decide to look at world rankings which were done looking at different indicators in terms of quality education, research, and so on, we may have to go for Florida international university because it stays more at the top than Michigan.

Frequently asked questions 

Is a degree from Florida International University respected?

US News ranks several FIU programs among the best in the country, including overseas trade at No. 2. Washington Monthly Magazine has shown  Florida International University among the top 50 public colleges in the United States, as well as among the top 20 state schools that contribute to the public advantage.

Is Central Michigan University good for international students?

Central Michigan University provides students with one of the highest-quality educations available. Central Michigan is ranked 354th out of 1,232 schools and universities for offering an excellent educational experience to overseas students by College Factual.

Is GRE required for Central Michigan University?

Not at all.  GMAT or GRE scores are not needed for admission into Central Michigan university . What you need is already stated in this article if you can read it from the beginning .

 Is it hard to get into Florida International University?

With a  more than 58 percent acceptance rate, Florida International University admissions are more competitive than some other schools around the same country.. Florida International University admits more than half of its candidates with an SAT score of 1110 – 1260 or an ACT score of 23 – 29.