Is SAT Required For Boston University?

The acronym SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is a set of standardized tests for taking admission to most US-based colleges and Universities. Let us know Is SAT Required For Boston University?

Is SAT Required For Boston University?

It is an aptitude test and not an intelligence test. It includes three sections: reading, writing & maths. The students in the age group of 17 – 19 years studying in the standard 11th & 12th are eligible for it. It evaluates all these sections of a student and decides if he/she is eligible for studying in a particular foreign institution or not. The SAT Exam fee varies from around 77 to 90 USD. A good SAT score helps students to get into top institutions around US & other countries. To clear the SAT examination the candidate appearing must score at least 400 points, however, the maximum number of points is 1600. To avail of the scholarships, the candidate must have an SAT score between 1200 to 1600. The duration for this test is 3 hours without the essay, with the essay it is 3 hours 50 minutes.

To get into Boston University you require a GPA of at least 3.71, a score of 1320 on SAT, or an ACT score of 31. The international students also need to take an additional test known as the TOEFL Test, which checks the candidate’s English efficiency. TOEFL is an abbreviated form of Test for English as a foreign language. Again, it is a standardized test to check if a student (especially one from a non-native English-speaking country) has a good English grip. 

How to get into BU?

To get into Boston, an individual must fulfill all the eligibility criteria required by the university, including good test scores and above-average marks in high school. A GPA of 3.71 and above is considered an above-average score. If you’ve scored less than that in your high school then you need to compensate by scoring a higher score in either SAT or ACT, only then the university will consider your admission. The university will also analyze your participation in co-curricular activities, certificates received at the end of your academic year, and a letter of recommendation (LOR) by your High School Professor. 

Breakdown of ACT Scores: 

Perfect ACT Score = 36

Average ACT Score = 21

Minimum ACT Score = 31-34

Breakdown of SAT Scores:

Perfect SAT Score = 1600

Average SAT Score = around 1000

Minimum = 400

SAT/ACT is required for getting in as it acts as a common, formal, or standard matric system for students all over the globe. All these students have different education systems and boards so these tests make sure that only the genuine & deserving candidates get in. 

Why BU?

Boston is a private research institute in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts in the US. It was founded in 1839 and is one of the best colleges in the US (#27 ranked by The Wall Street Journal). Also, in the 2022 edition of best colleges, BU ranked #42. It entertains 40 clubs and other intramural sports. It has got 24 NCAA Division 1 Varsity Athletics. Having received 5 NCAA Championships in Men’s Hockey, it stands firmly in the field of sports. Not only this but three of the last 5 Patriot League Titles were given to the BU Women’s Soccer as well. It is located in West Boston along the banks of the Charles River with both humid subtropical & humid continental climate. Its alumni include William Sherman (Emmy Award & Peabody Award Winner), Mark Thompson (Pulitzer Prize Winner), Jhumpa Lahiri (Pulitzer Prize Winner), and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the courses offered by Boston?

Boston University offers several graduate & undergraduate courses with over 300+ programs of study from which you can choose your major accordingly. The Summer Session alone offers 700 courses in 70 subjects. With the courses offered by Boston University, one can have unlimited access to knowledge, develop a new set of skills & master /her academics.

Is it difficult to get in?

If you practice well, invest & manage your time, eliminate all the distractions, and understand the question paper pattern properly then it’s no rocket science to get in. Books like – The Official SAT Study Guide, Barron’s Reading Workbook for the New SAT, and Barron’s Writing Workbook for The New Sat are highly recommended for clearing SAT.

When can I give SAT Exam?

SAT is conducted 7 times in the US in Jan, March, May, June, Oct, Nov, and Dec whereas in foreign countries it is usually held in the months of May, March, Aug, Oct, and Dec depending on the country. Formally the test is conducted on the first Saturday of every month mentioned respectively.

What is the mascot of Boston?

The Mascot of BU is Rhett, the Boston Terrier since November 1922.