What Should Be Included In College Graduation Announcement?

There was a time in life when you were forced or coerced to do your school assignment, but now you are about to graduate from college. This is nothing but a big accomplishment for both the students and the parents. So why not make it a memorable day for the newest graduates by celebrating them in a gigantic way. This article covers everything included in the college graduation announcement to your loved ones. Lets’ begin What Should Be Included In College Graduation Announcement.

What Should Be Included In College Graduation Announcement?

What should be included in the college graduation announcement?

  Graduating from college is the end of one era and the beginning of another fantastic era, making the moments count is one thing you will love to call it and that is why your graduation announcement shouldn’t be bland and must contain some necessary details which we will discuss further in the article.

  • The graduate’s full name

This shouldn’t be news to us that the most important aspect of the announcement is the name of who we are celebrating, how can we send out an invite if we don’t even know who or where the invite is coming from. 

  • The graduate’s picture

 A picture of the graduate putting on a graduation gown and cap will preferably let memory sink in when people see the invites. In a situation where you have family friends during your early days in life but due to some reasons the family relocated elsewhere but you want them present in your party, a picture of you will make them remember you more quickly than with the name.

  • School name

You are graduating from a school even though the college may be in your small locality and due to some reason, you are not proud of the school that doesn’t mean the school name shouldn’t be present in your invites. It is your big day and nothing should ruin it for you.

  • Major or degree

Your field of study should be included in the invites you are sending out because your loved ones are happy for you and they would love to know what line of work in the professional world are you entering and how they can help you most likely.

  • Graduation year

We all know you graduated this year, but for memory’s sake why not write the year you graduate down, this will help you have something to show to your children and grandchildren when the time comes.

  • Honors/Awards

Including honors that you graduated with and also the likely award you bagged in the cause of your graduation will also serve as a source of reference to your children and grandchildren.\

  • Others

Other details you can include in your college graduation announcement are location, your parent’s name, the date and time of the celebration and if there will be a party, the venue and dress code for the party should also be listed there.

Who am I to send the college graduation announcement to?

This varies from person to person but the simplest method you can use to decide who to send to is to pretend you are traveling outside the country and you want to send a postcard or any informal card to someone, to whom you will send it. You can guess the answer already, but to those who are lost, consider this. Your family is first then followed by your friends who can be your long-lost or only your closest friends. As long as you are comfortable with any of them then you are good to go. Another person you can send it to can be your favorite lecturer, your librarian that is if you are close to them, the school janitors you love, your mentor, your counselor, and the list goes on.

What appropriate time should I send the college graduation announcement?

Your college graduation announcement should be sent between 2-6 weeks before your graduation ceremony, this will help your loved ones be aware of your accomplishment and if possible, to be in the hall during your graduate program. A solid one-month notice will allow your family and friends to prepare for gifts to be awarded to you in order to appreciate a hardworking scholar.


Celebrating your big day is one of the few accomplishments people greatly anticipated, but people are faced with challenges on what to put on the college graduation announcement card or who to send it to, and when to send it to their loved ones, this is what was discussed in the article above and endeavor to go through it if you are in that dilemma.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the college graduation announcement meant to be informal or formal?

The answer varies for individual people but  your announcement should have a little touch that people will identify you with. Feel free to divide whether you want it formally or informally as per that. 

  • Is it compulsory for my parents’ names to be included in the college graduation announcement?

You are the one graduating, so the most important name that should be there must be your full name but if you choose to input your parent’s name with yours, It is still appropriate.