Bastyr University Admissions Requirement And GPA

Bastyr University is an accredited private medical school located in Seattle, Washington. It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs that focus on naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, herbalism, physical therapy, and other complementary health care disciplines. The university has a strong emphasis on education quality as well as clinical excellence. Students receive extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of common conditions using traditional Chinese and western therapies. Let’s start with Bastyr University Admissions Requirement And GPA.

Bastyr University Admissions Requirement And GPA

Bastyr University does not have a specific GPA requirement. However, all prospective students will be required to submit an application and transcript/dossier that includes information on their academic achievements. 


If you are interested in Bastyr University, the first thing you should do is check their website for information on their application process and requirements,  along with transcripts from all colleges or universities that you have attended (including transfer schools). Additionally, if applicable, you will need letters of recommendation and test scores.

Since Bastyr University is a relatively new institution, there may still be some changes made to their application process as time goes on. To be considered for admission to Bastyr, you must complete the following application process:

  •  Choose your specialization 
  •  Submit transcripts from all colleges/universities that attended 
  • Take the College Board assessments (ACT or SAT score required if the English language isn’t your first language). 
  •  Submit letters of recommendations – at least one letter should come from a physician or other health care professional familiar with your medical history and comprehensive healthcare assessment. Letters of recommendation can only be submitted through the online application system; no phone calls will be accepted.

Everything You Need To Know About The Admission Requirements 

The university offers graduate and post-graduate courses  in the medical field 

Local Students 

To apply as a local student for the doctorate program, candidates are required to have three or fewer pre-requisite courses at the time of application  and submit the material to be considered

  • Application fee of $75 which is non-refundable 
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended higher education institutions.
  • Your latest resume or C.V
  • Attend and qualify for an interview if required  

International Students 

The university welcomes international students to apply at Kenmore and San Diego campuses, they must enroll as full-time degree-seeking students. To apply at Bastyr University, international students must submit:

  • An application 
  • Application fees 
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • Documentation of sufficient funds for a current photograph 
  • A copy of your passport  
  • Official evaluation of your transcript (sent directly)     

The Admission Process At Bastyr University

  • Explore The Academic Program Offered By Them 

The university offers 22-degree programs, choose wisely which degree your career needs. 

  • Take Advice From An Admission Advisor 

An admission advisor can advise you on a suitable course so, feel free to contact them through the official website.

  • Complete Your Prerequisites 

Each program comes with some work to be done before the admission process, to get the work done on time .

  • Review And Submit Your Application Online 

Get prepared with the documents and apply online by submitting your application and the documents needed.

These are the aspects you need to look after before and while getting enrolled at Bastyr University. 

GPA needed to get into Bastyr university 

The average GPA at Bastyr University is 3.15, something that the University is quite selective about. However, universities under the range of this  GPA  increase their selectivity range to better their prestige. This year they increased their GPA from 3.15 to 3.31. 

Their GPA requirements often fluctuate; you can find this as an opportunity to get into the University. The University allows only those students to get into the university who are moderate as per the teaching syllabus and teaching styles of the university (especially for international students). To get into this University a high academic profile is needed for international students. 

Financial Aid 

Bastyr University is a premier online University that caters to students who want to improve their learning experience and career prospects. We offer affordable tuition rates, innovative coursework, and access to top-caliber instructors from around the world. Plus, they provide you with all of the resources you need to succeed in your academic journey.

Bastyr University is excited to offer Financial Aid and scholarships for students pursuing a degree in any of their approved programs. Financial Aid provides helpful resources and guidance to help you manage your finances so that you can live the life of your dreams. With this program, you will learn how to invest wisely, pay off debt, save money on groceries and bills, find ways to make extra income, and more.

They have dozens of scholarships worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars waiting for eligible candidates.

Courses Offered 

Bastyr University offers a variety of courses and programs that can help you to develop your career in content writing. Our online diploma program provides the essentials for becoming a successful writer, from research and development to copywriting and marketing. And their continuing education coursework is designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies in content writing.

They also offer online learning options that cater to different skill levels – whether you are just starting or want to improve your skills further. You can take modules on topics such as SEO, social media engagement, creative writing, or video production. 

University offers a variety of online programs that can help you to achieve your career goals. We offer certificate, diploma, and degree programs in business administration, marketing, accounting, law enforcement/security services management disciplines, and more. Whether you are looking for continuing education or want to make the switch to a new career path, they have the perfect program for you. 


Bastyr University is a top-tier university with excellent facilities and student life. You’ll find everything you need here to make the most of your studies, from libraries to recreation areas. The campus is located in sunny Tampa, Florida, which makes it easy to socialize and explore the area while you’re enrolled. Bastyr offers competitive sports programs that are perfect for students who want to stay fit both academically and socially. 


  1. Is the University worth it? 

Yes, it is worth it because it provides affordable yet excellent education. 

  1. Where is it located? 

It is located in California. 

  1. What major does it offer? 

It offers major integrative medicine along with other courses as well. 

  1. What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the course is 4 years.