What Credit Score Do You Need To Cosign For A Student Loan?

A cosigner is generally the person who signs the documents for the student. In simple words, the cosigner is the guarantee for repayment of a student loan taken out by the student. The cosigner jointly signs the loan agreement and other documents with the student. Mostly, the parents or any family member sign the documents jointly with their child to take the guarantee of loan repayment and it is mandatory to have a cosigner give you a student loan. Let us know ‘What Credit Score Do You Need To Cosign For A Student Loan?’.

What Credit Score Do You Need To Cosign For A Student Loan?

What Credit Score Do You Need To Cosign For A Student Loan?

In most cases, if the credit score is below 650, the application for getting a student loan is immediately rejected. If your credit score is between 650 and 700, then you can get a student loan, but the interest rate will be higher. If the credit score of a cosigner is 720 or above, then, the interest rate will also be lower and you have a high chance of getting your student loan. The bank that gives you the loan requires the cosigner to have a good credit score, but the student’s credit score is not required because they usually don’t have one.

Why Student loans?

A student loan is a facility for students who cannot afford the fees of an institution or college that they want to study. While planning for higher education, many students come across financial problems when they have to pay for a good college to graduate from and get a good job in the future. To solve this financial problem is the student loan through which students can get their expensive college fees paid and then sign an agreement with a cosigner to repay the loan after their graduation. There are different rates of interest offered by different banks and eventually, the students go to the bank which offers them Student loans with the lowest interest rate.

Who can cosign for my student loan?

Only one person is needed to cosign for a student loan, it can be your father, your mother, any relative or it can be a friend also. They just need to have a credit score of around 700 to get you a Student loan approved for your studies. While cosigning for your education loan the cosigner has to know that he/she will be equally responsible for the repayment of the student loan that you are getting now. Banks or any private organizations which give Student loans have this norm of a necessary cosigner for the Student loan just to ensure that their invested money in the student is safe and they will get back the money with interest that they have applied on the disbursed amount.

What are the Cons of signing a Student loan?

Cosigning a student loan is a big decision especially if the cosigner is a parent. Then you have to think about it because as a parent you know your child’s abilities and you should ensure that you are following the right path and applying for a college that will help your child grow in personality and will give your child a good placement so that he? She can repay the loan independently by themself and there is no financial burden on you in the future.

 If you think your child is not capable of making a career in the desired field and the chances of him failing are high then definitely you are going to cause a mess shortly. The interest on the money that is given as a Student loan is applied and the amount of money to be paid is increasing day by day which cannot be handled and taken care of if the student is not able to earn well in the future.

Is there any alternative to student loans?

Applying for scholarships is one of the alternatives to student loans. Many universities and colleges give scholarships to their students on behalf of their good academic performances which comes out as a great help for students. Many colleges have scholarships for students if they are good at sports. So, if a student is good at sports or very good at a particular sport then they have a high chance of getting a scholarship to study in their desired college so there is no need to get a student loan.

A cosigner needs to have a credit score of around 720 for being sure that the student is going to get the education loan and for that, the cosigner has to be a good repayer of the loan. Going for a Student loan has to be a very wise choice as the cosigner and the student both are equally responsible for paying the money back with interest.


The student going for a Student loan should be a responsible student and think of taking good advantage of this help that he/she is getting from their cosigner and it is their responsibility in the future that they repay their full loan amount by themself. If any irregularities are there in the repayment of the loan then according to the documents that the cosigner and the student signed The banks can take legal actions against them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Is it hard to get an education loan with a credit score of 630?

A minimum credit score of 650 is needed with the cosigner to apply for a Student loan but the interest rate would be high. To get a loan with a low-interest rate the cosigner has to have a credit score of 720.

Q2.Should the parents get involved as a cosigner in student loans?

It is a calculated risk that today a lot of parents and students collectively take to go and earn money in their desired field.

Q3. Can I get a Student loan without a cosigner if I don’t have a credit score?

If the student does not have any credit score then it is not possible to get an education loan, you will have to involve a cosigner to be eligible for a student loan.