NYU Law School Acceptance Rate Ranking And More

After the blissful or bitter-sweet end to an undergraduate school, students consider applying for higher education in graduate schools, New York University being one of the top dogs. The university offers several degrees, the law being one of them. However, opting for the degree is a pivotal point in every student’s life, it defines what lies ahead and what direction one would head into. When it comes to Law School, enrollment rises every year. Let us know about NYU Law School Acceptance Rate Ranking And More.

NYU Law School Acceptance Rate, Ranking, And More

 In 2021, students opting for law schools increased by 12%. NYU Law School is ranked number 6, with an acceptance rate of 33.1%. Even though the statistics may seem scintillating enough to a student, there are other factors to contemplate before finalizing their decision to apply. Here are given about NYU Law School Acceptance Rate Ranking And More.

About NYU

NYU Law School was founded in 1835, its sheer campus located in Manhattan, New York, is one of the oldest and the most successful schools of law globally. The reputation it breeds is because of the quality and prowess of its students, faculty, staff members, and alumni in their respective fields. But more so, the educational platform offers the diversity students are looking for, both in terms of the courses offered, and even the academic competition in this context makes them strive hard. 

NYU Law School Ranking

Looking at the ranking statistics helps in deciding which law school a student is going to attend, albeit it is only one of the factors, the rank is a major contributor to the overall reputation of the school.

NYU Law School stands at number 6 in terms of the best law schools the country has. The table below shows the top 7 law schools.

Yale Law School1
Harvard Law School2
Stanford Law School3
Columbia University Law School4
University of Chicago Law School5
New York University School of Law6
University of Pennsylvania Law School7

Criteria for ranking

The ranking is based on several different factors, that come together to determine the overall rank. Certain factors are:

  • Reputation in academics.
  • Faculty-to-student ratio.
  • Employer’s repute.
  • The research networking of the school internationally.
  • Faculty’s citations in journals.
  • Rate of student employment.
  • Passing the bar exam rate.
  • Diversity and selection rate.
  • Overall culture.

Specific rankings

The table below shows rankings by law fields the NYU Law School stands. 

Corporate Law1
Constitutional Law5
Commercial Law4
Criminal Law1
Environmental Law5
Intellectual Property Law3
Tax Law1
International Law1

One of the major reasons for NYU Law School to stand higher in the rankings is accredited to the diversity of law subjects/courses that can be availed. They are enlisted below:

  • City/Land law
  • Civil rights law
  • Democracy
  • Family law
  • Gender Law
  • Sex offense 
  • Labor Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Social sciences
  • History

NYU Law School acceptance rate

Acceptance rate refers to the number of students enrolled out of the total number of students who applied. The table below shows the acceptance rate of NYU Law School in a few years:

YearAcceptance Rate

These are the rounded-off figures of the acceptance rates. Acceptances are decided by the board of admissions and there is not a single sure-shot criterion, the admission depends upon several points in the student application that culminate together to determine acceptance at NYU Law School.

In 2021, about 5,715 students applied for the NYU Law School, if you determine what 34% of that is, 1,892, you may have a slick chance at acceptance. Considering you meet other requirements. 

The average acceptance rate of all law schools stands at about 45% at a national level here and for the top-ranked law schools, it is about 21%. 

It is also important to have information about the acceptance rates of some other top-ranked law schools.

  • Stanford Law School has a 10.8% rate of acceptance.
  • Harvard Law School has a 15.6% rate of acceptance.
  • Duke Law School has a 20.4% rate of acceptance.

NYU Law School admission criteria

NYU Law School, being a top-tier institution, demands the brightest minds to be enrolled. This is where the actual competition takes place, out of thousands who apply, only a few make it to NYU Law School based on their overall assessment. 

NYU Law School Acceptance Rate Ranking And More- There are a few things that a student must have to fulfill the criteria for admission:

  • An average CGPA of 3.7 at the undergraduate level.
  • LSAT score of 172 on average. 

These are just the basics that make a student eligible and have a good chance to get into NYU Law School as there is no single combination of LSAT scores and CGPA that assures admission, the application itself consists of several other factors.

Material for application

Applying to NYU Law School is a detailed procedure, that requires a student to pay close attention to the checklist, gather all the material for applying, and most importantly, fill it out without any errors. 

