York College Admission Requirements

York College is a public college located in Queens, New York. It exists as part of the system of the City University of New York (CUNY) as a senior college. It was established in 1966 as the first senior college under the CUNY system which previously united public colleges that had been independent into a single university system. A member college of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the school has an enrollment figure of over 8,000 students with a graduation rate of 35% within six years. In this article we shall see York College Admission Requirements.

York College has programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants and the admission process and requirements reflect that. The major requirements for freshmen application are GPA, test requirements, and the application requirements themselves. The GPA for freshmen is 3.00 on a 4.00 scale. This means getting at least a lot of A and B grades can help you secure admission into York. SAT and ACT scores are also required. The average SAT score has been put at 1055 on a scale of 1600. Other requirements include your transcripts and other academic or non-academic documents.

York College Admission Requirements

Requirements for Freshmen Admission

  • Freshmen requirements: Freshmen are students who haven’t attended a college, university, or any form of post-secondary education. Freshmen applicants must carry along their appropriate documents (official copies) and the required application fee required to show the student is eligible for admission. These documents include SAT/ACT, GED/TASC, or IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores. Students who have recently graduated from high school (within one year) are still expected to show proof of ACT/SAT scores. Admission is dependent on various factors and each student is considered separately. Freshmen are strongly advised to take part in preparatory programs for colleges that may include courses in Mathematics, English, Social Science, Laboratory Science, Fine Arts, and Foreign languages. York University also has testing requirements which can be seen from the testing site of the school. Applications of those who do not meet the criteria listed above may still undergo consideration if such applicants provide evidence of strong academic performance in preparation such as exceeding minimum requirements for preparatory classes or excellent performance on other academic skill assessment tests.
  • Transfer Admission: Applicants who have previously attended college or university upon high school graduation or may have received a GED or TASC may be considered a transfer or standing students. This stands whether or not you aim to gather transfer credit and/or you wish to change your study program. An official transcript is required from each college or university and evidence of graduation from high school. The student’s GPA dictates admission into transfer programs. For students who have less than 12 credits, applicants must show a grade point average of 2.0, pass the CUNY Skills Assessment Test, or be exempt/qualify based on average at high school. Students who desire to transfer to York College are expected to complete 40 credits with at least 50% of the credits in a major program at York. Students may however need to take on additional credits to complete the requirements needed to earn a Bachelor’s degree. The maximum credits to be accepted from a two-year program while a maximum of 80 credits is the requirement for those transferring from a senior college.
  • Standardized Test Scores: Each school has different standardized test score requirements. Most schools require the ACT or SAT. To apply to York College, you need to take either the ACT or SAT exam and you also have to perform well on either of the tests. The average SAT score for entry into York College is 1055 out of 1600 scale while earning at least 20 on the ACT can guarantee you consideration into York College.

Requirements for Graduate Admission

An applicant must have gained a bachelor’s degree from an institution that has been accredited. Also, the requirements for such a degree at the attended school must be similar to the requirements needed at York College. Additionally, all prerequisites that have been specified by the program must be completed by the applicant.

  • General requirements: For admission of applicants into a graduate program, the Graduate Admissions Committee made up of the faculty and Chairs grant admissions to an applicant based on an evaluation of the academic performance and potential of the applicant. All applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an institution that has been accredited for that program. For applicants who have completed undergraduate and five to ten years have elapsed since then, they may need to undertake some undergraduate courses as a requirement for admission. Transcripts from all attended colleges and universities must be submitted. Unofficial transcripts may be submitted by non-degree applicants. Three recommendation letters should be submitted. Results of tests such as GMAT or GRE are also required.
  • Scholastic requirements: Asides from the earned bachelor’s degree, an applicant must also complete the specified prerequisites and must gain the approval of the admissions board of the program he/she is pursuing.
  • Admission criteria
    • a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent;
    • scholastic average, usually a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale;
    • fundamental and sufficient undergraduate course participation to complete the graduate program.

It is important to note that meeting up to the minimum requirements is not a guarantee of admission since a large number of qualified applicants are more than the available places.

  • Application fee: The non-refundable application fee is $75 and each applicant is required to pay by either check or money order to the Office of Admissions, York College.
  • Admission status: A student may either be fully matriculated or non-matriculated. Fully matriculated students have complied with all special and general requirements for admission while non-matriculated students are not formally admitted into a degree program but are allowed to take courses to gain credit.
  • Credit transfer: 12 credits are the maximum transferrable amount and the maximum duration between the completion of courses for which transfer credit has been requested and the award of the York graduate degree is five years.


All schools have their requirements for application. The major requirements are your grade point average (GPA), your transcripts from the school(s) you might have attended, the application form, and other information that may be useful in granting you admission. Scores of standardized tests such as ACT, SAT, or GMAT in the case of graduate applicants are also required. It is important to get these documents ready before the application process begins but more importantly, strive to attain the very best in your academics to earn you a shot at getting admitted into York College.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some popular majors at York College? Some of the common majors include business management, psychology, computer and information sciences, and marketing.
  2. What is the acceptance rate of York College? York College is not a very selective institution. Its acceptance rate stands at 53% with about 50% of admitted students possessing an SAT score between 870 and 1050.
  3.  Do I need to complete all prerequisites before applying to a master’s program? No. Some programs allow you to complete some prerequisites before application but you must confirm before applying to such programs.
  4. Can I work on campus? Yes. You are allowed to work on campus but there’s a time limit. Make sure to confirm with the appropriate authority before entering into any work agreements.