Where is Austin college?

Where is Austin college?

Austin College is a private college and liberal arts college. It has Presbyterian religious affiliations and academic applications with the Oberlin Group, Annapolis Group, CIC, and APCU. Around 1223 students are studying at the college. Students come both from the United States of America and abroad.

Where is Austin College?

It College is a private college in Sherman, Texas, United States of America. This is a suburban campus with 70 acres of land. Greenery and freshness surround the environment of this college and this college is best in the north of the place called Dallas Fort-Worth which is less than 60 minutes. 

It’s past and recent rankings

  • This college has got a rank of 117 in the list of national liberal arts colleges in the year 2019. 
  • National liberal arts colleges list Austin College at the rank of 117 in 2020. 
  • In the year 2022, Austin College was ranked 111 among national liberal arts colleges across the world.
  • Princeton Review also includes this college, which was titled the Best 377 Colleges.
  • U.S. today, the best colleges rank Austin College in the top 10 colleges in Texas.
  • It has also been ranked as the best value college and has been given a rank of 46.
  • A rank of 49 is given in first-year experience at Austin College.
  • Austin College is among the top performers in social mobility and has been ranked 65th.

The college location through the Google Maps:

  • From the east, take highway 82 to exit 643 on state highway 91, then left on Texoma Parkway. Then, turn left on Grand Avenue. Half a mile on the right is Austin College.

There is one more way to come from the east and that is by taking Highway 11. The first thing is to turn left on state highway 56. Take a right turn on Harrison, then a left turn on Haston St., a right turn on Grand Avenue, and half a mile on the left are Austin College.

  • The location from the west: the route begins on US Highway 82. take exit 643 for state highway 91, take a right turn on Texoma Parkway, turn left on Grand Avenue, and continue on Grand across the overpass. Half a mile on the right is Austin College.
  • The location from the north: from this location, highway 75 can be taken, and after this, take exit 63 to US Highway 82 and travel eastwards on United States Highway 82. Then take exit 6434 from state highway 91, take a right turn on Texoma Parkway and proceed to the left on Grand Avenue. Half a mile on the right is Austin College.
  • The location from the South: The location from the South starts from United States Highway 75 north. The next step is to take exit 61 for state highway 91. Take a right turn at the second traffic light onto Grand Avenue and take a grand across the overpass. Half a mile on the right is Austin College.

Degrees offered:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree
  • Post Graduate degree
  • Dual degree in the field of engineering

How to get admission to Austin College?

College releases the application form to be submitted by the new candidates and, with that, it also releases the deadline for the submission of application forms with all required documents.

Austin College needs the following materials and documents:

  • The application form for Austin College
  • An essay is required for admission with a word limit of 250–650 words, and the topic should be chosen by the student.
  • The report card of the school or the recommendation letter by the counselor
  • Teacher evaluation or recommendation letter by the teacher
  • High school transcript


For some courses, the college conducts interviews with the student, and the interview is scheduled with a member of the admissions staff.


Some courses require the candidate to sit for an entrance test, like the SAT or ACT. 


Austin College is based in the United States of America and the exact location is given in the article with all types of locations from all the cardinal directions that is north, south, east, and west. The article also explains the admission process, which includes an admission test and an interview round for some courses, as well as the documents the candidate needs to have. The article also brings in the different rankings the college has to show the fame of the college around the world.

  • What are the two athletic sports that are famous at Austin College?

The college participates in NCAA Division III athletics, and two of the most popular sports are baseball and football.

  • What are the other universities in Texas?

The other universities are Texas Lutheran University, the University of Texas at Austin, Southern Methodist University, Baylor University, etc.