How Many Safety Schools?

When choosing how many colleges one needs to apply to, it’s not only important to choose safety schools. It is important to add Meet and Reach schools to the list. Therefore, this article won’t only touch on the number of safety schools to choose alone. it will explain everything needed as regards how many Meet and Reach schools to choose from as well. This is a must-read for every aspiring college student, so grab your popcorn and dive in already!

How Many Safety Schools?

Every aspiring student’s college list needs to contain 2 to 3 safety schools. Safety schools such as the University of Wyoming, and Montclair State University are excellent choices. Besides having 2 to 3 safety schools, the list needs to contain 4 to 5 meet schools. Plus, 2 to 3 reach schools. 

Recommended College List

When aspiring for a college, students need to choose a college to attend. Having a particular school as one’s dream school and sticking to that dream school doesn’t cut the ice. 

It is unwise to have just one school option. The reason is that there’s no 100% guarantee that the student will get admitted to the dream school. Yes, the student may boast of having up to the required school GPA requirements of that dream school. 

They may even boast of their capabilities to write a breathtaking recommendation letter. As well as having the best extracurricular skills and talents. 

While these are important and aid the student’s chance of getting admitted. It doesn’t guarantee the student’s 100% chance of getting admitted to the school.

This is where having a list that contains up to 10 different aspiring colleges comes in handy. This means that if one dream school doesn’t give the student admission, the student has other college options. 

The student won’t only have a list of 8 to 10 different schools alone. They will need to send in applications to each of the colleges they choose.

What Does Safety, Match, And Reach Schools Entail?

Students must ensure they choose the schools they have an interest in. As mentioned earlier, it’s not written anywhere that a student must attend a particular school. 

When students make in-depth research on different colleges available. They’ll realize that it’s not a particular school that matches their needs and desires. Several other schools can provide everything they desire.

This means that having to choose 10 different colleges isn’t a hard thing to do. In the end, a student may realize that they could count 15 schools that match their needs and desires. 

It’s during the choice of college that safety, reach, and match schools come in handy. The student can’t just pick different schools randomly. This means there’s a way the student needs to choose the potential schools they’ll attend. 

These types of schools are what will make up the 8 to 10 recommended list of colleges. Below, the student will find out more information on what safety, reach, and match schools entail. As well as how to choose each of these school types. 

Safety Schools

This is the first type of school a student should choose. The reasons aren’t farfetched; safety schools refer to schools that guarantee 70% and upward acceptance chances. This means that there’s a significant chance of a student getting admitted to any safe school they choose.

Because these types of schools guarantee a high rate of acceptance. Many believe that these schools are schools no one will want to attend because they’re not prestigious enough. 

Meaning they can’t stand in the rank of the likes of Harvard University. While that may be true that they’re not in the rank of prestigious schools like Harvard University. Most of them are influential schools capable of providing the best college experience every student needs. 

Examples Of Great Safety Schools

Below are examples of outstanding safety schools highly recommended all over the United States. They are as follows;

1. South Mississippi University 

In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, this school promises its students breathtaking engagements as it boasts over 220 student organizations. As well as a lot of intensive study-abroad programs. 

Although it has an acceptance rate of 98%. This school says it doesn’t accept any score less than 19 to 26 on the ACT. 

South Mississippi is affordable as well, the school cost for resident students is $25,280. While that for non-residents is $27,280.

2. University of Wyoming 

This university boasts a 96% acceptance rate. Students who are outdoor enthusiasts will have no problem getting a chance in this school.

It’s in Laramie Wyoming and its latest undergraduate enrollment comprises 9,900 students. The issue here is that these school classes are small. 

However, the cost of attendance for Wyoming residents in a year is $20,258. While non-residents pay $32,828 in a year.

3. Kent State University 

This is another school to add to the list of one’s safety schools. Kent State University boasts of 22,500 undergraduate enrollment, plus an 85% acceptance rate. 

Students wanting to add this school to their safety school list must possess between 20 to 26 scores on the ACT. Plus, 1030 to 1190 score in their SATs scores. 

Represented by 90+ countries, it’s in Ohio and it’s one of safest campuses in the United States. Residents of Kent, Ohio aspiring to attend must prepare to pay a tuition fee of $28,666. Whereas non-residents get to pay a sum of $37,542. 

4. Montclair State University

First, the school has earned New Jersey’s best public university on Forbes. Aside from this it has a 71% acceptance rate and boasts 16,900 undergraduate enrollments. 

Montclair boasts up to 300 majors, certificates, and minor programs and the school only permits professors to teach their students. Aspirants must note that the cost of attendance for resident students is $33,976 and it’s $41,936 for non-resident students. 

5. College Of The Ozark

This school is located at Point Lookout, Missouri to be precise and it has an acceptance rate of 12%. Plus, the latest undergraduate enrollment list of 1,500. 

This college is mainly a school for every liberal arts aspirant, it boasts 50+ degree programs. Alongside present several leadership program opportunities such as the Christain fellowship opportunities. Plus, leadership development tracts. 

One important thing to note about this school is the fact that it prohibits all kinds of loan programs. Therefore students that can’t afford its tuition fees shouldn’t even think about choosing the school. 

Match Schools 

Match schools refer to the type of schools where the student’s scores match the average requirement of the school. They’re schools the student should have no problem getting admitted to regardless of their acceptance rate. This is because the student meets the required qualifications for getting admitted into the school. 

To have several good options as regards choosing match schools. Aspiring students must ensure they acquire the right school credentials. That’ll qualify them to get a chance at a variety of excellent match schools. 

Above all, the student’s list should contain 3 to 4 match schools. This ensures they have several good options to hope for as regards getting admission. 

Reach Schools

This type of school is the last to choose because the student’s chances into any of them are slim. These are schools where the student’s credentials don’t meet up with that of those schools.

Having 2 to 3 types of reach schools in one’s list means the student is hoping against all hopes. And trying to dream big that they’d have a chance with any of the schools. 

Looking at the explanation of reach schools. One can easily conclude that there’s no need to add to the list or reach school options. 

However, it’s important to dream big and reach for the impossible because all things are possible. These are the reasons a student’s college list is incomplete without 2 to 3 different Reach schools.


While it’s important to have a range of 8 to 10 different colleges to send applications to. The list must contain only the schools’ students that they admire and will have no problem attending. Above all, this article is a must-read for every aspirant, therefore it’s worth sharing with every college aspirant out there.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is it possible to get rejected from a safety school?

Yes, it’s possible to get rejected from a safe school despite the student credentials surpassing the requirement of the school. 

2. Is it a must for the student to incorporate an essay while applying to a safety school? 

Yes, it’s a must to incorporate a great essay while applying to a safety school. Above all, it’s essential students put in their all when applying to any school, safety or not. 

3. Is a GPA point of 3.5 good for college?

A 3.5 GPA is great for almost every college. Having a 3.5 GPA means the student amassed a B+ average. Which qualifies them to get a good chance at any college.

#4. How many safety schools should a law aspirant select?

A law aspirant college list should comprise three safety schools, two match, and two reach schools.