Dorms at Wilmington College


Wilmington College is a private liberal arts college located in Wilmington, Ohio. Founded in 1870, Wilmington College is a small college with a big impact. The college has a strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, and its students are passionate about making a difference in the world. One of the most important aspects of college life is where you live. In this post, we will take a look at the dorms at Wilmington College and what you can expect from your living experience.

Dorms at Wilmington College

Housing Options

Wilmington College offers a variety of housing options for its students. There are three main types of dorms: traditional dorms, suite-style dorms, and apartments. Traditional dorms are the most common type of dorm at Wilmington College. These dorms have shared bedrooms and bathrooms, and typically house two to four students per room. Suite-style dorms are similar to traditional dorms, but they have a shared common area between two or more bedrooms. Apartments are the most independent living option, and they are available for upperclassmen. They come fully furnished and include a kitchen, living room, and private bathroom.

Room Amenities

Regardless of the type of dorm you choose, you can expect certain amenities in your room. All rooms come with a twin-sized bed, desk, chair, and closet or wardrobe. Some dorms also have a dresser and bookshelf. Each room also has at least one window, providing natural light and a view of the campus or surrounding area. The rooms are designed to be comfortable and functional, providing students with a place to study, relax, and sleep.

Common Areas

In addition to individual rooms, all dorms have common areas where students can gather and socialize. These areas include lounges, study rooms, and kitchens. Lounges are typically furnished with couches and chairs, providing a comfortable space for students to hang out and watch TV or play games. Study rooms are designed for quiet study and often include a large table and chairs. Kitchens are equipped with a stove, refrigerator, and microwave, allowing students to cook their own meals.

Dining Options

Wilmington College has several dining options available to students. The main dining hall, Pyle Center, serves all-you-can-eat meals and has a rotating menu of options. The dining hall also has vegetarian and vegan options available. The T.O.P. (The Other Place) is a food court-style option that serves pizza, sandwiches, and other fast food. The T.O.P. is a popular spot for students to grab a quick bite between classes. There are also several vending machines located around campus, providing snacks and drinks for students on the go.

Laundry Facilities

All dorms have laundry facilities available for students to use. The laundry rooms are typically located on each floor and include washers and dryers. There is no additional cost to use the machines, and students are responsible for providing their own detergent and dryer sheets. Laundry can be a hassle, but having facilities available in the dorms makes it convenient for students to keep their clothes clean and fresh.

Safety and Security

Wilmington College takes the safety and security of its students seriously. Each dorm has a keycard access system, ensuring that only authorized students and staff can enter. The campus is also patrolled by campus security 24/7. In addition, all students are required to sign in any guests they have in their dorms, ensuring that only authorized visitors are allowed on campus.

Residence Life Staff

Each dorm has a resident assistant (RA) assigned to it. RAs are current students who have been trained to provide support and guidance to their fellow students. They are available to answer questions, provide advice, and mediate conflicts. In addition to RAs, there is also a residence director (RD) assigned to each dorm. RDs are full-time staff members who oversee the RAs and ensure that the dorms are running smoothly. The residence life staff is there to support and assist students throughout their time in the dorms.

Community Building

Living in the dorms provides a unique opportunity to build community and make lasting connections with other students. Wilmington College offers a variety of programs and events designed to bring students together and foster a sense of community. These events include movie nights, game nights, and community service projects. There are also opportunities for students to get involved in hall councils and other leadership positions within the dorms.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintaining the dorms is a top priority at Wilmington College. The maintenance staff works diligently to keep the dorms in good condition and address any issues that arise. Students can submit maintenance requests through an online system, ensuring that issues are addressed in a timely manner. In addition, the cleaning staff regularly cleans the common areas and bathrooms to ensure that they are kept sanitary.


Wilmington College has a strong commitment to sustainability, and this is reflected in its dorms. All dorms are equipped with energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and many have been retrofitted with low-flow toilets and showerheads to conserve water. The college also encourages students to recycle and provides recycling bins in each dorm. Living in the dorms at Wilmington College is not only comfortable and convenient, but it is also environmentally responsible.


In conclusion, the dorms at Wilmington College provide students with a comfortable and convenient living experience. Whether you choose a traditional dorm, suite-style dorm, or apartment, you can expect certain amenities and a strong sense of community. The residence life staff is there to support and assist students, and the college’s commitment to sustainability ensures that students are living in an environmentally responsible manner. Overall, the dorms at Wilmington College are an excellent option for students looking for a safe and welcoming place to call home during their college years.