What Is Pomona Looking For In A Student?

Pomona has about 1,650 undergraduate students, with 98 percent of them living on the 140-acre campus. For their Bachelor of Arts degrees, students can pick from 48 different academic majors. Mathematics, economics, and biological science majors are the most popular. Many of the same fields have academic minors available. Here we will see about What Is Pomona Looking For In A Student?

Pomona’s admissions are extremely hard because it is a tiny yet well-known liberal arts college. The average incoming Pomona student has the following GPA and test scores:

Median results on Standardized Testing (of students who submitted a test)

(current test-optional admissions policy) SAT EBRW: 750, SAT Math: 770, &, ACT Composite: 34

What Is Pomona Looking For In A Student?

Pomona Is Looking For

Pomona is looking for student that are intellectually excellent and desire to achieve something important with their lives. Daring minds and adventurous spirits. Students who desire to be a part of a collaborative and creative community are encouraged to apply.

The personal character appears to be essential to Pomona, as it ranks first among a range of admission characteristics. Pomona is recognized for holding its students to a high standard, and to meet this standard, students need to have strong academic credentials as well as a track record of commitment to interests, extracurricular activities, and other responsibilities.

Pomona College is much more than a traditional liberal arts college, and its modest size gives it the sense of a small state institution. The ideal Pomona student can think on a far bigger scale, a global scale. Pomona wants students who are enthusiastic, eager to collaborate with others, and laser-focused on their goals. (Who won’t be afraid to take a step back and rest when necessary)

Applications Accepted At Pomona College

Both the Common Application and the Coalition Application are accepted at Pomona College. They don’t favor one app over the other, so the decision is largely based on personal preference. You should familiarise yourself with the application you intend to submit.


You should be aware of several deadlines. The deadline for the early decision I applications is November 15th, while the deadlines for early decision II and ordinary decision are both January 1st.

Counselor Must Submit Your Mid-Year Report

Your school counselor must also submit your Mid-Year report midway through your senior year, in addition to your official high school transcript. You keep your application current and make sure to request these important documents regularly.

Important Documents To Submit 

Your counselor should submit a recommendation as well as a school report detailing your disciplinary history if any exists. Without these documents, Pomona College will not be able to make an admissions decision, so make sure you talk to your high school counselor about getting them submitted.

Two Letters Of Recommendation 

Because Pomona requires two letters of recommendation from teachers who taught the student in essential subjects, learning how to ask for a letter of recommendation can be one of the most valuable abilities. Students may also send a letter of recommendation from an elective teacher, coach, or even an employer who can speak to their character as a person and a student.

Transferring From Another College To Pomona?

Pomona also accepts applications from students who want to transfer from another college to Pomona. All transfer applications that use the Common App must be submitted by February 1st, and applicants will receive admissions decisions by April 1st. Visit Pomona’s web page for transfer applicants to learn more about their transfer policies.


Pomona’s admissions office considers many things. Pomona is searching for kids who have taken full advantage of the intellectual challenges presented to them at their respective schools, in addition to “academic aptitude” as measured by grades and test results. In other words, it won’t matter if the high school didn’t provide the finest classes or other chances; Pomona is more interested in what the student did with the resources they did have.


What will happen to Cal Poly Pomona students who try to transfer?

Because most other universities use the semester system, students transferring into Cal Poly Pomona will find it easier to transfer units and receive financial aid.

What is the impact of semester conversion on the financial aid package?

The semester conversion will not affect the annual financial aid award. The EFC established by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will continue to be used to grant financial aid and scholarships (FAFSA). Instead of three times a year, payments will be issued twice a year. Visit the Student Success Central Academic Calendar for further information on disbursement dates.

How will semester conversion be handled on my official transcript account? 

Your official transcript will show which quarter classes you’ve taken and which semester classes you’ll be taking. Later in the academic year, more information regarding the changes to transcripts and how they will appear will be accessible through the Student Handbook as well as other student mailings.