The Best Law Schools In Florida


Lawyers with the best careers started by searching for the ideal law school. There is a high demand for law services in Florida and the United States, and pursuing your education in the best school makes you a top-tier lawyer. Although there are numerous law schools in Florida, choosing the best can be quite daunting. 

The Best Law Schools In Florida

The Best Law Schools In Florida

You should scrutinize factors such as the school’s rating, location, programs offered, career support, and hands-on experience, to name a few. If you are looking for the best law school in Florida, the following article will shed light on the ideal options to kickstart your career. 

Florida State University College of Law

One of the most notable aspects of Florida State University College of Law is its competitive location. It is based in Tallahassee, across the street from the Supreme Court of Florida, which offers one-of-a-kind legal opportunities. There is a wide array of courses and specialized programs in entities such as:

  • International law
  • Environmental law 
  • Criminal law 

Florida State University College of Law is ranked 48th in the United States. Admission to the institution requires at least 160 points on the LSAT (in 2022) and its GPA meridian is at 3.63. Its bar passage is 81.1, while Florida’s average is 67.9%. Since its establishment in 1966, the institution has been one of the best for local and international students. In addition, the school is prominent for its diversity. 

Florida International University

Being one of the fastest-improving law institutions in the United States, Florida International University offers quality law courses. The institution was fully accredited in 2006 and offers programs such as:

  • Intellectual Property Certificate
  • Trial Advocacy Program
  • Legal Skills
  • Internal Law
  • Comparative Law

The United States News and World Reports rank Florida International University as the 91st law school. Students with outstanding academic scores have an easy time joining the school. It also requires a substantial personal statement on how you will improve the school and its community as well. Florida International University has a whopping 87% employment rate, classifying it as a top destination for future lawyers. 

University of Miami School of Law

Having been founded in 1926, the University of Miami School of Law is one of the leading law schools. It is located in Coral Gables and offers numerous courses and programs such as Juris Doctor, joint degrees, and LL. M. The University of Miami School of Law has an impressive student community and a comprehensive library for the utmost learning and interactions. 

There are also LL.M programs for both national and international students, which include:

  • Arts and Sports Law
  • Entertainment
  • Estate Planning
  • International Law
  • Tax Law
  • Maritime Law

Its US law ranking is 58, and the average course duration is 12 months. According to 2022 university statistics, the institution had 75% of students getting jobs in less than nine months. 

Florida Coastal School of Law

The main reason why the Florida Coastal School of Law was established was to produce practice-ready attorneys. Students are taught using a series of practical training by seasoned full-time faculty. Its accreditation was in 2002, and the institution offers certificate programs in:

  • International comparative law
  • Environmental law
  • Sports law

However, the institution does not pay much keenness to the bar passage rate as it stands at 42.5%. The institution has a decent acceptance rate; as of 2022, 46.6% of graduates secured full-time occupations less than a year after graduation. Teams from the institution have been recognized at the state, regional, and national levels. 

University of Florida Levin College of Law

The University of Florida Levin College of Law has a heightened focus on academic and practical skills, making it a top-tier destination. It is ranked 31st, and its faculty is quite active as it is involved in helping student research, reviewing and publishing. Its location is in Gainesville and offers the following programs:

  • Juris Doctor Degree (three-year, full-time)
  • LL.M in taxation
  • Environmental law
  • Land use
  • Comparative law
  • International Taxation

According to the US News and World Report, the school is classified as the best in tax programs in all public law schools. It is by far the best law school, as it has a 70.9% bar pass rate. In 2022, 75.3% of students secured employment within the first ten months after graduating. 

Stetson University College of Law

Being Florida’s first-ever law school, Stetson University College of Law is ranked number one in trial advocacy. The school was established in 1900 and has produced highly skilled lawyers who have demonstrated leadership attributes in the law scope. Graduates from the institution have become prominent judges, attorneys, advocates and CEOs in various sectors. The institution is located in Tampa Bay, a prime destination for law graduates. 

Stenson University College of Law is ranked 104th according to the US News and World Report and offers students an excellent opportunity to push their careers forward. Applications require students to meet or surpass a median LSAT of 155, which most students achieve. 77.2% of graduates from the institution have secured job opportunities within ten months after their graduation. 

St. Thomas University School of Law

The institution is located in Miami Gardens and was founded in 1984. The unique aspect of St. Thomas University School of Law is that it is the only Florida institution that offers undergraduate cybersecurity and policy courses. Another good thing is that the school’s admission entry requirements are lenient compared to most schools in Florida. 

In addition, the school has a comfortable setting all year round, which allows students to get the best out of their law learning. During the first ten months of 2022, 54.7% of students secured substantial jobs. 

Final Thoughts

Florida is a prime destination for law students as it has some of the best law schools in the United States and worldwide. Students need to meet several requirements such as LSAT, personal statements, GPA scores, and bar passages, among other factors. The above post has articulated the best law schools in Florida, their requirements, and the courses offered.