Can Students Edit Work On Seesaw?


With the whole shit of digital development, education has also approached the online platform. Although not entirely online, every institution uses some form of digital tools for its practice. Let us see can students edit work on Seesaw in this article.

Can Students Edit Work On Seesaw?

These could be as simple as researching online or even writing assignments and sending them digitally. Of these, one of the crucial and frequently accessed tools is editing. 

Can students edit work on Seesaw?

There is ample software developed for editing. Some are reserved or have characteristics to suit students and their level of work. Seesaw is among the prominent tools used by students all over for various practices like writing, learning, and editing. No doubt editing is a crucial process at any point. 

This article provides information on Seesaw and how students can effectively use it as a convenient tool to edit. 

About Seesaw 

Seesaw is one of the digitally developed and advanced applications used by students and teachers for collaborative learning. It is a platform where educational institutions can prepare, view, review, and share documents and other educational material using quality tools and equipment. Developed recently, the app has been designed to encourage interaction along with progressive and active learning.

The app is quite loved by schools and students all over. With over 10 million users and over 75% working with schools, Seesaw has gained quite some loyalty within a short span. They do offer business and advanced level working. However, they also provide simple and easy tools and guidance for students and others looking for subtle learning. Whether you need to prepare lessons, videos, pdfs, or any material, Seesaw is the right way to deliver your message creatively to students! 

Student Editing on Seesaw:

Coming to the main question, yes, students are free to edit work on Seesaw and make their learning and practical process faster and more efficient! While most apps only allow viewing or sharing, Seesaw allows you to securely share access so even students can do their work without having to prepare a million time-consuming copies of the same! This makes the whole process of learning and assignments a lot faster and more convenient for both the student and the teacher and also inculcates interaction and innovation.

Students are free to edit small to major changes on a document on Seesaw provided they have access provided by the professor. It’s just a matter of a few buttons and clicks to provide access to editing for students. However, keep in mind that if you don’t want the editing access to be given, you have an option for that as well!

Steps to Edit on Seesaw:

Seesaw is a platform that aims to be effortless and promote learning at the same time. To enhance your skills, Seesaw ensures you have easy access and tools and guides you along the way too. Here are a few steps that students can view to get a hang of how to edit:

  • Login to Seesaw using your ID and credentials 
  • Go to the post that you need to edit. You will find the same under a specified section like Assignments or so on. There is also a Seesaw journal where new uploads by your teacher may be posted and available to view 
  • Below the post, you will find three vertical dots. Select the same to acquire the editing option 
  • If your teacher has enabled editing, you will get access to immediately edit the post 
  • Once this is done, students will get access to the post and be able to perform the required kind of editing right from changing words to adding documents or attachments, highlighting, and so on. 
  • If you do not wish to edit the original post or are told not to do so, you will also find an option ‘Copy and Edit’ along with the others. You may use this and create another copy and make your edits there.

Perks of using Seesaw for editing for students

Seesaw is said to be a creative and effortless app that provides learning at the best pace. Students need not worry about shabby presentations or losing their work or any other problems that they would otherwise face with hard copies or other apps containing their work. Here are a few perks why one should consider using Seesaw:

Easy tools and icons

Seesaw provides effortless learning with easy tools and understandable icons to represent the same. If you’re not tech-savvy or have no idea about using Seesaw, you can just look at the symbols and figure out how to go about it. It’s that easy! 

Various types of edits

Seesaw allows you to perform multiple kinds of editing. You can work with text, and symbols, and upload images, videos, or even documents and other attachments. Further, you can use the indefinite tools and enhance your editing and presentation

Connection and collaboration

Teachers and students can enjoy hassle-free communication and interaction for educational purposes. Viewing feedback and assignments becomes easier and more convenient. 

Suited level of learning

Whether you’re a kindergarten student or in high school, Seesaw has the ideal levels of learning and equipment for you. From simple shapes and words to equipment to create collages, annotations, and more, Seesaw enables you to learn at your pace and capacity!


Seesaw can and is used by millions of students for their work. Editing is done without any trouble and is delivered securely via this app. Consider this modern platform for all your student requirements. Edit is as quick and easy as a piece of cake with Seesaw! 

  • Does a student have to pay to use Seesaw? 

Seesaw is a free application for teachers, families, and students. However, if you wish to use the premium equipment and services, there will be a cost.

  • Can college students use Seesaw?

Yes. Seesaw is an application for students of all ages. This means college students can use the app. However, it may not cater to high-level editing like paraphrasing and so on. For such activities, you may have to use specific tools available online. 

  • Can students edit documents other than what is posted on Seesaw?

While the app is meant more for student-teacher collaborations, Seesaw may be used for students’ editing as well. They can create their profile and carry on with the edits they need to make!