Best Pharmacy Schools In Florida


When it comes to healthcare professions, pharmacy sciences are considered important. Carefully choosing a school is very important for a student while studying higher education. Florida is a beautiful state and is known for its unique culture and diverse population. Let us know ‘Best Pharmacy Schools In Florida’.

Best Pharmacy Schools In Florida

Best Pharmacy Schools In Florida

Florida is a beautiful state and also a hub for skilled higher education. Talking about medical studies, there are really good options that students can opt for. With great facilities, hands-on experience, and experienced staff, there are three top pharmacy schools, and the students can choose the one that suits them best. 

3 Best Pharmacy Schools in Florida

  • University of Florida
  • Florida A&M University
  • NSU Pharmacy School

University of Florida

The University of Florida College of Pharmacy is one of the best colleges of pharmacy in the country. It was ranked in the top 5 colleges by U.S. News & World Report. Other than this, this college has led the nation in competitive pharmacy residency programs and has a diverse population of students studying in the pharmacy college. 

Award-winning faculty at the campus work to improve the health of people via advanced research in pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology, precision medicine, clinical innovation, high-impact research, and pharmacy education. With numerous national awards for excellence in distance learning, the college’s online programs are among the biggest and most successful in the world.


The University of Florida College of Pharmacy offers the three best cities for students to choose their program and study pharmacy. These are Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Orlando. All sites follow the same course of education. Furthermore, video teaching enables students and teachers to collaborate and contact each other in real-time to solve their issues.

Therapeutic Innovations

The college is best known for its clinical research. There have been more than 50 faculty members involved in 80% of clinical research. The pharmacists worked in around 15 subspecialties, including, oncology, pediatrics, infectious disease, emergency medicine, ambulatory care, critical care, and more. 

Excellence in Research 

According to the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, UF is one of the top three pharmacy schools in the United States in terms of the federal, total grant, and NIH funding. Advanced scientific approaches are used by researchers in the fields of drug discovery, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, disease modeling, patient safety, and more. 

Florida A&M University

Established in 1951, Florida A&M (Agricultural and Mechanical) University has a long and successful history. Its Institute of Public Health’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences delivers a solid base of education and hands-on experiences through skilled staff and preparation for real-life problems and experiences. 

The Florida A&M College is accredited by the Certification Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).


To complete the Doctor of Pharmacy degree program, the Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Public Health, provides two campus options, including Tallahassee and Crestview, and three practice centers across the state (Centre Florida Pharmacy Practice Center, the Northern Florida Pharmacy Practice Center, and the South Florida Pharmacy Practice Center). 


This institute offers numerous opportunities for students to pursue higher education. There are BS Pharmaceutical Sciences Programs, Pre-Pharmacy Programs, Doctor of Pharmacy Programs, Graduate Degree Programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Graduate Degree Programs in Public Health. 

Real-Time Training

Students adhere to the NIH Guidelines while conducting research and follow scientific ethics in the field. All students complete internships toward the end of their degree programs to get real-world experience.

Research is another way that Florida A&M Pharmacy empowers students to take control of their education. With the help of college student research programs, students are always welcome to learn new approaches in the field of pharmacy. Students can work with the teachers, who conduct their research projects.

NSU Pharmacy School

This pharmacy school is known for its many prestigious awards and honors. This school is worldwide renowned for its pharmacy teaching and research, providing students with a variety of educational programs (including Ph.D., Pharm.D., and M.S. degrees). 

Here, Pharm.D. students have the option of pursuing a master’s degree in public health, business administration, or health informatics concurrently. There is great diversity among the students as well as the teachers, the school is ranked first for Hispanic students and 14th for African-American students. There are more than 6,000 alumni worldwide, many of whom hold prominent positions in their fields.


The whole university design is a picture of the intellectual and cultural center of society. It spreads over 300 acres on the western outskirts of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The college of pharmacy is on the west side of campus houses. There are facilities of pharmaceutical practice, research labs, and interactive classrooms for students to study in the pharmacy school. The colleges of Allopathic Medicine, Dental Medicine, Health Care Sciences, Osteopathic Medicine, Optometry, and Nursing in this region occupy the same space.


The College of Pharmacy at NSU offers beginning and advanced pharmacy practice experiences (IPPEs and APPEs).

All students are introduced to clinical settings, hospitals, and clinics. There are more than 800 pharmacist preceptors in various practice settings across the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as several international APPEs, to carry out these experiences.

What colleges have pharmacy programs in Florida?

In addition to the three colleges mentioned above, there are:

  • Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Palm Beach Atlantic University
  • The University of South Florida

What GPA do most pharmacy schools require?

Many colleges ask for a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a minimum required C grade in pre-requisite courses. 


These three colleges are the best in terms of studies, research, and real-time experiences. Students can choose from these or else conduct more in-depth research by exploring their websites. Explore, evaluate, and choose the best for yourself.

All the best for your higher studies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is pharmacy school in Florida?

In general, tuition and fees per term can be up to 11,450 dollars, for one academic year, up to 22,901 dollars. 

How much is a pharmacist paid in Florida?

The average salary of a pharmacist in Florida is around 119,000 dollars per year. However, it can vary from the lowest range of 35,500 dollars to the highest of 167,000 dollars, depending upon experience, skills, and other associated factors.