Best Pre-Dental Schools In The US

A pre-dental degree allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree while getting or receiving recognition for a future and professional dental degree. During these undergraduate years, students focused on enrollment in major mathematics subjects rather than dental subjects. Let us know about Best Pre-Dental Schools In The US.

Best Pre-Dental Schools In The US

While receiving a Pre-dental undergraduate degree, students will have to be focused on science and mathematics subjects including organic chemistry, anatomy, biology, and more. Various dental schools appreciate students who have college experience in traditional sciences, social studies, and humanities. It’s a very crucial decision to choose the right and best pre-dental school. This article has made this easy for you.

Currently, there are 67 dental schools or more that provide pre-dental programs. Here is the list of the top 18 pre-dental schools in the United States offering pre-dental programs.

Eastern University (St. Davids, PA)

Eastern University is a private university located near Pennsylvania. Eastern University provides more than 120 nationally recognized and popular undergraduate degree programs. Eastern University always stays focused on its core values including faith, justice, and reason throughout all of its degrees and programs. Many students outside the US consider Eastern University to pursue pre-dentistry studies because Eastern University is one of the most popular universities in the United States. Eastern University is a dental school that wants its students to participate in practicing dentistry projects, research opportunities and grab chances to enlighten their futures in the Dentistry field. Students of Eastern University can get internship opportunities placed at Rutgers School of Medicine. Juniors, seniors, and fresh graduates can also apply for this internship.

Boston University (Boston, MA)

Boston University is located in the large city of Boston. If you’re a student who wants to study pre-dentistry studies in one of the best and most popular schools, choose Boston University. Boston U is not a for profit University with a large number of students. The best school ranks at #67 out of the 2,677 schools nationwide, so it means Boston University is the best school overall that offers a pre-dental program. Boston University helps students to pursue their careers in dentistry. Boston University ranks 30th in the world for being the best University. 

Auburn University (Auburn, AL)

Auburn recently ranked one of the 100 great places to settle and provides the best school for students to gain collegiate experience. Students must know that getting admission to Auburn University is quite competitive and difficult because overall Auburn University’s acceptance rate is 86%. Students have to build a competitive and strong background with great grades to get admission to Auburn University. Before applying to get admission to Auburn University, it is advised to take a Dental test and attend compulsory meetings related to the Auburn application process. Mrs. Beverly Childress is one of the health professional directors, serving more than 20 years at Auburn. On the other hand, Auburn does not have a dental school on campus, so mostly Auburn students who’re receiving pre-dental degrees attend the University of Alabama.

Loyola University Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Loyola University is the first dental school to subsume circuit television as an instruction method. Loyola University Chicago provides pre-dental undergraduate degrees and programs. It is a not-for-profit university also known as a four-year program university in a large Chicago city. Loyola University Chicago’s acceptance rate is 71%. Students with social studies or sciences backgrounds with good grades are always welcome to apply for admission to Loyola University Chicago. 

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and health sciences (Boston, MA)

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and health sciences is a private university. MCPHS stays focused on the medical degree and programs. MCPHS is the best school to study pre-dentistry studies. MCPHS University is a private non-profit school located in the large and popular city of Boston. MCPHS school ranks at 5 for being the best school to study pre-dentistry studies. According to recent data, from 2019-2020 students who have studied pre-dentistry studies at the MCPHS university, 67% were women, and 33% were men.

Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)

John Hopkin University ranks 9 in the US for being the best school to study pre-dentistry studies, according to the US News. John Hopkins students are linked to Dentistry internship for pre-dentistry studies and to gain on-hand experience. Johns Hopkins University provides various opportunities to students for dentistry practice and projects. Students of Johns Hopkins University have opportunities and resources to enlighten their future in the dentistry field. 

Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI)

At Marquette University, students can pursue a bachelor’s degree and dental degree within seven years, instead of eight. Marquette annually enrolls or takes nine or ten students in the pre-dental degree and program. Marquette makes it highly competitive for students to take admission for their own sake. Marquette University is encouraging students to build a strong and competitive background to take admission at Marquette University. The school also offers an intensive program for five weeks which is known as DSEP (Dental summer Enrichment program). According to the data, the students who pursue their undergraduate pre-dental degree from Marquette University are now settled in high and competitive medical roles as qualified and experienced Dentists. 

Ball State University (Muncie, IN)

Ball State is a public University located in Muncie. Ball State University has a large and great number of students who’re receiving a pre-dental program. Ball State University offers a pre-dental degree program. Ball State University is also known as the four-year degree-oriented University in the city. So, Ball State University is a great university overall to study pre-dentistry studies. 

Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR)

Students who’re not ready about receiving a pre-dental degree, join Oregon State pre-dental club to know about the opportunities, hear experienced and professional guest speakers and volunteer dentistry practices, and attend application process meetings. Oregon State University students’ loans from the university to pay for their pre-dental program and pay it back within a decade. OSU students can also apply for scholarships. So, Oregon State University is one of the best and most famous universities to pursue a pre-dental degree.

James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA)

James Madison University is one of the most competitive universities. It requires students to have a strong background and high grades and GPAs otherwise, they may drop out during the program. James Madison University helps students to be professional and experienced Dentists. Students of James Madison University have to be competitive with grades, they have to maintain good performance throughout the program if they want to continue the pre-dental program at James Madison University.

Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)

Students of pre-dental can gain employment at MSU and can work closely at research labs and dentistry practices. Students who want to pursue pre-dental programs at MSU have two in-state options: one is the University of Detroit Mercy, and the second is the University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor. Interested students who want to study the pre-dental program at Michigan State University visit the website for the curriculum guide.

UCLA, the University of California (Los Angeles, CA)

UCLA provides 1-year experience to students that include mentorship, dentistry practice opportunities, clinical opportunities, and research activities. According to UCLA, 75% of its students have participated in the pre-dental program and moved further to attend dental school. All the students who get admission to UCLA can learn Basic dental principles in the lectures, which lets pre-dental students know about dentistry and its procedures. Overall, UCLA (the University of California, is one of the famous dental schools in the US to pursue a pre-dental degree and program. 

Central Washington University (Ellensburg, WA)

Central Washington University is a public university which is located in Ellensburg, Washington. Central Washington University ranks 5th nationwide to pursue a pre-dental degree. According to the recent data, three students graduated from Central Washington University with a Pre-dental degree. According to the statistics, of the students who graduated from CWU among those 67% were women, and 33% were men. Central Washington University is one of the best dental schools to pursue a pre-dental program.

Holmes Community College (Goodman, MS)

It is not possible to beat Holmes Community College in the best dental school competition. Holmes Community College is a public college that offers a pre-dental program. Holmes Community College ranks 4th for being the best college to pursue pre-dentistry studies. Overall Holmes Community College is the best pre-dental school to pursue a pre-dental degree.

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (La Crosse, WI)

The University of Wisconsin ranks at 1 in Wisconsin for its values and principle. The University of Wisconsin is the best option to pursue a pre-dental program. The University of Wisconsin is known well for its principles and determination toward students. It has the best teachers and professors who’re dentists themselves to teach and lead the students toward a dentistry career.

The University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, TX)

There are two programs the University of Texas offers. The first program will consist of six weeks called the Texas A&M Collegiate program, in which students learn skills and abilities in dentistry practices and skillful to apply for dental schools. The second program that the University of Texas offers is called the Summer Health professional program which consists of 6 weeks. It helps students to learn about the health profession more deeply. The University of Texas is highly recommended to students who want to pursue a career in the dentistry field. Pre-dental program’s students will have two advisors and guiders at the University of Texas, one a major health professional advisor who make students skillful for the further procedure and coming journey. The University of Texas’s acceptance rate is 88%, so it’s highly competitive to take admission to this dental school. It is the best dental school to enroll for a pre-dental degree, with studies it provides exceptional services and opportunities to the students who’re pursuing the pre-dental degree. So, it will be a wise choice to choose the University of Texas for a pre-dental degree and program because it is one of the best dental schools in the United States and offers a pre-dental program.

Northeast Community College (Norfolk, NE)

Northeast Community College is located in Norfolk. Northeast Community College is a public dental school with a moderate number of students. Overall Northeast Community College is the best college to pursue pre-dentistry studies. According to data, two students graduated from Northeast Community College with a pre-dental degree.

Western Nebraska Community College (Scottsbluff, NE)

Western Nebraska Community College is a public dental school in Scottsbluff, and also has campuses in Sidney and Nebraska. Western Nebraska Community College ranks 21st among 22 schools in Nebraska. According to the data, one student graduated from the Western Nebraska Community College with a pre-dental degree. Western Nebraska Community College is one of the best dental schools to pursue pre-dentistry studies.

Pre-dental schools in the United States are considered the best schools worldwide because of their values and principles. Students outside the United States come to the United States to pursue pre-dentistry studies. These pre-dental schools in the US have the best and most experienced teachers and professors to convey lectures to the students. These pre-dental schools in the US, with studies, also provide career-oriented opportunities in the field of Dentistry. It will be one of the best choices to get admitted to these dental schools to pursue a pre-dental degree.


If you’re a student and looking for the best college to pursue pre-dentistry studies, choose one of these top 18 dental schools located in the United States. These dental schools in the US provide on-hand experience and give opportunities to the students to get ready for the further journey and involve them in dentistry practices.