What Is Cornell Known For Is Cornell A Good School

Cornell is a university located in Ithaca, New York City. It provides quality education to its students (Undergraduate and professional students). It is one of the best universities in American history. Let us know What Is Cornell Known For Is Cornell A Good School?

What Is Cornell Known For Is Cornell A Good School

Cornell University is known as the first university to award some degrees in the world. These degrees include; a degree in Veterinary Medicine and a degree in Journalism. Cornell is a great school. It gives quality education to its students.

Cornell University is a distinguished University. It offers one of the best education in Nigeria. It takes its time to groom its students to make sure they EARN their degrees and not GET their degrees. It also provides scholarships to enable people who can not pay the total fees of the school. Cornell University has an acceptance percentage of 12. Its entry by applicants might not be easy but can be done by providing certain requirements. What are those requirements? Keep reading!

Admission into Cornell University

Corell University is known to admit a few people into it. There are requirements for one who wants to get a degree in this prestigious University. There are three basic things to have in mind. They include;

(1)The school’s testing requirements (which include the Scholastic Aptitude Test(SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT) ).

(2) Their Application requirements 

(3) The GPA (Grade Point Average) requirement


The requirement for testing is peculiar in each University. Cornell University proposes that you take the SAT or ACT. The test might not be a compulsory one. A good one will improve your chances of being admitted. Let’s treat SAT and ACT separately for easier understanding.

SAT(Scholastic Aptitude Test)

 This is a test used for admission into colleges in the United States. There is usually a secret SAT requirement for every college. The average SAT score at Cornell University is 1450 to 1560. So you see, that is a competitive one. You are required to reach the average to have a high chance of being admitted. Cornell University does not do this test for every year of admission. It is not done always. Recently, Cornell has in recent times adjourned the use of SAT in the assessment of its applicants.

ACT(American College Testing)

Since Cornell University’s average GPA is 4.3, a higher ACT will be needed to recompense. ACT comprises these five core areas: Mathematics, Essay writing,(which may or may not be done), English, Scientific reading, and Science. It is a test used to assess a person’s skill in these five core areas. It is used for college admissions in the United States. It is done in written form by the applicants. It is written in pencil. It is a multi-choice one (which is one of the best ways to access a student’s learning). The average ACT score at Cornell University is 33. There is no perfect or pure ACT demand at Cornell University, but you need to be above the average to have a likelihood of being regarded. Recently, Cornell University has adjourned or rather suspended the use of ACT and SAT in the assessment of its applicants.


The following are required for your application:

(1) English Proficiency: For Countries that do not have English as their First Language (Nigeria for example), you are expected to submit your scores from the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), Duolingo English Test (DET), TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) or the Global Test of English Communications (GTEC). Cornell University expects a minimum score of 80 in any of these online exams. Prepare adequately.

(2) Teacher Evaluation: A recommendation letter from a teacher in the school of the applicant is needed. The teacher should teach either English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science or Language. This letter should be two.

(3) A Secondary School Report and Transcript: A transcript is a written version of something. Your school Instructor is required to complete the school’s report and supply your transcript. 

(4) National Exam Report like WAEC, GCE, or any other National exam: Your result in any of these National exams is required. 

(5) Transcript from any University or College attended: A written copy from the college or university you attended is also required and should be sent straight to the Cornell College Office of Admissions.

(6) A statement (in a written form) from your school’s guide.

(7) Your fee (application fee) is required on the application. This fee will not be paid back should the application become unsuccessful after.

(8) The school’s interviews. Some colleges in this university do hold interviews for their applicants. This interview will be an assessment of the applicant’s proficiency in the English Language, a check of the applicant’s IQ and so many other things.

GPA (Grade Point Average) 

The average GPA required to apply to Knox University is 4.3. This means that the applicant should be a person who is above average in school. People whose GPA is below the stipulated average (4.3), would need a higher SAT or ACT to recompense. There will be people with higher GPAs, so a high SAT or ACT will give a person with a GPA below average, a chance in this competition. A good GPA helps an applicant stand out from the crowd thereby improving your chances of being considered for admission.

Corne university aims at getting the best students. They want morally sound students.

Colleges at Cornell University and their requirements

Cornell University has colleges (or departments) in it. There are courses done at the university. They include;

(A) The College of Architecture and Art.

  • A high grade in English, Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry or Physics in high school.
  • A proof of the English Language proficiency
  •  Proof of good academic performance in high school
  • No interview is required.

(B) The College of Arts and Sciences

  • A high grade in the English Language, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Language in high school.
  • This college does not perform any interviews.
  • Proof of good academic performance in high school.

(C) The College of Architecture and Planning

  • A high grade in English Language, Sciences, and Foreign Language.
  • The Architecture part requires a high grade in Physics and Mathematics.
  • The Architecture and Arts part performs an interview on its applicants.
  • Proof of good academic performance.

