How much does Apple Music cost for UK students?

To know How much does Apple Music cost for UK students….Read on this article…!

Music has become a constant part of every student’s day-to-day life, coupled with multiple genres to soothe the taste of each student, whatever taste they may be, and provides different emotions to its listener every time a song comes on. There are over 24,000 songs uploaded each day across multiple streaming services, and one of them is Apple Music.

How much does Apple Music cost for UK students?

Apple Music is a music streaming platform mainly used on IOS devices which offers its users access to over 60 million songs with a fee ranging from cost of £4.99 to £14.99 accompanied by a 3-month free trial for any subscription plan selected by any user in the UK like students.

The lowest subscription on the Apple music platform available in the UK is of cost £4.99, which is a student subscription plan that offers a 50% percent discount for every students in UK. There is a verification process attached to the membership to verify that you are a student before having access to Apple Music’s student plan. 

Here is a detailed process about how to get the student’s plan.

Steps to get Apple Music’s student plan

  1. Open the Apple Music App.
  1. Click on For You.
  1. Click on its trial offer.
  1. Select the Student plan, then tap verify eligibility.
  1. You will be directed to a UNiDAYS website to follow some steps to verify your enrollment in any school. After being verified by the UNiDAYS website that you are indeed a student, you will be redirected to the Apple Music app.
  1. Sign into the app with your Apple ID and input your password used to authorize purchases. If you don’t have an Apple ID, pick Create Apple ID, then follow the next accessible steps.
  1. Confirm billing information and add any valid payment method of your choice.
  1. Click to join.

About Apple Music’s Student Plan

Apple Music is a premium music platform that is known by many around the world and is home to millions of songs from around the world. All those songs are available for just a little fee, with which the platform offers a range of prices and the lowest is its student membership plan, available to students only. 

Apple does this by giving a 50% discount off the usual individual £9.99 plan for students in the United Kingdom, cutting the price low and making it affordable for students. 

This offer, which is only available to certain countries and regions, is only available after you have been verified by the UNiDAYS website.

The verification requires that you must have a Bachelor’s degree, a post-graduate degree, or an equivalent higher education course at a university, college, or post-secondary school in the US or Canada.

Junior, technical colleges, and special courses in Japan are also not exempted. Apple also puts out regular offers and promotions for its members, which can help students to save more by offering extended free trials and discounted memberships apart from the usual offers provided after the first sign-up.

Benefits of using Apple Music for Students

  1. As a student, especially someone who has to pay for their expenses, you are always looking for ways to cut down spending to the bare minimum, but that can be somewhat difficult to do as most businesses do not offer a downsized payment plan. 

With Apple’s student plan, you can get half the price of others while also cutting down on expenses, and it comes with a 3-month free trial, so you do not have to start paying for your subscription right away.

  1. As a bonus to this subscription, Apple also added free access to its Apple TV+ for every student. There is a verification process attached to this bonus, if you qualify for this subscription plan and are successfully verified, you will have access to a free Apple TV+ account, which is another streaming platform by Apple that features original Apple shows and movies. 

Its content ranges from award-winning series to kids’ entertainment shows, with new shows to look out for every month. 

You would be able to stream music at a low cost and stream new and exciting shows on Apple TV+ as a benefit. You will be able to stream on multiple devices like smart TVs, all Apple devices, consoles, or sticks, and also share your account with your family until your student plan expires.


Only a few streaming platforms offer compelling offers and discounts that you can take advantage of. Most streaming services try to add as many in-app purchases as possible to get the most profit from their unsuspecting viewers, but Apple presents a plan that has students in mind. This student plan would come as a relief to multiple students, especially those who fund their expenses.

Every student should take advantage of this plan as it helps them save around 50% of what they would initially pay for an individual subscription and can use that fund elsewhere where needed and even get free TV as a bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the student plan last?

Answer: After the three-month trial has expired and you have activated the student plan, you will pay the £4.99 fee, which lasts for just a month, before renewing your subscription plan.

2. Can any student qualify for the student plan?

Answer: Yes! As long as you are deemed eligible by the UNiDAYS website, you will be able to take advantage of Apple Music’s 50% discount.

3. When does the student plan expire?

Answer: The student plan will last until you are no longer a student or after 48 months (2 years), after which your subscription becomes an individual subscription plan. You lose access to Apple Music’s 50% discount and your free Apple TV+ account after it is expired.

4. Are there any other perks come exclusively with Apple Music’s student plan?

Answer: Sadly, apart from the limited Apple Music + TV bundle, there are no other exclusive perks that come with the plan, and you will enjoy the usual perks of an individual account.