Dorms at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology


Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is a highly respected academic institution that attracts students from all over the world. One of the biggest concerns for incoming students is finding a suitable place to stay while attending the university. Fortunately, Harrisburg University offers dormitory housing options that cater to the needs of all students.

Dorms at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Location and Accessibility

The location of dormitories at Harrisburg University is strategically placed, making it convenient for students to access essential facilities such as the library, cafeteria, and lecture halls. The dormitories are located within the campus, allowing students to easily walk to their classes without worrying about transportation. Additionally, the dormitories are in proximity to the city’s public transportation system, making it easier for students to explore the city during their free time.

The dormitories are designed to ensure that students are comfortable and have access to all the amenities they need. Each room is fully furnished with a bed, study table, and chair. There are also communal areas such as lounges and kitchens, which provide a space for students to relax and socialize. Additionally, the dormitories have laundry facilities that are available to all residents.

Accommodation Options

Harrisburg University offers various housing options to cater to the different needs of students. For example, students who prefer a quieter environment can opt for single occupancy rooms, while those who prefer a more social setting can choose to share a room with a roommate. The university also offers gender-inclusive housing for students who identify as non-binary or gender-nonconforming.

The dormitories are divided into four main housing options: Traditional Dorms, Suites, Apartments, and Living Learning Communities. Traditional Dorms are ideal for students who prefer the classic dormitory experience. The rooms are double-occupancy, and students share a communal bathroom with other residents on the floor. Suites offer a more private setting, with each suite consisting of four single-occupancy rooms, a shared living room, and a bathroom. Apartments are ideal for students who prefer more independence, with each apartment consisting of a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Living Learning Communities are designed for students who share similar academic interests, providing an opportunity for students to interact and collaborate outside the classroom.

Residential Life Programs and Services

Harrisburg University’s Residential Life Department offers various programs and services that enhance the residential experience for students. These include Resident Assistant-led programs, wellness programs, and educational and cultural events. The Resident Assistant-led programs aim to create a sense of community within the dormitories, with activities such as game nights and movie nights. Wellness programs include activities such as yoga classes, fitness challenges, and stress management workshops. The educational and cultural events aim to promote diversity and inclusivity within the dormitories, with events such as cultural celebrations and guest speaker sessions.

The Residential Life Department also provides various services to residents, including mail and package delivery, maintenance and repair services, and security services. The security services include 24-hour security personnel and a card access system that ensures only authorized personnel can access the dormitories.

Cost and Application Process

The cost of dormitory housing at Harrisburg University varies depending on the housing option selected. Traditional Dorms and Suites are the most affordable options, while Apartments and Living Learning Communities are more expensive. The cost also varies depending on the duration of the housing agreement, with shorter agreements being more expensive than longer ones.

The application process for dormitory housing at Harrisburg University is straightforward. Students are required to complete an online application form and pay a non-refundable application fee. The application form requires students to provide information such as their personal details, housing preferences, and emergency contacts. Once the application is complete, students can expect to receive a confirmation email within a few days

Benefits of Living on Campus

Living on campus at Harrisburg University offers numerous benefits to students. Firstly, it provides a convenient location for attending classes and accessing essential university facilities. Additionally, living on campus creates a sense of community and belonging, allowing students to make friends and build relationships with their peers. This, in turn, can enhance their academic and social experiences at the university.

Living on campus also offers opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities, attend university-sponsored events, and take advantage of academic resources such as tutoring services and study groups. Moreover, living on campus allows students to develop life skills such as time management, organization, and independence, which are essential for success in college and beyond.

Tips for Choosing the Right Dormitory

Choosing the right dormitory is crucial for a positive living experience at Harrisburg University. To make the right decision, students should consider factors such as their housing preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Students should also research the different dormitory options available and compare them based on factors such as location, amenities, and cost.

It is also essential to consider the social aspect of living on campus. Students should choose a dormitory that aligns with their social preferences, whether that be a quieter dormitory or one that offers more social activities. It is also important to consider the academic aspect of living on campus, such as the proximity of the dormitory to classes and academic resources.

Lastly, students should take advantage of the resources available to them, such as Residential Life staff, who can provide information and assistance in choosing the right dormitory.


In conclusion, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology offers a wide range of dormitory housing options that cater to the needs of all students. From Traditional Dorms to Living Learning Communities, students have a variety of options to choose from. Living on campus provides numerous benefits, including convenience, community, and opportunities for academic and social growth. When choosing the right dormitory, students should consider factors such as their housing preferences, lifestyle, and budget, and take advantage of the resources available to them. Overall, Harrisburg University’s dormitory housing options provide a comfortable and supportive environment for students to thrive in their academic pursuits.