The materials that are needed for the application are:

  1. Application Form
  • The form includes the basic information about the applicant, like name, year of birth, general biography, demographics, academic performances, etc. 
  • In the form, the student must choose one degree they wish to enroll in, such as the LLM in the case of the NYU Law School. 
  1. Fee
  • The fee for applying and getting the application form is 85 USD.
  • It cannot be refunded even if the student does not get selected at NYU Law School.
  • It will not be adjusted in the tuition fee. 
  1. Resume
  • The resume includes information about work experiences, internships, any other extra-curricular activities, or even a community service that the student has experienced.
  • If there is no such experience, then details about what the student did in their time must be included. 
  • You can also include your experience regarding writing, etc., or any published work that you want to be considered.
  • There is no official format communicated by NYU Law School about the resume. 
  1. Personal Statement
  • This is what stands out for most students who get accepted out of the lot.
  • It includes details about the student who applies, the motivations, outlook on life, professional and personal goals, and accomplishments.
  • Details about what made the student interested in choosing law as a field. 
  • It is a snapshot into the individual, and how the community would benefit from their presence. 
  • The personal statement should be about 500 words.
  1. Addendum
  • Although it is included but is not compulsory to submit.
  • It includes additional pieces of information the student would like to share with the university, specifically related to character and fitness. 
  1. Transcripts
  • Students applying must provide the transcripts of all their previous educational background, meaning, from all the schools/colleges, etc. they have been to in the past.
  • It must be in English.
  • Include the detail of your rank in class, you could simply ask your schools for it.
  • If the applicant has not finished the degree in its entirety, including any sort of results or records. 
  • These transcripts will be sent to LSAC by the respective institutions the students have attended. 
  • For foreign students seeking to have their transcripts submitted to LSAC, they must send a TRF (Transcript Request Form) to their respective schools who will then fill it out and send it back along with the transcript.
  • The transcripts sent by the schools must be contained in the official school envelope and sealed. 
  1. Other material
  • For students applying for the Hauser Scholarship, an essay of about 500-750 words must be included.
  • The essay should entail certain directives about the legal world, its problems, etc., and the proposed solution for it. 
  1. English language ability scores
  • These must be submitted by the foreign students applying to NYU Law School.
  • The exam scores of TOEFL and IELTS.
  • A minimum score of 100/120 in TOEFL and 7.0/9.0 for IELTS. 
  1. Recommendation letters
  • Applicants can submit 1-4 letters of recommendation.
  • This must be written by an individual who can be unbiased and can comment on the applicant by highlighting their qualities and traits, educational dexterity, general behavior, etc. 
  • If the applicant is submitting more than one recommendation, they must differ from one another and provide different snapshots of the applicant. 

The application process opens on the websites on September 1st.

The rest of the deadlines are as follows:

Decisions held regularlyFebruary 15
Decisions held earlyNovember 15
Scholarship applicationsJanuary 1
How to apply at NYU Law School

Now that the student has information about all the material required for the application process, the steps to apply are simple, although it must be noted that the student must apply and send all the details at least 2 weeks before reaching the deadline. So that the application can be processed in time. 

  1. You must make an LSAC (Law School Admission Council) account. 
  2. Make an account on CAS (Credential Assembly Service).
  3. Attach all your required material in these accounts and in specific sections as per the instructions.
  4. The application for New York Law School must be completed.
  5. Your application will be submitted via LCAS to the New York Law School.
  6. After the application and all the details have been submitted, you will be notified via email.

These are necessary to make for the following reasons:

  • Your LSAC account will electronically contain all the material that was necessary for the application, like transcripts, recommendations, and English language test scores, this is accomplished by the CAS, which is linked to the LCAS account.
  • This makes sure that your entire records are sent only once to be considered by different law schools, as students usually apply for more than one.
  • CAS, linked to LCAS, has digitally stored information about your previous education.
  • Summary reports are generated by CAS for different schools to view.
  • The fee for signing up for CAS is 195 USD, and for the report, USD 45. 
Fee details for New York Law School

Law schools, in one word, are expensive. This is attributed to the training and overall preparedness of students to tackle life ahead in the field of law.

The table below is a general breakdown of the fee at NYU Law School.

Tuition fee70,400 USD
Health/Tech/Registration3,014 USD
Board/Room25,300 USD
Books1,500 USD
Health insurance3,637 USD
Miscallenous1,144 USD
Loan220 USD
TOTAL105,205 USD
Overall Culture at NYU Law School

NYU has a very diverse culture as students from all over the world join different programs every year. Moreover, the student’s experience is enhanced by the availability of committees, organizations, and platforms that extend your skill set. Overall, the environment is a deep-knitted society of students sharing their experiences and engaging in constructive competition.


Selecting law as a career option is the decision of a lifetime for a student because it comes with putting in endless hours of work, and effort to save someone and bring justice. Law in general, keeps a balance in society, making individuals accountable for their actions, either good or bad. Thus, choosing a law school is only step one of the rest of the journey, and cannot be determined by only the acceptance rate or the ranking, but by a passion for the field. Now it is clear about NYU Law School Acceptance Rate Ranking And More.

  1. What were the GPA statistics of the NYU Law school class of 2021?

An average CGPA of 3.70 is a safe option, but the higher, the better the chance of you getting selected since the competition is high when it comes to applications being shortlisted and processed further.

No combination formally exists, which could ensure your admission. The scores and CGPA statistics for 2021 were as follows:

PercentileCGPALSAT Score
  1. What are the costs of living at NYU housing?

If considering your entire stay through 4 years at NYU, the living costs would total 96,567 USD, this is an estimate. This includes the room expense at the campus, which is 19,244 USD, and dining for 5,136 USD for one year at NYU.