Unlocking the Art of Subtlety:

Alternatives to “Per Your Request” in Email Correspondence

In the vast expanse of professional communication, the delicacy of language reigns supreme. Every word, every phrase holds the potential to convey not just information, but also tone, intent, and respect. And in the realm of email correspondence, where brevity meets formality, the phrase “per your request” stands as a stalwart, signaling compliance and acknowledgment. Yet, as with any linguistic convention, its repetition can dull its impact. Hence, we embark on a journey to explore the myriad alternatives, the subtle variations that can lend nuance and elegance to our emails.


Other Ways to Say “Per Your Request” in an Email

When addressing a request in an email, the language we choose can set the tone for the entire conversation. Here are some alternatives to the ubiquitous “per your request”:

  1. As Requested:
    Straightforward and succinct, “as requested” efficiently communicates that the action has been taken in response to the initial inquiry.
  2. In Accordance with Your Inquiry:
    For a touch of formality, this phrase conveys adherence to the requester’s wishes while elevating the discourse with its refined tone.
  3. Following Your Directive:
    This option injects a sense of authority, subtly highlighting the autonomy of the requester’s instructions and the compliance thereof.
  4. Pursuant to Your Instructions:
    Employing legal terminology adds gravitas to the acknowledgment, suggesting a meticulous adherence to the details outlined by the requester.
  5. Per Your Specifications:
    When precision is paramount, this phrase underscores a meticulous alignment with the specific requirements laid out by the requester.
  6. In Response to Your Inquiry:
    This phrase not only acknowledges the request but also emphasizes the reciprocity inherent in the exchange of information.
  7. In Compliance with Your Wishes:
    With a nod to deference, this option emphasizes the respect accorded to the requester’s desires, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.
  8. Following Up on Your Request:
    By framing the action as a proactive follow-up, this phrase conveys attentiveness and dedication to fulfilling the requester’s needs.
  9. As Per Your Instructions:
    While similar to the standard phrase, this slight variation introduces a touch of formality, suitable for more official correspondences.
  10. Addressing Your Concerns:
    Emphasizing responsiveness, this phrase assures the requester that their needs or inquiries have been duly addressed and prioritized.

In the intricate dance of professional communication, the choice of words can be transformative. By exploring alternatives to the familiar “per your request,” we uncover a tapestry of nuanced expressions, each imbued with its own subtle shades of meaning. So, the next time you draft an email, consider the impact of your language, and let your words resonate with clarity and elegance.