Why Is The First Year Of College So Important?

Though throughout college, students learn a lot of things, the first year is the most important as students come to a sudden new environment after the completion of school. Things are different, they get to meet unknown people, have to share a room with a new person, have to participate in various college activities, and the most difficult is to stay away from their parents. In the first year, students learn to manage all these alone, and there is a chance that some may indulge in wrongdoings, and that’s why the first year is important to shape oneself. Let us know about, Why Is The First Year Of College So Important?

Why Is The First Year Of College So Important?

Why Is The First Year Of College So Important?

Importance of the First year of college

Following are the points which state the importance of first-year which is also called freshman year-

2 a.m parties

College is the place where you are away from your home and city and not under the supervision of your parents. Going to late-night parties is justified if it does not become your routine. You cannot enjoy only parties all night and missing classes the next day. Also, a lot of students indulge in smoking, drinking alcohol, and becoming alcoholics and in the influence of seniors, many of them start taking drugs which can ruin their entire life. First-year is the time when students have to realize what is good and what is bad and the limit of involvement in parties. If not understood in the first year, it will become difficult for the students to be on the right path for the rest of college and in life.

Get familiar with classes and being regular

So many of the students in the first year do not take the classes seriously and thus half of them fail. You should in advance check the details of the class ( timing and location of the class, and the professor of the subject ). Being regular would have a great impression on the professor as it will help in maintaining a student-professor relationship that will help in the college days, such as guidance on how to study and what material should be considered to study for exams. This habit of regularity can be developed from the first year only and will last long the entire life.

Explore your city

Students who live in a small town or city, when they get the chance to go outside of their hometowns, should explore the city as much as they can. Since, in the first year, there are a lot of activities and academic sessions going on in college, students should take some time to go out and talk to the native citizens, learn about their culture and religion, explore new places and have fun. These will boost their confidence which will be very helpful for them in many college fests, and presentations in their entire college life.  Along with the city, students will get to know much more about themselves.

Participation in each activity

It is being said that college friends remain for their entire life and the best time to make friends is when you are in the first year of college, you get to know your classmates and teachers and make friends. This can be done by participating in every cultural, social, and club activity. Deciding on what to perform, and how to perform will take hours which will let you meet and know new personalities. Also, actively participating in events from the first year will make you an important personality among your fellow mates.


First-year in college teaches students an important lesson to care for themselves without parents. The key to living a happy and cheerful life is to maintain good mental and physical health. Eating vegetables, fruits, and drinking a lot of water, doing exercise should be the top priority of students from the very first year. Freshman year is very important for the students to learn the importance of health as in college if one gets sick then there will be no home care provided and negativity will get into life ( you don’t want to do anything except lying on the bed all day, missing classes, not active in curricular activities ). To avoid all these, it is necessary to care for your body if you are not living with your parents, which a student learns in the first year and that’s why the first year is so important.

Trying out new things

College is the best time to find one’s true passion. Students should try out new things from the first year until they find their actual interest. From the first year, you have a lot of time till the end of college to put your hands into different and inexperienced things. But the first year is meant to be mostly devoted to finding your passion and getting out of your comfort zone. It may take some years to get to know what you want to do, but starting early ( from the first year ) will help you reach your goal faster.

Making things organized

Since there are a lot of things to do in college whether it is attending classes, laboratories, going to club activities, or having some alone time. To do all of these in a day and every day without skipping any one of the above, it is necessary to build a habit of doing things in an organized way and that habit can be developed in the first year. So students must realize the importance of the first year of college and utilize their time wisely.

Sticking to your identity

Freshers in college get influenced by others and try to do things that they are doing. It may not be good for their personality or health but only to look cool, trendy, and superior, students unintentionally become other’s versions. But in the first year only, a student can again mold himself/herself into their personality or maybe stick to their own identity. If it gets too late, they may lose their inner self.


From the points explained above, it can be concluded why the first year of college is so important. Students come to college from a different mindset and may get into the wrong path or stick to the right path according to their thought processes. All of them must value the importance of the first year of college and utilize it well.