WUE Business Schools

WUE stands for Western Undergraduate Exchange, which is an organization to help western students by offering them a chance to pursue their education at more than 160 public colleges and universities; it also helps non-resident students pay fewer tuition fees at the universities they have selected for their education. Students who are eligible for WUE can fill out applications for out-of-state colleges and universities. Many universities charge out-of-state students higher tuition fees, but if you are a member of WUE and apply to affiliated colleges and universities, you will receive fee reductions. WUE is known as an agreement among 16 members of WICHE. Let us know about ‘WUE Business Schools’.

WUE Business Schools

If students want to pursue business programs at well-known universities but cannot afford the fees, or if they want to combine their education and their business, WUE can assist them. Grand Valley State University, the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Wayne State University, and others are top business schools affiliated with WUE. WUE has affiliations with more than 160 top institutes, including all types of schools such as business, the arts, science, engineering, and information technology, and more institutes are working in coordination with WUE. 

WUE is to provide some crucial help to students who are enrolled in it and looking for good career opportunities when they are pursuing their college, and it will assist students in paying their out-of-state college fees. WUE may allow students to pay only 150% of their college fees compared to their regular stipends. 

Top WUE Business Schools

Here is a list of the top five business schools at WUE and a brief explanation of these institutions.

  • Grand Valley State University: It is a state university and is famous among students for its various programs, including marketing, business, accounting, HR, and a few more. Grand Valley University is also a well-known school of WUE in the United States.
  • Florida International University: You can pursue different business programs at this university. Its academic record for business programs is excellent. It has business streams like accounting, advertising, marketing, information technology, and more.
  • Ohio Northern University: It is one of the leading and most prestigious universities in the country and offers some very demanding business programs for students, such as business administration, marketing, accounting, marketing strategies, and analysis.
  • Wayne State University: This university could be a perfect place for your business studies because it offers quality facilities for business students and you can pursue various business streams from Wayne State University.
  • University of Michigan: Michigan-Dearborn University is a famous WUE business school. Its business programs are highly ranked by various websites and magazines. You can pursue business programs in finance, accounting, marketing, and a few more programs business at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

WUE has additional schools where you can pursue business programs and advance your career in addition to these five.WUE has many other schools that are highly ranked and famous among the students for their various programs. You can check the website of WUE to learn more about affiliated schools, and then you can choose the best WUE college for yourself accordingly.

WUE’s Other Business Schools

Here is a list of some business schools at WUE that are popular among students and offer various business programs on their campuses.

Eastern Washington University

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Weber State University

Minot State University

Boise State University

University of Alaska, Anchorage

University of Wyoming

Not only these universities, but WUE has more than 160 schools from which you can get quality education in different streams, including business programs.

Eligibilities for WUE

The students who want to be a part of WUE must fulfill some eligibility criteria decided by the WUE committee, and then they can get the benefits of WUE.

  • Your GPA score should be 3.2 or higher.
  • If you took the SAT or ACT, your SAT score should be 1270, and your average ACT score should be 27 or higher.
  • The transfer academic requirement for WUE is an average of 3.0.
  • Good academic records and some non-academic factors also make you eligible for WUE.
  • If you are suffering from financial problems, you must have a certificate from FAFSA regarding this, and if you fulfill other decided eligibility requirements, you can become a part of WUE.

WUE Benefits and Information

WUE reduces your school’s regular fee as if you were paying $10,000 for Florida International University as an in-state resident student, and if you are eligible for WUE, then your fees will become $15,000 for in-state resident students.

The non-resident students of Florida International University are paying $20,000 per year for their academics, and if they are eligible for WUE, their tuition fees will be $15,000 per year.

The students eligible for WUE and who want to save some part of their tuition fees should apply for the discount earlier because if they wait until after their admission confirmation, it will be hard to get tuition fee relaxation time.

Admission and Participation Policy of WUE Schools

Some schools offer a separate application for WUE-eligible students, while some institutes include it with their admission form, so students should carefully fill in descriptions if they are eligible for WUE and then submit their form. If you are eligible, you can also receive a WUE scholarship.

You can check which WICHE states are participating in WUE and which are not, and then apply because Hawaii and California state colleges are not a part of WUE. Some schools conduct particular entrance exams for WUE students, while others accept the common entrance. If you are eligible for WUE and your institute demands that you check your financial profile on FAFSA, then you have to do so; otherwise, you will get a relaxation in your tuition fee as a WUE student.


WUE is known as Western Undergraduate Exchange, and it works under WICHE. WUE assists students in obtaining education from top universities, and whether they are in-state or out-of-state residents, WUE will assist you in paying reduced tuition fees at your institute. Some famous business schools at WUE are the University of Colorado, the University of Hawaii, Northern Arizona University, Mayville State University, and more. These schools offer various business programs and are well-known among students. As a WUE student, you can receive WUE scholarships and other benefits because there is an agreement between public universities and some western states of the United States that eligible WUE students will pay reduced tuition fees.


1. What is the average tuition fee for a WUE student?

The estimated tuition and other costs for a WUE student are on average, $10,732, and they may vary according to the university and programs you are pursuing with partner universities of WUE.

2. Is UW, or the University of Washington, a part of WUE?

The University of Washington is not a part of WUE. Besides it, some more institutes like this do not participate in WUE.