(D) The College of Engineering

  • A high grade in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in high school.
  • A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s Mathematics teacher in high school is needed.
  • This college does not perform an interview.
  • Applicants should have a strong foundation and skills in Mathematics and Sciences.
  • The applicant should have an idea of Computer Science.

(E) The College of Business

  • A high grade in high school in English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.
  • Proof of good academic performance.
  • This college does not offer any interviews.

(F) The college of Ecology

  • A high grade in high school in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry or Physics in high school.
  • Proof of good academic performance.
  • The applicant should be creative.
  • Interviews are not required.
Hints on application to Cornell University
  1. Make sure you write a quality note on the essay required. Cornell University is a high-class university. They aim for the best and will get the best through their requirements.
  2. Be careful to get complete and valid required credentials for the application. This is usually the difficult part of any scholarship application. Efforts should be made.
  3. Be careful while typing your email. Do not make mistakes as it is a route for feedback from the University.
  4. Be sure to make duplicates of any credential submitted for reference purposes. Store this properly.
  5. Click on the ‘submit’ option after the uploading of credentials.
  6. Be sure to meet the deadline of the scholarship chosen.
Cornell University Scholarship Programs

Cornell University has fund programs for its students that can not afford its full fees. They offer complete and partial scholarships. These scholarships have benefits attached to them. Its winners enjoy these privileges. They include the following;       

  • Cornell University issues Medical Insurance in its scholarship.
  • Its scholarships give the privilege of using the University’s library and software.
  • If the winner of the scholarship is to live in the school’s dormitory, Cornell makes it free. It also provides rent for the winner if the need to live outside the school arises.
  • Cornell University sponsors the daily allowance of the winner.
  • If it is a full scholarship, the school fees will be made free. If the scholarship won was a partial one, the school fees will be partially covered.

Some credentials are required for the application for Cornell University’s Scholarship. These credentials are;

In preparing one’s credentials for a scholarship, one should be careful to provide a duplicate of each credential. Valid credentials should also be provided. Every duplicate made should be put in a file for storage and reference purposes. 

An applicant for any scholarship should also be careful to arrange each credential as required by the scholarship site. Do not interchange any credentials. These will give you an edge in winning a scholarship. Academic scholarships help to reduce expenses in one’s education. Valid email addresses should be put for feedback received from the scholarship site. Some documents are required for applying for Cornell University’s scholarship. They include;

  • The applicant’s National Identification Card (ID card) and a passport.
  • The applicant’s resume (also called Curriculum Vitae). This contains details of the applicant’s education, job, etc.
  • Some recommendation letters from officials.
  • An essay (the topic will be provided by the scholarship’s website).
  • Non-scholastic activities confirmation.
  • Statement of the applicant’s finance.
  • Some required transcripts. This can include a transcript from the college attended.
  • Scores in English Language proficiency tests taken.
Steps in applying for Cornell Scholarships
  1. Search for Cornell University scholarships.
  2. Check deadlines for each scholarship seen and choose anyone that will give you the time to get all your valid credentials.
  3. Check also for the qualifications needed for the scholarship. Check the features of the scholarship too 
  4. You can choose the scholarship you want.
  5. Check the credentials needed and prepare them
  6.  Create duplicates of each credential for yourself for reference purposes. Make sure to provide a valid email address.
  7. Go through the credentials gotten again.
  8.  Submit or present the credentials on the scholarship website. Make sure you click on the ‘submit’ option.
  9. Check your email continuously for feedback from the site. GoodLuck!

Valid credentials,  high academic performance proof, high GPA, and other valid credentials can increase your probability of being called for an interview by the scholarship board. Before going for any interviews, be sure to see experts in the field for advice on how to appear, talk, etc. Be bold.   


Cornell University is a widely-known university in the world. It has raised great scholars through its quality education. Its students are groomed and given quality education and EARNED certificates. This university also provides scholarship programs for people who yearn to go into the University but are held back by insufficient funds. It provides full and partial scholarships. The benefits of these scholarships can not be underestimated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1.  Must I be from the United States to apply for Cornell University’s scholarships?

No. Cornell University provides scholarships for international students (not from the United States). These scholarships are available for people around the world who are not from the United States.

       2.    Will Cornell University pay for my rent if I am given a scholarship?

Yes. If the need arises that you stay outside the school, the school provides the rent. But, there must be a valid reason for living outside the school.

       3.    Can I make use of the school’s library as a student on scholarship?

A student on scholarship at Cornell University is given the privilege of using the school’s library. It is one of the benefits of Cornell’s scholarship program.

       4.    Are there countries Cornell University does not accept?

No. Cornell University has a slot for international students all over the world. There are no countries rejected.