How do you get the Student Discount on Netflix? 


There are a lot of different streaming services, but Netflix is often thought to be one of the best. It has a huge library of TV shows and movies, including many brand-new originals and old classics, but there is no student discount. Here we will see about How do you get the Student Discount on Netflix? 

There is no student discount available from Netflix, which is sad news if you are a student working hard to make ends meet on a limited budget.

However, there are still a few choices available to students interested in making their entertainment expenditures go further. Netflix does not provide a free trial period anymore; however, several wonderful competitors provide student discounts and certain free sites that allow users to watch TV shows and movies for free, which may help users save even more money.

How do you get the Student Discount on Netflix? 

Netflix Alternatives with Student Discounts

Because Netflix produces a significant amount of original material, there is currently no service that can directly compete with it. You won’t find Netflix originals anywhere else. Netflix also acquires the right to stream many very popular television episodes and movies that they did not create themselves; however, this selection is subject to change at any time.

Other streaming providers are available, some of which offer student discounts. If you have your heart set on viewing a certain episode or movie only available on Netflix, you may want to look into other options.

These services include exclusive series and movies, much like Netflix, and they all strive to give the finest selection possible. Here are the top alternatives to Netflix that offer student discounts:

  • Amazon Prime Student: The student plan for Amazon Prime gives all of the perks included in the standard Prime membership at a considerable saving. You will also get music, free delivery, and other perks and streaming services for television series and movies.
  • YouTube Premium:  This service will eliminate advertisements from YouTube, provide access to series and movies available on YouTube Premium, and provide access to the music available on YouTube.
  • Hulu and Spotify Bundle: You won’t find a student discount on Hulu, but if you join up for the student plan on Spotify, you’ll receive Hulu completely free.
  • Paramount+: (formerly CBS All Access): This is the most basic version of the Paramount streaming service, which is cheaper for students.

What is the Student Discount on Amazon Prime?

Members of Amazon Prime can watch videos on Amazon Prime Video. This service started as a membership club, with the only benefit being free shipping within two days. Since then, it has grown to include a lot more.

With an Amazon Prime Student membership, you get free shipping, access to Amazon’s free streaming library of movies and TV shows, the Amazon Prime Music streaming service, and other features made just for college students.

This program gives you a very long free trial, after which you pay about half of what a regular Amazon Prime membership costs each month. Your student membership will change to a regular one after four years or if you can’t prove you’re a student.

To sign up for Amazon Prime Student, you need an email address that ends Even if your school doesn’t give students email addresses, you may still be able to sign up for the program using a manual verification method.

Get Friends or Family to Loan You Their Profile or Split Costs

Since Netflix has discontinued the availability of free trials, the most cost-effective method for gaining access to Netflix is to inquire with a parent or close friend about the possibility of creating a profile on their account. You might even think about making an offer to pay the difference between the two plans to upgrade to a package that will allow you to stream without interfering with the other person’s watching experience. You could also think about forming a group with other students who wish to share a new account so that you may divide the cost with them.


If you use one of the numerous free streaming services available as an alternative to Netflix, you won’t have to pay a dollar to watch movies and television episodes online. You can watch anything you want at any time. It is even feasible to see the information without registering for an account on some websites, much alone paying the site’s usual monthly subscription. This is especially true if the site doesn’t cost anything.

Tubi, Crackle, and Vudu are just a few websites that provide viable alternatives to Netflix that do not need a subscription to access their content libraries. The vast majority of these services are, in the same way, that conventional broadcast television is, supported by commercial content.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to share my Netflix password?

Yes, but you might have to pay something extra. The company says that after 2022, Netflix users won’t be able to share their passwords with people outside of their homes freely.

2. What is the best way to obtain Netflix for free?

Some phone companies and cable companies give away free Netflix subscriptions as part of their deals. You’ll get free Netflix if you sign up for T-Mobile One and add at least one more line.

3. What are the steps to entering Netflix secret codes?

To use a Netflix secret code, go to and add the code to the end of the URL. Netflix codes let you watch anime, comedies, and scary movies, among other things.

4. Why is Netflix becoming so expensive?

According to Netflix spokeswoman Kumiko Hidaka, the price hikes are being sent out to current Netflix customers “over weeks,” who added that some users might have already been alerted and seen the adjustments implemented.

5. Is Netflix Premium worth the money?

However, if Netflix offers the movies and episodes you want to watch and has a big family or circle of friends who all use the same account, the Premium membership is required. Check that you have a 4K-capable device and a good internet connection.