Does Lady Footlocker have a Student Discount? 

Footlocker Inc. has a physical and online shopping platform that brings its customer closer to their desired choice of apparel and sneaker fashion. Footlocker runs a series of retail stores across 28 countries. They achieve a successful brand goal of elevating their customer experience by granting their customers close access to their favorite popular sports brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Converse, Vans, New Balance, New Era, Crocs, Reebok, Timberland, Under Armour, and much more. Let us discuss, Does Lady Footlocker have a Student Discount?

Does Lady Footlocker have a Student Discount?

The lady footlocker is one of many brands under footlocker Inc. it is a platform that offers sales on various kinds of women’s sportswear. The footlocker has other brands such as the Kids footlocker, men’s footlocker, champs sport, Eastbay, and Atmos. The footlocker platform offer discounts to only students and the military, and the student discount policy grants a 20% discount on purchases above $99. 

Students are to sign up with StudentBean with a valid student email to register and access these discounts. In addition, the 20% student discount gotten on can be used to purchase items on the lady footlocker platform; in other words, since footlocker offer student discount, then lady footlocker also offer student discounts. 

The student discount offered on the footlocker platform can be used to purchase items on the lady footlocker online platform. The lady footlocker offers a variety of sneakers for women and active women wear (women’s sports or workout clothes). Students love lady footlocker because it helps them save money while still being able to purchase their favorite brand outfit.

Unfortunately, this discount deal does not apply to all items on the lady footlocker. In addition, some items are excluded from the discount sales; these items may include new releases from Nike or any famous brand. Students can access and purchase women’s items on the lady footlocker platform with the footlocker student discount policy by first signing up with StudentBean.

The Footlocker Lady Brand

Footlocker has maintained its lead as one of the best sport and sneakers sales platforms that offer exclusive free shipping deals, promos, and coupons for discount sales. They have achieved this through a portfolio of brands that they run; they are known as Lady Footlocker, Kids Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Eastbay, WSS, Atmos, and Sidestep. The footlocker lady fashion brand is known as the lady footlocker. Lady Foot Locker is a footlocker Inc store that offers an extensive range and catalog of footwear and activewear for women. The apparel available ranges from leggings, tank tops, women’s shoes, and sweatpants.

The Student Discount Policy

Footlocker on their online store platforms offers coupons that give discounts. Students can also access these discounts on at a 10 to 20 percent discount. On the Footlocker student discount policy page, the current student can sign up with student beans and receive 20% off all purchases from $99 and above, but not on all items; some items come with an exclusion tag on the product’s description page.

Lady footlocker’s online platform offers discount sales for students, and they offer other discounts and promo deals on many items for sale, excluding some products. The coupons on this platform may include discounts to:

  • Receive $20 Off + Free Shipping with Coupon Code
  • Save 15% Off Orders of $99+ When You Pay with Apple Pay
  • Get Up to 40% Off Women’s Outlet 
  • Joint FLX for Free Shipping + Earn Rewards, + Exclusive Offers
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $125

 What are the items that are excluded from the Foot Locker student discount?

The discount can only be used for five items per code, and there are specific sneakers such as a new release from Nike that are excluded.

 What student can get a student discount at Foot Locker?

Foot Locker student discounts are available to all students, part-time, full-time, and even students taking a distance-learning course. What is needed is a valid university email address to sign up for the free discount. In addition, footlocker requires that students sign up on StudentBean on their student discount policy page to access the student discount of 20% for purchases from $99 and above.


Footlocker Inc. offers its services through various brands, and the lady footlocker brand happens to be one of the footlocker brands. Footlocker offers a student discount on lady footlockers for students to purchase items easily and save themselves some money. The footlocker student policy applies to college students, and these students can get discounts on lady footlockers by visiting the footlocker sales online platform.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does footlocker offer student discounts?

Yes, Foot Locker offers student discount policies

  • Can college students get discounts at Foot Locker?

College students are offered a 20% discount on footlockers for every purchase from $99 and above. 

  • What does Foot Locker require to qualify a student for the student discount?

This may vary, but students must visit the Footlocker platform and sign up on StudentBean to access their student discount.