Who Won The NCAA Basketball Championship In 1979?

A knockout tournament is played every spring in the United States. It is also known as the NCAA March Madness. Sixty-eight teams are featured, currently playing this tournament every year. It was started in 1939 by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the National Association of Basketball Coaches. It is broadcast by TNT, CBS, TBS, and truTV under NCAA March Madness. The University of Oregon won the first title in the NCAA basketball championship in 1939. So, Who Won The NCAA Basketball Championship In 1979?

Who Won The NCAA Basketball Championship In 1979?

In 1979, the Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball won the tournament. Forty schools played in the single-elimination game to determine the winner of the NCAA basketball championship. The winning coach was Jud Heathcote, who worked hard to build his team with such passion and dedication that they won the title.

What Are The Procedures For This Tournament?

Firstly, if you talk about the selection of teams in the NCAA  Basketball Championship, 68 teams play in this tournament, out of which 32 teams are the 32 conference championship winners. At the same time, the other 36 remaining teams are selected by the committee through bids. 

Talking about the game would start with the fact that it gets played as a knockout-style game where if a team loses even a single match, the team is out. It is the reason why people like to watch it because there is not much patience needed in this game, neither for the playing teams nor for the viewers.

In 1979, 8 more teams joined in, as the previous year had 32 teams playing for this championship. The runner-up team, the Indiana State Sycamores, also played well and gave a tough fight. The last final four teams played in an on-campus arena at the University of Utah. Three officials got assigned to all games, and this happened for the first time in the NCAA tournament.

Which Team Has Won The Championship The Most?

UCLA, University of California has won the title of NCAA basketball championship most of the time. UCLA has won 11 championships, making it the top team to win the championship most of the time. The Kentucky team comes 2nd with eight matches won by them. UCLA has a powerful basketball team with great discipline and outstanding coordination between the team members, which makes them stay at the top. The coach, John Wooden, led the Bruins to 10 national titles in 12 Seasons.

No matter how strong the team stands in front of the UCLA Bruins Men’s basketball club team, the chances of winning in front of them are significantly less. Whenever people watch the UCLA team play, it is a houseful show as the fanbase of the UCLA team is vast.

First Victory For The Michigan State Spartans

Michigan State Spartans won their first national championship in men’s football against the Indiana State Sycamores with a score of 75-64 in the NCAA Basketball tournament. Michigan State played well and it was a really good match between the two teams. The final match of this championship received very high ratings in the history of the NCAA Basketball Championship.

Michigan State coached by Jud Heathcote saw the defeat many times and kept on working towards being on top and winning the tournament to prove themselves. The NCAA final four-game was broadcasted by NBC. The Nielsen rating of the Championship match was 24.1.  The number of viewers increased by 20% from the last year’s match in 1978.


The Michigan State Spartans made it to the final four and then finally defeated the Indiana State Sycamores with a good score and got appreciation from the audience and all the viewers watching them. Thus making the final championship match of 1979 the most popular one. Michigan State won their first title in the NCAA football championship which made them feel proud that they played well, worked hard, and showed up as a champion team for the first time. the coach Jud Heathcote also got the appreciation for helping the team reach this high level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How many NCAA Championships has the Michigan State Spartans team won?

Michigan State has won 2 NCAA basketball championships, the first championship that they won was in the year 1979 and the second in 2000.

Q2.Is Marcus Bingham Jr. a forward player on the Michigan State Basketball team?

Yes, Marcus Bingham Jr. plays as a forward On the basketball team of Michigan State

Q3.How Many NCAA tournaments have the Spartans played?

The Michigan State Spartans have played 35 NCAA tournaments and appeared in 24 Consecutive NCAA tournaments.