Does Columbia southern university have a dean’s list?

Columbia Southern University does have a Dean’s List. However, students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.5, and they also need to be enrolled in a minimum of 4 classes amounting to 12 credits per semester. Let’s check about Columbia Southern University list.

Does Columbia southern university have a dean's list?

Columbia Southern University is a private four-year college and is also a for-profit college. Founded in the year 1993, by Robert G. Mayes Sr, the top employers of the students that attend Columbia Southern University are the government based such as the United States Department of Veterans and the United States Department of Defense. Moreover, when students graduate from Columbia Southern University, they also get into the United States Air Force, United States Navy or for higher education, students are also able to attend the United States Military Academy West. 

What Is The Dean’s List

Dean’s List is a familiar term that many undergraduate and postgraduate students know and are well-versed in. But many students do not know what the Dean’s List is. It shows academic achievement for students that show promising academic performance during a given semester. Other names for the Dean’s List include honors roll or an honors list, but it is not the same as having an honors degree.

The core requirements for a student to get into the Dean’s List is that they need to be a full-time student and maintain a certain level of grade point average to get into this list. However, the criteria for getting into the Dean’s List differ from one institution to another. Various higher educational institutions have a Dean’s List to showcase exemplary academic talent.

Basic Requirements To Get Into The Dean’s List

As mentioned before, the defining criteria to get into the Dean’s List are very different from one university to another, but here we have compiled some common features a student needs to meet before they can get into the Dean’s List in their given college. 

  1. Students need to be enrolled as full-time students. Therefore, students will need to earn 12 credits per semester or be enrolled in a minimum of 4 classes a semester. 
  2. Students will need to maintain a certain minimum grade point average to get into the Dean’s List. The acceptable grade point average hovers somewhere in the range of 3 to 3.5 or above. Some universities will also have different criteria to get on the Dean’s List based on a certain minimum grade point average based on their major. 
  3. If you take a pass/fail the course (and fail the course), or get a C, the chances of you getting the Dean’s List goes down considerably. 

The Benefit Of Getting On The Dean’s List – Increasing Chances Of Employment 

The aim of going to college is to get a good job. If you are looking to get into a Fortune 500 company, they place a lot of importance on your GPA. Of course, your personality, achievements, and extracurricular are also very important, but your GPA also matters a lot. 

Columbia Southern University offers degrees in Engineering, Business administration, computer science, criminal justice administration, and health administration. During campus recruitment, many employers are looking for students based on their transcript, and being on the Dean’s List is a great indicator of a student thriving under pressure while excelling in their given field. 

The Benefit Of Getting On The Dean’s List – Prestige And Recognition

It is true that if you are on the Dean’s List, many colleges will have exclusive events catering especially to the students who have made it into the Dean’s List. If this was not enough, being on the Dean’s List means that you are also very smart. Generally, colleges would announce those who have made it to the Dean’s List, and it will be accessible to many people. Other students will at least know you by name as well. 

How To Get On The Dean’s List – Plan Your Courses

The best part of being in college is the fact that you can build your own schedule. After checking the ratings of each professor, it can be seen that you can select a particular class with a professor you think will be the best fit for you. Some students like to do the heavy lifting during the first two years of university and others prefer to balance out their work throughout their educational journey. But the bottom line is that you will need to balance all your work to get the best possible grade you can. 

How To Get On The Dean’s List – Start Learning New Course Material Taught As Soon As Possible

There needs to be a lot of prep work done when you are in college and aiming to make it to the Dean’s List. The students on the Dean’s List are academic achievers, so before each lecture, you will need to review the material your professor has mentioned in the syllabus. During the lecture, take notes of what the professor is saying even if the presentation will be uploaded online.

Many professors give their students a hint as to which parts of the chapter are more important than the others and will be covered in the test. After the class, brush over the materials covered so that you can be through with the concepts. In case there is any confusion, you can approach your professor and they will be more than happy to help you out. 


Making the Dean’s List a huge honor for many students. It is a matter of prestige and is also indicating that the hard work you are doing in university is paying off. Many colleges have different evaluation criteria to get into the Dean’s List and for you to make it on this list means that you are an above-average student. The criteria for each higher educational institution to allow their students into the Dean’s List varies from college to college, but

Frequently Asked Questions 
1.Does Columbia Southern University offer online courses?

Yes, Columbia Southern University does offer online courses. 

2. Who is considered to be a full-time undergraduate student at Columbia Southern University?

To be a full-time undergraduate student at Columbia Southern University, you will need to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits a semester.