Why Are Empowering Students Important?

Students are the backbone of any country. The nations are built on the shoulders of the rising generation. Any nation that does not have revolutionary, enthusiastic, and curious youngsters has a bleak future. It is so because it is the next generation and especially the students who can bring change. The students have tremendous raw energy and parents, teachers, and society have to channel it in a positive direction. Let us know ‘Why Are Empowering Students Important?’.

Why Are Empowering Students Important?

Every student should be aware of the current affairs and should have a point of view on them. It is important to empower our students in such a way that they have a strong voice and share their thoughts and ideas. They should also have the confidence that their voice can change the world. Empowering students is beneficial in every aspect. An empowered student would perform any assignment more efficiently. They will also voice their doubts and seek an explanation of inexplicable circumstances. It is a fact that empowered students can think more freely and can reach heights in their chosen field. 

Educators have an important role in empowering the students. They help students by showing them the path to freedom, success, and self-confidence. 

Methods of Empowering Students

Empowering students does not only mean giving academic freedom to them. It involves building confidence in all walks of life. An empowered student has a clear goal and road map in his/her life. He/she is continuously working to achieve his/her goal. The parents, teachers, and society at large can help them to work towards it. 

We can empower our students in many ways:

  • Help the students to realize their goals. They should know what they want to do in their life and not what parents and society want from them.
  • Appreciate students that express their opinion in class and otherwise. Also, encourage others to do so. Expressing themselves is the first step toward empowerment. 
  • Assign projects and assignments in such a way that students have the choice of topics, methodology, roles, submission tools, etc. Let them decide what they want to do in a given project. 
  • Educate students on social norms and basic etiquette of conducting themselves. It provides confidence to the students.
  • Identify the student’s interests and encourage them to follow their passion. 
  • Encourage students to have a hobby and spend some time on it. 

Use of Technology

Today is the world of technology. Students need to be well versed with it. Thus, faculties should use meaningful technologies in class. Students should also be encouraged to use technological tools for assignments. 

  • Students should be aware of new trends there are of interest.
  • They should be encouraged to use computers, the internet, search engines, free and paid editing tools, etc for assignments.
  • The colleges should encourage students to provide online feedback on faculties, University curriculum, infrastructure, etc.
  • Students should be encouraged to get involved in real issues and provide practical solutions to them. 
  • Always allow students to make informed choices. Encourage students to check for options before deciding.
  • Judicial use of social media should also be encouraged among students.
  • Students should be equipped with skills necessary for the workplace. This boosts their confidence and they will be easily adjusted to their workplace. 

Empowering a student also means that they are made aware of their surroundings. They should be known about morality, ethics, and human values. In today’s world, a student must have awareness of professional morality and ethics. Sometimes, in the real world, the distinguishing line between right and wrong is blurred. The student should be able to differentiate and make the right decision at that time. 

Student committees

A student committee can be used as a great tool to empower students. The colleges may allow cultural fests completely organized and managed by students. The students should be involved in problem-solving groups such as mess management, proctor committee, discipline committee, etc. 

It is a great confidence booster if a student is involved in the matter they care about and the feeling that their voice is heard and acted upon. It should be kept in mind that students are disempowered when they are restrained by teachers and held back from asking questions that would strengthen their education. 

Importance of Educators

Educators who think beyond the horizon are vital. It is because they provide their students with various unparalleled learning opportunities. The opportunities consist of critical thinking about various social issues. Thus the students will be empowered to make a difference in society at large. 

It should be noted that the distribution of power does not mean his power has declined. Instead, educators maintain and gain power by distributing power among students.


Student life is a critical part of anyone’s life. The ideas and habits inculcated remain with us for life. If a student is encouraged to think and act independently at this age, he/she will be empowered for life. An open-minded student, with the aptitude for new advancements in science and society, is a boon to his/her society as well as to the world. The educators should work tirelessly to create empowered citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is empowering students a job of educators only?

A: No. It is the collective responsibility of educators, parents, and society to empower the students. There should be a conducive environment for the overall development of students.

Q: How a student can be empowered?

A: A student can be empowered by encouraging them to make informed choices. The student should be able to voice their concern and should be confident that their voices will be heard and acted upon.

Q: Does empowerment means allowing students to behave as they wish?

A: Empowerment does not mean that one can behave unresponsively. The students should always maintain social decorum while voicing their concerns. Unruly behavior cannot be tolerated in the name of empowerment.  

Q: Why is it important to talk about ethics to the student?

A: It is very important to tell students about the things that are legal, morally correct, and societal acceptable. Students are indeed encouraged to develop independent thinking. However, there are a few boundaries that students should be made aware of.